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From: “K.Lyn Baker”

In next week’s (June 24-30) TV Guide with the new Real World cast on the=
(any misspellings are mine, any factual errors are theirs)

Hollywood Grapevine:
“Hey, hey, we’re not the Monkees, but we sure do look like them.” That’s
what the guys at right (Jeff Geddis, George Stanchev, Aaron Lohr and L.B.
Fisher) could be singing after starring in VH1’s biopic Daydream
Believers: The Monkees Story, airing June 28. Best part of the gig: They
didn’t have to play an instrument, just like the real Monkees when they
started. Less than ideal: listening to “Daydream Believer” 200 times. “It
never became tiring,” says director Neill Fearlney. “Even my kids loved
(includes pic of the four facing forward in red shirts/grey pants)

Susan Stewart’s Hits & Misses:
Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story (Weds, VH1) The Monkees had
self-esteem problems. Who knew? Those crazy ’60s cover boys Davy, Micky,
Peter, and Mike were really tortured artists. In this ingratiating
biographical movie, they balk at being treated like the chimps they play
on their slapstick sitcom. Between hit records, the boys (effectively
portrayed by unknown actors) seek the counsel of John Lennon, who tells
them, “You’re the greatest comic talent since the Marx Brothers.” Now
that’s funny. My score: 6 (out of 10) (includes a pic of George in the
white outfit from the Star Collector video)

Music Guide:
Behind The Music (Sun, VH1) The cartoon-like fantasy of the Monkees–the
cute hired faces who became a manufactured band that outsold the Beatles
and the Stones–is a story many times told. But leave it to Micky Dolenz,
who lived that unlikely dream with Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith, and Davy
Jones, to give it an original perspective: “Pinocchio really came alive
at one point.” And if the surreal story, told here in clips and
interviews, has irked struggling musicians for 35 years, it’s
understandable. As rock impresario Don Kirshner says, “What young men in
America wouldn’t have given their eyeteeth to get that gig?” (includes
pic of Davy circa 1998(?))


Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story
The turbulent ride of the 1960s prefab quartet is recalled in this 2000
In 1965, music hitmaker Don Kirshner (Wallace Langham) teams with TV
producer Van Foreman (Colin Ferguson) to concoct a Beatles-type band for
NBC. Musicians Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith (L.B. Fisher, Jeff Geddis) are
cast, along with actors Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones (Aaron Lohr, George
Stanchev), to play the Monkees. Although their self-titled TV show and
songs like “Last Train to Clarksville” and “I’m A Believer” become big
hits, the guys grow frustrated with their teenybopper image and lack of
musical input as they deal with pressures of stardom. (2:00) (includes
pic of Jeff Geddis holding guitar)


From: Sara

I was just at and they have a Monkees contest. 1st prize is the
video box set. Check it here”>>
Good luck!



From: VideoRanch

If you have not yet visited Videoranch 3D, I highly recommend you do so as
soon as you have a chance. It’s building up and there are new Ranch Regulars
in there daily. Videoranch 3D is the internet’s number one destination
resort. It’s one thing to be on the internet listening to music and watching
movies by yourself; it’s a whole other thing to be doing so with your

We’re now taking pre-orders for Timerider soundtrack, on CD. It’s never been
out before and Videoranch is selling it exclusively. Composed, produced and
performed by Nez, it’s a great rock and roll instrumental album. The regular
price for the CD is $11.95, but if you pre-order it now, you can get it for
$9.95. It will ship to you in mid-July. Once it’s in stock, the price goes
up to $11.95. There are 2 mp3 samples for you to listen to at″>

Repo Man is coming out on DVD in August. We’ll be selling the regular
version, which will have a commentary that includes Nez as well as Alex Cox,
the director, and a stack of the cast members. We’ll also be selling a
limited edition version of the DVD which comes bundled with a CD of the
soundtrack, a book, all wrapped in a California license plate. The plates
will be numbered. Great collector’s piece. If it weren’t for Repo Man, I
would never have known the Mayans invented television.

Tapeheads and Michael Nesmith Live at the Britt will both be out on DVD in
the Fall. Timerider next February.

“and the hits just keep on comin'” is in stock. One of Nez’ best.

That’s all for now. Email me if you need anything. I’m also in Videoranch 3D
a lot during the day, so you can come talk to me in “person” if you want.

Sincerely yours,
Navajo Slim
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From: Al “Joneski” Bigley

While attending a local comic book show, I came across a small-press comic
called ITSI KITSI…It features a Davy Jones 2-page article, as well as an
odd little 2-page strip featuring Davy!

Order yours by ending $4 to: Chris Yambar PO Box 1260 Youngstown, OH 44501

It’s fun!

Al “Joneski” Bigley

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