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Michael Nesmith May Expand First National Band Redux Tour

January 11, 2018 by  
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By Fred Velez

Nearing the eve of the First National Band Redux shows in California, Michael Nesmith announced on his Facebook page that depending how well the first shows go and fan demand, there is a possibility of the tour being expanded:

Link: Michael Nesmith Facebook Page

Here is the scoop on the future of FNBR — if the current dates are strong — i.e. sold out — then a second tour is possible and could be any place — anywhere.

I’m loving playing this music again — very inspiring to me — the band is a joy to work with and powerful — it could travel well if we had a public mandate — but it is too soon to tell — so I have to wait to see how these five shows play out. We are almost sold out with a week or more to go. Watch the skies!

I hope it flies!!!

Tickets for some of the extra FNB shows are still available. Links cans be found on the Video Ranch website:

Link: Video Ranch

Fred Velez, 2018.

Dolenz-Nesmith Tour In 2018

By Fred Velez

According to reports from Michael Nesmith’s appearance at the Chiller Theater Convention the weekend of October 27-29, there are apparent plans for not only a reunion and tour of the First National Band, but also a joint tour of Nesmith with Micky Dolenz.

Convention promoter Jodi Ritzen addressed the rumors on her Facebook page:

It is so much easier to address this rumor here. Is it true Nez told pretty much everyone at Chiller about two exciting events scheduled for 2018? The answer is YES!

Nez made no secret that we will see two shows come together.

First expect The First National Band to reform with two additional Nesmiths. Second was the combination of Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith somewhere close to summer.

If Nez told you, give me a hell yeah and your reaction.

Now I personally cannot help you with dates or cities. No need to send me your requests. I have no information on meet and greets and won’t until details are released.

Your best bet is to subscribe to my website for updates.

They may be coming to your town.

Thanks Nez!!

Michael Nesmith tribute Monkee Business Part 5 of 6

April 2, 2011 by  
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Part 5 of 6 of a tribute by PJ Lennon on 10Radio to the genius that is Michael (Papa Nez) Nesmith, one of the Monkees. The PJ Lennon and Barry Show feat Dr Colin on 10Radio – based in Wiveliscombe Somerset in the UK. The more that one learns about this giant among men, the more that one wants to learn.