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Peter Tork Performance for CML Benefit

Shakir Shatnawi was diagnosed over Labor Day weekend 1999, as having Chronic
Myelogenous Leukemia. (CML) This form of leukemia cannot be treated with
chemotherapy. A bone marrow transplant is the only successful form of
treatment and must be performed in the first year and in the first stage of
the disease. Doctors at Stanford Hospital have confirmed that Shakir is in
the first stage. Bone marrow test have also found that his brother and
sister, who both live in Jordan, are the most likely donors. Shakir’s
brother and sister will arrive in the US on January 31 and the transplant
should take place between the 10th and 14th of February. After the most
suitable donor is determined, they will be placed on medication to increase
the production of stem cells and healthy white blood cells. Shakir will begin
chemotherapy to kill his cancerous white cells and prepare him for the
transplant. This treatment last several days and must be completed before
the procedure can be perform. After the transplant, Shakir will be under 24
hour medical supervision for 100 days. This is an extremely critical time.
According to Stanford, in the first 3 and a half months the morality rate is
15% to 20%. This is because of the extreme compromise in the immune system
caused by the destruction of white blood cells. The good news is that after
that, the survival rate increases to 75 to 80%. The results of a successful
bone marrow transplant can go on to produce a long term remission or cure of
the disease.
I recently had the opportunity to speak with Denese Shatnawi and she is
very encouraged by the community support received and the medical technology
available to her husband. Denese is a teacher at Orchard Elementary School
in Rio Linda and works with Orthopedically handicapped children. I became
acquainted with her while working with one of her former students at Orchard.
Denese recently took a leave of absence so she and her three children could
move to the Stanford Hospital area to be with Shakir.
In the meantime, the PTA at Orchard School is planning to on hold a silent
auction to raise additional funds. This should occur in the mid spring. I
became involved when asked to provide an autographed picture of former
Monkee, Peter Tork, for the auction. Because of the contact I’ve had with
Peter and members of his band, Shoe Suede Blues, I suggested getting them to
perform a benefit concert on behalf of the Shatnawi’s. Peter and the band
agreed to come and do the show. The concert is set for Sunday, February
20th, 2000. It will be held at Natomas High School in the theater. Doors
open at 6:30pm and tickets can now be purchased at the Box Office on Howe
Avenue. Price is $25.00. Tickets can be purchased over the phone at
My hope is that through this concert, we can have fun with some great music
while raising additional funds to assist with expenses not covered by
I am extremely grateful to Peter Tork, Michael Sunday, Tadg Galleran, Stevie
Gurr and John Palmer for agreeing to perform at this benefit concert, for
believing in this vision and caring enough to be a part of it and to make it
For more information, you can contact,
Sharaya Peters ……GrooveeChk@AOL.COM
There is also a special party afterwards at the Java City Coffee Shop and
Sitting is limited and this is not related to the benefit. Cost is $10.00
Email for more information.

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