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Some AOL users did not get this alert, so I am re-sending it along with
this clarification.

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Thanks to “DanPavelich” for correcting our last alert – Pool It and Live
1967 are available in the USA and you do not need to purchase from the UK.

Thanks to “Mike.b” we have details on an additional bonus CD of 31 rare
tracks included in the following collection from the UK:

The Definitive Monkees

Here are the list of tracks on the bonus disc:

1 Tiema Dei Monkees
2 So goes love
3 Teeny tine gnome
4 Mr Webster (alt. Version)
5 Hold on girl (alt. Version)
6 Apples, peaches, bananas and pears
7 Love to love (alt. Version)
8 Midnight train (demo version)
9 She’ll be there
10 Riu Chiu
11 Circle sky (alt. Mix)
12 Merry go round
13 War games
14 Seeger’s theme
15 Party
16 Shake ’em up
17 Rosemarie
18 Propinquity (I’ve just begun to care)
19 Look down
20 The crippled lion
21 Hollywood
22 How insensitive
23 Michigan Blackhawk
24 My share of the sidewalk
25 If you have the time
26 Time and time again
27 Storybook of you
28 You’re so good
29 Steam engine (alt. Mix)
30 Angel band
31 Little red rider

There’s a lavish booklet with the album which has some great pictures, is
crammed full of information about the group, their music and albums. Time
has obviously been spent on this album – it’s well worth getting!




Today is the release date of “Music Box” by The Monkees

Music Box


From: “carol”

The Palm Beach Post

DAVY! Here he comes
By Jan Tuckwood, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Saturday, February 24, 2001

Be still, my 44-year-old heart! Finally, after 32 years, I get to fulfill a
fantasy that has lingered longer than the scent of my old Yardley English
Lavender cologne:
I get to talk to Davy Jones.
Yes, that Davy Jones. The Monkee. The face that prompted a million preteens
to pucker up and kiss their pillows, their posters and their TV sets.
If you want to see an otherwise self-possessed middle-aged woman go from 44
to 12 in zero seconds, just hand her Davy’s phone number.
Instantly, I revert to the dork-dom of my youth. It’s Valentine’s Day, too.
How perfect. I get to talk to Davy on Valentine’s Day, and he has a 561
area code — he might even be close enough to touch.
Davy answers the phone with that chipper English accent: “Hello!”
Not quite “Hello, luv!” but that’s OK.
Before I can spit out, “Davy, please describe your dream date,” I ask an
even more pressing question: Where are you?
Turns out, Davy’s been daydream believin’ around these parts for quite a
few winters now.
“I’m in Indiantown, working with my horses,” he says. “I’m staying out here
at a mobile home park so I can be close to them.”
Davy. In a trailer. In Indiantown. This isn’t exactly my fantasy, but I’m
still a believer.
And Davy goes on . . .
“I’ve got a beautiful home in Pennsylvania, 25 rooms filled with antiques,
but I don’t want to get cold anymore, and I love Florida so much . . .
Every January, February and March, I bring down the horses. I used to go to
Payson Park outside Stuart, but for the past couple years, I’ve been at a
private farm out here. I’ve got four of my horses here . . . thoroughbreds
we’re training for the racing season . . . I could lease a residence in
Stuart and be 35 minutes from my horses, or I could stay here and be five
minutes away . . . so here I am.”
At 55, Davy Jones is still famously adorable and famously short — 5-feet-4
— but exceptionally long on personality.
He jokes. He sings. He banters. Ask him a question — even a geeky question
like, “What type of sheets do you sleep on?” (right now, his sheets are
made of T-shirt fabric, white with a blue stripe, but he prefers plain
white cotton) — and he turns on the charm.
Give him an audience, and he entertains.
“I don’t care if it’s for 10 people or 10,000 people,” he says. “I’ll give
a performance anywhere, even the post office.”
Especially if he’s in Indiantown, where his picture happens to hang on the
post office wall — and not because he’s a fugitive, though he’s been on
many a gal’s most-wanted list for quite some time.
In Indiantown, he just happens to be a somebody in the middle of nowhere.
“I go into the Good Times Cafe, and sure enough, someone says, `Aren’t you
Davy Jones? What are you doing here?’ And I say, `What are you doing here?
I’m just having breakfast like all the other cowboys.’ “
A double life
Now, before we talk about the Monkees’ current tour, which is why Davy
Jones is so happy to answer questions, let’s get some important personal
things out of the way: He’s available. He just ended a four-year
relationship in December (“It’s a bit of a heartache to me, but I’ll get
through it”). He remains friendly with his two ex-wives (“the best thing a
father can do for his children is to love their mother”). He loves his four
daughters, ages 12 to 32, madly. He’s not a granddad yet, but he expects
(married) daughter No. 2, Sarah, will change that.
Davy’s “a regular guy,” says the man who owns the stables where Davy and an
old friend from England, Dave Smither, train their horses. He doesn’t want
his name used, in order to protect Davy’s privacy. “He’s not stuck up at all.”
Just a normal guy, Davy admits, “with a double life.”
There’s his real life, up at the crack of dawn to talk to his kids in
England and then ride his horses. And then there’s his road life, out on
stage with the Monkees.
This week, he heads out for the road life — a six-week tour with Micky
Dolenz and Peter Tork that begins Thursday in Clearwater and stops in
Pompano Beach next Saturday. Mike Nesmith, the fourth Monkee, is sitting
out this tour and the flood of publicity that’s coming with it.
Once again, believe it or not, the Monkees are hot.
The prefab four, whose TV show lasted just two seasons — 1966 to ’68 —
but spawned dozens of hit songs, are no longer the “young generation,” but
fans still think they’ve got something to say. This 35th anniversary tour
will lure grandmothers, moms and their teenage daughters, who catch reruns
of the old TV shows on Nickelodeon.
“This is not a final tour,” Davy says. “You can’t close the Monkees down.
The Monkees will exist until the end of the world.”
And he’s right: Rhino Records just released a four-CD set, The Monkees
Music Box, of the band’s greatest hits, plus another CD set about the
making of the Monkees’ album Headquarters. In early February, Davy, Micky
and Peter were in the studio to record new versions of three Monkees
classics, Valleri, (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone and Daydream Believer.
They’ll be featured in the April issue of Vanity Fair magazine. And there’s
serious talk about a Broadway show.
No Mike, no matter. Davy’s still the teen-idol ticket.
“I’m the only good-looking aging rock star left from the ’60s,” he quips.
His dark hair is sprinkled with gray now, but he’s got the body and spirit
of a 25-year-old, and the ladies still shout out “nice butt!” when he wears
leather pants.
And you think 13-year-old girls can scream? Wait a few decades. After years
of yelling at children and husbands, middle-aged mommas can bellow like
nobody’s business. When Davy sings, “Girl, look what you’ve done to me . .
.” they’re shrieking like hyenas in heat.
How does this make the object of their desire feel?
He never takes their endless love lightly: “It’s a responsibility . . . The
Monkees is not just a TV show, not just a touring act. We’re responsible
ambassadors of the youth of the mid-’60s.”
After all these years, he says, it’s the fans who impress him. “They’re
good, strong people. I feel safe around them.”
Even when they want to rip his clothes off.
And, yes, they still do. And, yes, the depth of fan passion still amazes Davy.
A few weeks ago, he was chatting with Orlando music mogul Lou Pearlman, who
developed ‘N Sync, the Backstreet Boys and Natural, a boy band that’s
opening for the Monkees.
“So, I’m talking to Lou about these kids, Natural, and the incredible
phenomenon that was the Monkees, that is ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys,
and I say to him, `Lou, when will all this end?’
“And Lou says, `When they stop making little girls.’ “
Davy’s Valentines
Little girls grow up, of course, forever linking the music of their youth
to their happiest, most innocent memories.
For the next six weeks, they’ll scream for Davy, Peter and Micky, then the
“boys” will get back on the bus, go to the next stop, and try not to feel
like roadies at their advanced age.
Davy’s taking his pal Dave Smither along, so he’ll have a piece of his real
life with him “and somebody to talk to.”
Back in Indiantown, their routine is simple: Horses, a phone interview or
two, horses, a couple of poached eggs at Good Times Cafe, horses, maybe a
meal at the Seminole Inn or a drive over to Hobe Sound beach or to Stuart,
where Davy hangs out at his favorite pub, the Jolly Sailor.
It’s an ideal life for a celebrity who once wanted to be a jockey.
“If you can’t train a racehorse here,” he cracks, “you might as well buy a
Back in Indiantown, tired from the track, Davy goes to bed by 9 p.m. and
thinks about regular-guy stuff: Work. And women.
He wants to expand his solo career, maybe make a movie. “I’m never
satisfied,” he says, “I’m always looking for more.”
Ask him the classic 16 Magazine question — describe your dream date — and
he doesn’t hesitate, as though he’s answered this one at least a thousand
times before:
“Somebody with a sense of humor . . . somebody who knows how to laugh and
let go . . . someone who enjoys the outdoors, tennis, maybe horseback
riding . . . going to the movies and dinners with no more than four people,
because too many people, and you can’t converse . . . she could be tall or
short, fat or thin . . .
“I like the romance of foreplay,” he continues, then pauses. “And my life
is basically like that, in a sense, though I’ve never said that before . .
. with all of the little attractions that come my way through my celebrity,
I haven’t lost the touch of normality.”
So, considering all those little attractions, who’s his Valentine this year?
“Only my four daughters,” he replies, sounding very much like a regular guy.
Now that I’m an older-and-wiser fan, I understand:
Sometimes even Davy Jones has no one to kiss but his pillow.


From: Muri (Keep the Monkees On Tv Club)

The radio station in South Florida 102.7 is STILL giving away their last
sets of tickets at 7:35 Am. Also, Sunday March 4, they are having Monkee
Hour at 10:00Am. Tune in! And call!!! Thanks 2 u all, Bye


Join in if u want to help the Monkees!!!!!

~Platano Power!~ Dominicana 2 the core!!! *R.I.P John lennon* Check out
this GREAT Website:


monkees – The World’s Largest and Longest Drum Roll Heralds Grand Opening
of Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando

Tuesday February 27, 8:00 am Eastern Time
Press Release
SOURCE: Universal Studios
The World’s Largest and Longest Drum Roll Heralds Grand Opening of Hard
Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando
2001 Drummers Pound Out a Guinness Record-Setting Welcome for New Hard Rock
ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ — 2001 drummers from around the world
gathered in Orlando today to set a Guinness record for the longest and
largest drum roll in history during the grand opening of the new Hard Rock
Hotel at Universal Orlando.
Led by famed Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz, the group represented the
largest collection of drummers ever assembled — including 81-year-old
“Fast Eddie” Soistman from Winter Park, Florida and 8-year-old
Christopher Ulrich, from Oveido, Florida, the oldest and youngest drummers
at the event. Other drummers representing locations as far away as
Australia, Austria and India had registered to take part.
The drummers drummed for three minutes using a collection of instruments
that included 1,921 snare drums, 50 bass drums, seven toms, seven tenors,
six bongos, five quads, four African hand drums and one Conga drum. The
resulting noise was so loud it exceeded decibel levels beyond the loudest
of rock concerts, requiring event participants to wear ear protection.
Universal Orlando sponsored the event to mark the grand opening of its
on-site Hard Rock Hotel, which designers created as a tribute to rock and
roll. The new hotel features the world’s most valuable collection of rock
memorabilia, original paintings by famed rock stars and a state-of-the-art
stereo sound system so extensive there are even underwater speakers in the
hotel pool.
The Hard Rock joins another on-site Loews-managed property, The Portofino
Bay Hotel, to create the hospitality hub of Universal Orlando, which
includes the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks and the
CityWalk entertainment complex.
“Creating and building Universal Orlando has been as thrilling as any ride
or attraction we have developed along the way,” said Felix Mussenden,
president and chief operating officer of Universal Orlando. “The on-site
hotels are an important component in making Universal Orlando a world-class
resort destination. The exemplary hospitality and unique style of the Hard
Rock Hotel and the Portofino Bay Hotel, both Loews-managed properties, is a
perfect match for the unparalleled entertainment experiences offered by the
Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks.”
Located on a 14-acre site, the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando
features 650 thematically appointed rooms, including suites and Kid’s
Suites; several cocktail venues — the Lobby Lounge, elegant Velvet Bar and
the poolside Hard Rock Beach Club; two restaurants — The Sunset Grill
(featuring an open exhibition kitchen) and an Orlando version of the
world-famous Palm Restaurant; a massive zero-entry pool with a 260-foot
water slide and 12-speaker underwater sound system; adjacent “Little
Rock” pool for youngsters; fitness center and business center and 6,000
square feet of meeting space
The on-site hotels at Universal Orlando are connected to each other and to
Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and CityWalk by a chain of scenic
waterways and are literally within walking distance of each other and the
theme parks. In addition to more traditional forms of transportation,
guests board water-taxis from their hotel to their Universal destinations
and back again.
The Universal Orlando resort destination (
includes two dramatically distinct adjacent theme parks, the Universal
Studios motion picture and television theme park and Islands of Adventure,
Orlando’s next generation theme park. Universal Orlando also includes
CityWalk, a 30- acre dining, shopping, club and live-entertainment venue as
well as premier on-site Loews hotels and world-class film and television
production facilities.
Universal Orlando ( is a unit of Universal
Studios, a part of CANAL+, the TV and Film division of Vivendi Universal, a
new global leader in media and communications.
SOURCE: Universal Studios


From: Nezbabe

Hi! I just bought my tickets for the Monkees concert here in
Albuquerque,NM and I thought I’d share ticket info and such since it
took me awhile to find out that the venue had even been confirmed much
less that tickets had went on sale Friday February 24. The concert will
be at the Kiva Auditorium (505) 768-4575 and ticket prices are $35, $45,
or $55 depending on how close you want to be to the stage. They are on
sale through Ticketmaster. I’m so glad the Monkees decided to make a
stop here in New Mexico! Hope to see some of you at the show! 🙂

~Edwina aka Nezbabe

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