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Peter on the East Coast!

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From: Brad Waddell
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Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

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Here is a link to the TV Land “Blast from the Past” trivia game featuring
Davy Jones. Buy online here and save:



From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Everyone,

Due to popular demand, Shoe Suede Blues will be back on the East Coast
this coming March 2002. Here are some of the dates for this tour:

Thursday, March 14
The Hungry Tiger, 120 Charter Street, Manchester, CT
Phone 860-649-1195, web
Tickets $15

Friday, March 15
Bodles Opera House, 39 Main Street, Chester NY
Phone 845-469-4595, web
Tickets $22.50

Saturday, March 16
Sit N’ Bull Pub, 163 Main Street, Maynard, MA
Phone 978-897-4663, web
Tickets TBA

Saturday, March 23
Club 66, 207 Edgewood Road, Edgewood, MD
Phone 410-676-8966, web
Tickets TBA

More dates are being added, so stay tuned!


What’s all the excitement about?
It’s Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork!
Check them out at:


From: “ginger fitts”

just in case anyone is interested the Bravo channel is showing Popular Song
Soundtrack of the Century this coming Monday at 11 PM EST. There’s a short
clip on the Monkees with interviews with Micky and Don Kirshner.


From: “Bandsix”

Mojo 1000 – The Ultimate CD Buyers Guide, just published in the UK lists
the Nesmith 2-on-2 Magnetic South/Loose Salute and the Monkees Headquarters
among the “1000 albums every home should own”.

“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Everyone,

This just came in, so I don’t have all the details yet, but I wanted
to give you a good “head’s up” since it’s coming up so soon. I will
post all the details once I receive them from the organizers:

Shoe Suede Blues will perform for a 90 minute set beginning at 7:30pm
on Saturday, December 22, 2001 at the Annual “Special Olympics” Dance.
the dance will be held by the Santa Monica Senior Center in Santa
Monica, CA.

Again, I will send all of the details on where & ticket cost as soon
as the dance organizers let me know.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Don’t just sit there… check out
Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork!


From: “Bandsix”

VIDEO ALERT!!! David will be appearing in a programme about Coronation
Street on ITV1 December 7th, at 9.30pm. The programme, “Life After Corrie”
also stars other ex-Corrie players such as Bill Kenwright and the actress
who played “Lucille Hewitt”. ITV1 teletext says:

“Davy Jones went from soap star to pop idol after leaving Coronation St.

Jones, who starred as Colin Lomax in 1961, became lead singer of TV and The
Monkees and still tours today.

“It wasn’t much different to being in a school play” he reveals on ITV1.

Jones added he would consider a return to the soap. “They could have me as
a celebrity coming to open the corner shop”, he comments.”
“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: “Sally Carpenter”

The Los Angeles Daily News ran an article on Nov. 13, “Members of
Smash Mouth Are Now Believers.” It reads in part, “…In early 2001, Smash
Mouth was approached by the movie division of Dream Works about revising
the Monkees hit, `I’m a Believer.’ The song was already slated for the
final sequence in the animated feature, `Shrek’, which 34 year old
guitarist and song writer Greg Camp screened an unfinished version of and
deemed too good to pass on. But nobody expected `Shrek’ would do so well
at the box office or that `I’m a Believer’ would drive soundtrack sales to
“At the first sign that `Shrek’ was going to be a hit, Smash Mouth was
summoned back to the studio to cut a more upbeat version of `I’m a
Believer’ for radio…`It works so brilliant for the film that it’s just
extra icing on the cake that it has driven the soundtrack past 500,000
units sold,’ said Marylata Jacob, music supervisor of the film…
“The band’s previous hit `All Star’ provided the rhythm for animators
at the time they created the opening sequence. Likewise, an existing
version of `I’m a Believer’ had been used to animate the ending. `It just
seemed logical, since we loved what `All Star’ did to the front of our
movie, that we see if Smash Mouth would be willing to cover `I’m a
Believer’ for us suing the same producer, Eric Valentine,” said Jacobs…”


From: “Melissa Hilsabeck”

As many of you know the original video for Incubus’s “Wish you were here”
had the Incubus boys recreating the bridge scene from “Head.” You can now
see the original vesion of “Wish you were here” at and
see the good job they did at recreating it!



From: “Bandsix”

Hi there

The Monkees – Caught in a False Image is a new book by Lise Lyng
Falkenberg, a Danish author who writes in English.

The book started off as an interview with Peter Tork but developed into a
project which, unlike the other Monkee-related books on the market (most
are simple factual, chronological items), aims to analyse what was going on
with the TV series, film and TV Special. I’ve read it and it’s well worth
a look!

At first the book was only available direct from the Danish publishers, a
small outfit that could only deal with credit card payments from within
Denmark itself. That meant purchasers had to spend approximately the same
amount in bank charges to transfer the money into the publisher’s account
as they spent on the book itself.

However, I put the publishers and A & R Booksearch (a UK-based music
bookseller) in touch with each other. A & R have now made the book
available by credit card to buyers world-wide, from their own website.

Click on to purchase your copy.

“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: Daddy-O




Don Adams of Get Smart, Ed Asner of Mary tyler Moore, Bob Denver of
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Jones of The Monkees, Jerry Mathers of Leave It to Beaver, Gary Owens of
Laugh In, Marion Ross of Happy Days, Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angeles are
among The All Star Line-up;

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