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From: Kim

teen idols #2 music videos on VH1 on 3/6/01

Video Collection – Teen Idols II
Type: Music / Rock
Duration: 1 hr
Descript: Featuring videos by Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Wham, the
Monkees, Spice Girls, Hanson, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley and other teen
idols. (In Stereo)
Parental Rating: TV-PG
Airing: Tue 3/6/01 12:00pm EST VH1


From: Belle Suzanne

Please tune in on Monday, March 5, 2001 on KBOO FM in Portland, Oregon,
90.7 FM for a Monkees special on the Rockaholics Anonymous Show. Uncle
Mort, Ellen Barnhart and I will be broadcasting from 3-5 PM, Pacific
Standard Time, and you can tune in if you have the ability at
We will be playing lots of more obscure & rare Monkees tunes & making
announcements. What a way to spend Micky’s birthday month! Remember,
it’s 6-8 Eastern Standard Time, live. 🙂

Belle Suzanne
Wise Touch Healing
Adlyn Nelson House
Portland Oregon
tel: 503-236-0352
fax: 503-236-0354


From: sleepyjean3

Hi guys!

I’m just passing along this message. Someone is going to make a book about
The Monkees called More Of The Monkees. Anyways, she is looking for websites
that she could use in her book. She wants your permission to use it first,
so that’s why she is asking! If you have a website dedicated to the guys or
to each of them, please e-mail it to


From: “Chris Ma”

Hi, I was wondering if I can forward some Monkee related news here, There
is a Monkees cover of “The Porpoise Song” on a new Album by the Grapes of
Wraith, it was released last year called “Field Trip”, and as a shameless
plug, they are a great Canadian group and have a greatest hits package as
well called “Seems like fate”. They are a folkrock/beatlesish group. Spread
the word or news , if possible here or on newsgroup, boards, disscussions
etc. Thanks!


From: “Yahoo! Alerts – News”

News Alert for “monkees”

Pop/Rock Band Natural to Hold Online Chat At! (Business Wire), the ultimate entertainment channel, continues its chat
series with emerging pop/rock band Natural on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2001 at 7-8
p.m. EST.

Currently being courted by several record labels, Natural is in rehearsals
for a March, 2001 tour with the reunited Monkees. This five-week east-coast
tour will end with a week at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


From: “Muse Press”

Hi there

I work for a weekly Irish on-line music magazine

In this weeks issue we are featuring a review of the new Monkees collection
The Definitive Monkees under WEA. This was written by the current acting
Editor of Muse and well known music journalist Leagues O’Toole, and went
live last Friday and will always be accessible via our archive

It’d be great if you could add this review to your links section –

The URL for the review is”>
or our main URL is

Let me know if that’d be ok with you

All the best


The Monkees – The Definitive Monkees (WEA)

For a manufactured pop band featuring three American goofballs and a failed
English jockey, the Monkees left quite a legacy. Detached from its
cartoonish cult TV show, the early Monkees sound was a direct hit blend of
the groovy Greenwich Village folk’n’roll scene and the pure
boys-with-guitars bubblegum pop zest of early Beatles. But the less-fab
four’s future would find them readdress what was initially a designer
interest in psychedelic music. As “The Definitive Monkees” testifies, Davy
Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz would evolve from the
merely zany to the positively weird. Perhaps driven by the accusations that
they were mere celebrity dummies who employed session musicians on their
records, The Monkees excelled in the songwriting stakes, particularly Mike
Nesmith (who later forged a reputation as a strong country tunesmith).
Peter Tork’s ace “For Pete’s Sake”, which replaced “The Monkees Theme” on
the closing credits of the TV show, is one many highlights from their 1967
third album, “Headquarters”. Dolenz also did himself proud with the
inappropriately titled “Randy Scouse Git” inspired by a swinging London
party (he apparently didn’t know what “git” meant!). A bonus CD of studio
outtakes reveals much of the generally unspoken Monkees experiments that
didn’t quite figure in their pop personas. A band stifled creatively by the
people that dictated their career, The Monkees were ensconced in a bizarre
parallel world. You’ll also find some of the truly awful artefacts (“That
Was Then, This Is Now” and “Heart And Soul”) from their reincarnation in
the Eighties, with Dolenz commandeering vocals. But in retrospect and even
considering a large percentage of the hits penned were by other songwriters
The Monkees produced smashing, succinct, feelgood pop records.

– Leagues O’Toole


From: Sara

Hi everyone!

I got an email from and their Monkees stuff is 30% off. Even the
music box! Check it out at:


To purchase Monkees CD’s, Videos and Collectable rare items, visit

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