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Monkees Kool-Aid commercials and Monkees Hand Puppets

January 23, 2012 by  
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The Kool-Aid commercials were filmed in 1969 after Peter Tork had left The Monkees. I don’t have any further information on the Monkees Hand Puppet footage! Please visit my website at


One Response to “Monkees Kool-Aid commercials and Monkees Hand Puppets”
  1. ed finn says:

    just so happens i will give you all the information on the Monkees Hand Puppet footage. the puppet footage was shot in 1986 in san francisco by eric lefcowitz for the monkees tales book commercial. i sent the puppet to eric a few weeks before that. this was the raw rehearsal footage they shot, the hand was Penelope, a punk type rocker that eric knew and played with(yes, eric is also a musician). later, eric sent the footage and the headless hand puppet back to me. i then recorded the audio tracks from the puppet, took out the tiny record and put it on a turntable to get the best quality(yes, anal as can be). after which, i put that audio track to the footage. this was then included on the monkees secret video file VHS/BETA tape that was sold for many years. also on the tape was the full tv commercial for the monkees tale.
    most the commercials on the net, came from the MSFV tape. duane

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