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WOW! Monkees back on TVland – Davy on 48 hours – Monkees in

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From: “Rozinski, Karen”

Monkees on TVLAND summer 2002

Brad –
I read in the New York Daily News yesterday that the TVLAND channel has
picked up the MONKEES and will be showing the series this summer.
thanks for sharing all the MONKEE news.


From: Anon

Hi Brad–

Here’s a clip from an article that spoke of at least some Monkees episodes
being shown on TVLand this June. Hope this helps whoever still needs to
collect the shows on tape!

TV Land raids Viacom vaults
Wed Apr 24, 8:59 PM ET
By Lily Oei

NEW YORK (Variety)

Other highlights of TV Land’s upcoming programming slate include:

= The addition of 20 Screen Gems titles to the schedule. Some, such as
“Burns & Allen,” “Hazel,” “Square Pegs,” “Soap,” “THE MONKEES” and “Mary
Hartman, Mary Hartman,” will be introduced this June via themed blocks
“Better Living Through Television” on Sunday mornings and “Kitschen” after
midnight each weekend. The latter, a selection of offbeat series, will be
hosted by Martin Mull and Fred Willard.


Peace Love and Harmony,

(editors note: The Monkees will be shown on late night weekends only
according to the schedule I have seen, but at least it is back on!)


From: “Christi Salmon”

I just saw a commercial for Davy on 48 Hours this Wednesday, May 1. The
segment is going to be about when teen idols fall. It showed clippings
from the series and him hauling hay for his horses. Set your recorders!



Monkees L.A. date is scheduled

This morning, they announced that Davy & Micky will be appearing at the Galaxy
theatre in Santa Ana. It is about five miles from the Sun theatre where they
performed last year. ( and filmed the unreleased DVD!)
The Galaxy is smaller. It holds about 1000 people. The date
is Thursday, June 13th.

I am not sure if further L.A. dates will be announced Also, the ad has no
mention of Barry Williams

Jeff Gehringer


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Everyone,

More dates have been added to Shoe Suede Blues’ upcoming Summer tour. More
dates are being added, so please check and for further updates and details:

NEW – – Thursday July 4, 2002
July 4th Celebration
Middletown, CT
Free to the Public
Details TBA
Saturday, August 24, 2002
Temple, PA

Sunday, Sept. 1, 2002
Greenbelt Labor Day Festival
More Info TBA
(this is the link from last year’s festival – as soon as they are set
up for this year, the new information will be posted)

Thursday, Spet. 5, 2002
The Stephen Talkhouse
161 Main Street
Amagansett, NY

Friday, Sept. 6, 2002
Historic Pattenburg House
512 Rt. 614
Pattenburg, NJ
Tickets: $20 adv/$25 door

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2002
Yorktown Grange Fair
Grange Fair Grounds
Moseman Road
Yorktown Heights, NY

Sunday, Sept. 8, 2002
Ramapo Valley Brewery
122 Orange Avenue
Suffern NY 10901
Tickets: $15.00

NEW – – Thursday, August 29, 2002
The Double Door Inn
218 E Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC
Tickets: $15.00

Lots more to come – stay tuned!
Fiore Promos Agency
Representing Shoe Suede Blues w/Peter Tork


From: cin1967

NBC is having a 75th anniversary special on Sunday, May 5 at 8pm EST….Micky
was at the party thrown for the network, so I don’t know if he’ll pop up in
this special or not, but it’s worth a watch….



From: Videoranch Foreman

[VIDEORANCH NEWS] Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce

Hi everyone,

Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce: Many of you have sent us emails
requesting “Sorority Girls from Hell” or “Houdini the Pig”. Well, Dr.
Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce is 80 minutes of these and other
favorites from performers such as Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Buffet, Jay Leno,
Gary Shandling, Rosanne Cash, and many others. If you enjoy Elephant Parts
and the Television Parts Home Companion you’ll love Dr. Duck. Click here to

Coming Soon…: Videoranch T-Shirts will be available in the next couple of
weeks. Nez’ novel, “The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora” will be coming
out on CD in the not so far future. We’ll let you know.

Till next time,
Asst. to Bubba Crutch
8 Harris Court, Suite C1
Monterey, CA 93940
831-373-3103 fax
866-727-2639 toll free


From: “Janis G. Fontana”

Hi Brad,
I used to visit your Monkees forums and am still on your mailing list!
(I even bought a cd from you, once…)
Anyhow…I have some sad news you might want to share with Monkees
Peter Torks mother, Virginia Thorkelson, passed away Thursday, Apr. 25th
at Hartford Hospital, Hartford CT. The obituary was in this morning’s
Hartford Courant. Memorial donations in Virginia’s name may be made to
St. Paul’s Covenant Soup Kitchen, Willamantic, CT, or Mansfield Public
Library book fund, or to the donor’s chocie of an organizaiton
furthering the cause of social justice. (Quoted from Htfd. Courant, Mon.
Apr. 29, 2002. I want to send out my condolenses to Peter, his dad and
his family, and thought other Monkee fans might want to as well.
Just sharing some news….

Janis Fontana
Newington, CT


From: mickyfan95

Not much to report on Micky lately. Just that his marriage is probably gonna
happen in late May from what I’m hearing! (this is for my Micky Fan Forever
Group!) Ami is slate to wed Jerry Trimble on August 10th. I have also heard
that Micky and Davy plan on touring together up through 2003 and a lot more
dates are planned overseas in the fall of 2002. Plus the album and a possible
Broadway show is still to come. Its not what some of you have heard already.
I won’t release any more info till its confirmed.

That’s all from me for now!



From: “chinaclipper67”

Hey folks–

I recently got a memorabilia catalog in the mail…called Betty’s
Attic. Anyways, they’ve got Monkees stuff in there!! On page 9,
they’re selling the die-cast model of the Monkeemobile for $21, and
on the very last page, the bobble heads for all four guys are being
sold for $40. I’m sure you’ll see the pics and descriptions on their
website as well:

Just thought I’d share! 🙂



From: N1098c

April, 24.2002-Sally Jr is on 2 times a day in PHX. The 2pm show was the
repeat of “Classic TV stars”, which Davy Jones appeared on. Davy mentioned
being the 1st Monkees grandpa in July. Congrats to Sara!
Davy also mentioned that he races horses. He will be appearing in his 1st
US race on May 19. He mentioned that his horses train in Florida and he
lives there during the winter. He mentioned that the other times of the
year he lives in PA. He also mentioned the church that he’s remodeling into
a museum.
Pictures of the Monkees were being shown on the screen behind Sally and
Davy. The audience screamed when a picture of Davy shirtless appeared. Davy
and Sally turned to look at the picture on the screen behind them. Davy
mentioned that the picture was taken when he was about 19. He laughed and
said that now the comments are “the teen idol with the breast” and he
lifted his shirt and showed his chest. The audience went wild and started
screaming. Some girl screamed “you are still sexy.” Davy said “thank you.”
and the camera showed the girl. She was embarrassed. 🙂

Davy presented Sally with a copy of his latest book-Daydream Believers and
told her that there are lots of pictures of his horses in the book. He also
gave Sally a CD. It was of the band that opened for Davy and Micky in
England. Davy mentioned that he and Micky are touring.

Congrats to Davy’s 13year old daughter’s band for their recent win in a
talent contest in England!

Nancy C


From: N1098c

NBC is advertising their 75th Anniversary. Which is to air on May 5, 2002.
If you go to the NBC. Com website and click “75th Anniversary,” you can
find some interesting things. The site is definitely worth checking out!
The Monkees are mentioned several times.

If you click on “Milestones,”then scroll over the 60’s-you will see the
years at the bottom of the page. There is a picture of the Monkees (Mike is
wearing the famous wool hat and he’s holding a guitar.)

If you click the “photos” a list of year appears. Click the 60’s and then
click the right arrow. You will go through a gallery of photos. There’s a
picture of the Monkees dressed in their trench coats and hats. Mike and
Peter are holding guitar cases. The caption says “The Monkees (Peter Tork,
Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith) became the American version of
the Beatles in this half hour comedy.

If you click “sing along” and then go to the decade 60’s. There is a list
of different theme songs. If you click the Monkees and wait. You will hear
30seconds of the Monkees theme.

Click here: NBC 75th Anniversary

Nancy C.


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

Hi all you SSB & Peter Tork fans!

Good news – Shoe Suede Blues has released their 2nd CD, entitled
‘Saved by the Blues’! The CD was officially released on their recent
sold-out March tour and is now available to the public. Tracks on the
CD include:

Saved by The Blues
Cab Driver
Help Me
Hound Dog
Route 66
Kiss and Tell
Dress Sexy fr Me
Treat Her Right
Big Boss Man
Slender, Tender & Tall
Wine/Texas BBQ
Come On In My Kitchen

Half of the tracks on this CD were recorded at a studio, the other
half were recorded live at a performance at The Mint in Los Angeles,
CA. The CD’s are available at, and CD’s are $15.00 plus
$5.00 shipping handling.

LIMITED OFFER! There is a small supply of pre-signed CD’s available
through These CD’s were personally signed by each
member of Shoe Suede Blues. The special signed CD’s are $20.00 each
plus $5.00 for shipping & handling.

Here is a recent review of the CD:

Fiore Promos Agency



Hi everyone I came across a George Barris web site, He is the one who
Builds the Famous TV cars Batmobile Munsters Koach and our Fav The
MonkeeMobile! For those of you who would Love a 8×10 Picture of The
Monkeemobile and the Other TV hot Rods go to click on shop and
check out all the Photos most are 10.00 each. He Has Two photos of the Car
one is using the Drag shute to slow the Monkeemobile down really cool! They
have a t-shirts also. Bryan


From: “Ginger Fitts”

Concert Review…April 13, 2002 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.

Well gang, I’ll eat my words, pass the salt please!
It was a great show overall! Barry Williams was fun and a great sport.
Doesn’t take
himself seriously on stage, but very entertaining….loved the Johnny Bravo
number! He
took time to do autographs before the show….seemed to be a very nice
guy…I didn’t get
one but people sitting with me did.
I do have one major complaint however….the t shirt prices are
ridiculous!!! 20.00 for a
child, 30 for an adult and 40 for a sleeveless with the PAC&J LP cover on
it! I collect
Monkee T-shirts, but not last night, maybe when they come to CT. I did buy
the CD, 15
was a good price, I haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s pretty much the
same as the Las
Vegas CD w/o Peter.
Well, Davy and Micky came on looking like a brother act! Leather pants (not
nearly tight
enough if you ask me!) black coats and red shirts…only one other costume
change for
Davy, two for Micky…nothing new, same as last year, but still stunning!
The big kick for me was when Davy was singing Valerie and he walked down the
and was singing and pointed right at me! Corse I was shooting film like
crazy and we all
know he loves it! And I love taking their pictures!
Micky looks good, very rested and a bit lighter…not belly like last year!
Davy was
spinning around the stage so much I was waiting for him to throw up!! They
were having
a ball and so was the crowd. They didn’t seem too impressed with all the
girl tried to give a bunch to Micky at the start of the show, but he was
playing his guitar
and kept shaking his head to her, trying to be polite. They really seemed
to be enjoying
the show and the audience was with them! I was surprised how crowed it was
so early in
the year! The concert season usually doesn’t get into full swing until July
up here. I was
sitting with a couple and their nine year old girl who made a cute sign for
them. The man
on the other side of me was able to get her a drumstick and the song list
from the stage
after the show…he wasn’t with them, but it was very nice of him to do it!
A nine year old
and she knows all the songs! Wow, I was ten when the show first came out
and couldn’t
watch it cause of the long hair…we’ve come a long way.
So yes, I did enjoy, I shot 4 rolls of film so I’ll try to get them posted
as soon as I can, I’ll
pick the best of the bunch.
Yes Brad, I was wrong, it was a great show and worth the 1 1/2 hour drive.
CT will be a
3 hour drive…gotta find out when tickets go on sale….I’m a hopeless
Monkee Junkie!

ginger fitts


From: “Stephen R. Stettner”


in Hampton, NH last night, my kids, 9 & 11, first concert. Thanks

Thank you,
Steve Stettner
Lee, NH


From: “Erica Davies”

I attended the Hampton Beach Casino concert last night with my mom. We had
great seats. It helped that our table was turned around, so our seats were
in a different spot. They were a lot better than where they were supposed
to be. I didn’t enjoy Barry Williams at all. It would have been great if
he was left out of the show. Anywho, the rest of the concert was great! I
really enjoyed myself even if Peter wasn’t there. Micky and Davy performed
for about 90 minutes. Davy and occasionally Micky kept watching me during
“Goin’ Down.” I was probably the only person sitting near the stage
keeping up with Micky. I wasn’t close enough for Micky to have me sing
along seeing how I was sitting right in front of an amplifier that was on
the floor. But that was fine with me. I probably would have gotten stage
fright or something. Jerry’s brother Tom got invited to the stage and sang
some blues song.
After the concert, I was able to have Greg sign my Gilford set list. I was
hoping to get more signatures, but we were kicked out before I could get
more. But, as luck would have it, they sent us out the same door that the
band and Davy and Micky would be later be using to leave. The first people
to leave were Aviva and Wayne. I followed them to their car and they
signed my set list. Later, I had Jerry sign it too. I almost was able to
have Davy sign it, but he signed a few things. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get
Dave, Sandy, Davy and Micky to sign it next time around.

Peace, Love and Blue Suede Monkees ~

Be sure to visit my new site Two Blue Suede Monkees at:
Also vote for my site at mosiqa:

“Hey look at that bass!” ~ Peter Tork SSB at the Bayou Blues Cafe on March
24, 2002


From: “Chris Coyle”

Just finally got to set down and write up a review for last night’s show in
Hampton Beach NY at the Casino Ballroom. First the surprise of the
night..Barry Williams opened the show!! I had no idea he was to be there
until I walked into the ballroom and saw his merchandise for sale. But my
buddy Seth said it was on the billboard outside..go figured I missed it..
Anyway.. The doors opened at 6pm and by the 8pm start of the show filled up
and I was told the show was sold out. There were empty table spaces I could
see eyeing around the ballroom, but it was a packed show. There was a buzz
going around..

While waiting for the show, Barry Williams was walking around and signing
autographs, I was able to get his book signed and he seemed very happy to be

At 8 pm sharp, while people were still filing in , 2 DJ’s came out to
announce the start of the summer season at the Ballroom yada, yada , yada.
Within 5 minutes later the band took the stage and Barry Williams was soon
announced..he got a huge response and after seeing 4 Natural performances
last year, I have to say this was a perfect match, as he already had the
crowd in his hands.

He started the show with a medley of “I Can See Clearly Now/Good Day
Sunshine/It’s A Sunshine Day” off his new CD. I was surprised to find out he
has a strong voice and sang quite good. I didn’t care much for the “Vegas”
style arrangements, but his show improved, and beyond his choices of
material, he did do a great version of “Happy Together”. He spoke between
each song and told stories much like in a VH-1 “Storytellers” episode. He
even sang some verses sending up his recent boxing match with certain Danny
Partridge. The highlight of his performance was his parody of “The Real Slim
Shady” titled “The Real Greg Brady” was the comic relief of the night
and is worth hearing at least once. He got a standing ovation, and I was
surprised he didn’t come out for an encore. I think he played for about 40
minutes but didn’t time it. The audience really enjoyed him and it didn’t
feel like most opening acts, where you want them to end, it felt like you
were seeing a pop culture icon and at least for 40 minutes, it was worth the
opening bill.

The break between his act and Davy and Micky’s was short and the guitar riff
medley introduced last Spring was played. I still get a kick out of how many
big guitar “hooks” The Monkees had in their songs. Micky and Davy then came
on stage and right off they were doing something I have never seen them do
before, they were playing off each other like a real comedy swear
they were joined at the hip. The interaction between them was un-like any
tour they’ve done thus far in their career. Many new jokes and singing
around one mic for most of their sets together.

The set list was the same as reported with “Randy” coming 3rd, That Was Then
performed, no “Oliver” and no “For Pete Sakes”. Peter was only mentioned
once during Davy’s “Micky, “Mikey, “Petey ” bit. Mike Nesmith got mention
more then once and Micky said he was the best songwriter ever for The
Monkees for his introduction to “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”.

The real treat of the night was Davy introducing Jerry’s brother Tom from
the crowd. Then to the surprise of the audience he said Jerry’s brother was
a big musician and invited him to the stage. He picked up a harmonica and
the band went into a blues song!! eat your heart out Peter Tork..they
rocked this song on for the next 10 minutes… Micky on guitar bashing out
chords while Davy led the band through various solos. I’ve never seen these
guys go way off the set list and do something “out of the air” like this. I
also have to say, seeing Peter’s band last year, these guys can play the
blues just as good , if not better, then Peter’s band.

Besides this “on the spot”, the new Monkees theme in other languages bit,
the many new intro’s, and Davy and Micky’s new interaction between each
other, the new bits were in the arrangements of the songs. During “Papa
Genes Blues”, now Micky, Davy, Wayne, and Dave Alexander (on guitar) come
forward to form a line at the front of the stage. Wayne does new guitar
parts and the song sounds better then last years version. Wayne adds a new
“surf” solo to No Time, Micky sings Peter’s verse too. On “Circle Sky” which
needs rehearsing, Wayne adds a guitar solo for the first time. Wayne also
adds a new solo to “Love You Forever” but that song is still a big YAWN for

The reaction to audience was quite good and maybe it was the small venue,
but it seemed more energetic, unlike 2 of the summer shows , out of 3, I
attended last year. Peter Tork wasn’t missed.. I thought the backing vocals
have improved and didn’t notice a change in the way Dave Alexander , who now
plays, the solo for “The Girl I Knew Somewhere”. I did get the feeling
Mike’s importance was getting quite a bit of mention, but nothing of Peter
Tork. It’s like he’s disappeared in thin air..nada nothing from Tork’s
presence in the group.

I enjoyed the show but I have to admit, this might be the last show for me
for a while. I’ve seen it all, and now after seeing what Davy and Micky can
do on their own, they’ve done it. I do see chances for more “creative” parts
to be added to this show. Davy and Micky HAVE tapped into the surface of
this.. you can feel it and see it for the first time on this tour. Peter’s
gone and they’re making up for it.

Chris Coyle

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