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No Monkees 2003 Tour! Micky Solo Dates!

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The Monkees Memorabilia Price Guide & Reference Calendar 2003

Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the Monkees 2003 Calendar, we really
appreciate your support! The calendars are now shipping and they look
great. But don’t take my word for it, here is what our pre-order customers=

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From: Cindy Poe: I love the calendar! It has all the b’day’s and kid’s
b’days as well. Lots
of trivia and memorabilia pricing info. Great product.

From: Bruce John: Yes, Brad, I received the calendar. What great
service! I thought the calendar was very well done, looked professional,
and included many items I did not know existed. I liked the Monkee dates
on the calendar also, such as the dates of their children’s birth. I hope=

you continue with the calendar each year. Thanks.

From: Sheila Dowling: I received the calender i cant wait to put it up on
my wall and look at
the different dates i really love it

A whole year of MonkeeMania for your wall! A TIMELY Gift Idea!

This collectable 28 page All Color Monkees Calendar which includes 12 whole=

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This exciting professionally printed and bound calendar will be the talk of=

your work-place or home with colorful Monkees fun all year long. Plus you
get the birthdays of all of the Monkees and their offspring, special days
in Monkee history, plenty of room to write in your own special days, and
the estimated pricing list for the items pictured.

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–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

**It’s Official: No Monkees in 2003 / Dolenz Solo**
With the new year coming and the many questions asking if there will be a
Monkees 2003 tour, I have just received official word from David Fishof
(2001/2002 tour manager) that Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones will not be working=

together in anyway (tour or new album) in 2003. As always, things can
change, but it’s not likely that anything will happen anytime soon. In th=
meantime, look for Micky & Davy on the road in 2003, continuing their solo=

careers. The following are newly scheduled Micky Dolenz solo concerts:
12/24-28/02 Ocho Rios, JAM To Be Announced */*/* 4/11/03 Clarksville, TN
Rivers & Spires Festival */*/* 9/12-13/03 Peachtree City, GA Frederick
Brown Jr. Amph.

**Monkees On TV**
An upcoming episode of “Famous Homes and Hideaways” will feature Davy Jones=

at his Pennsylvania home. Complete with tours, antique car rides, and some=

singing, this episode is tentatively scheduled to air somewhere in the
first week of February. More confirmed information to come. The movie
“Tapeheads,” which features a Michael Nesmith cameo will air on Dec. 28 at=

3:15pm EST on TMCe & at 6:15pm EST on TMCw. 1995’s “Brady Bunch Movie” will=

air on USA on Dec. 28 at 3pm EST on USA. This movie features Micky, Peter,=

& Davy, who sings a modern version of “Girl.” – An official Monkees site that is=”> – An official Monkees site that is=

your one stop on the web for Monkees news, bios, history, & more!


From: Videoranch Foreman

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Thanks very much for all your business! You’ve made this a wonderful
holiday season for us.


The Folks at Videoranch


From: Rose Eckhoff

Hello Everyone!

It’s nearing that time of year again! Our own David Thomas Jones will be
performing @ EPCOT the last weekend of April 2003.

I have been asked to put together group, hotel rates for 2003. There will
be single, double, triple & quad rates available. How do you like the name=

“Davy’s Divas” or “Dazzled by David” for the name of our hotel group?!

This year there will be a “definite” get together planned! Either a
breakfast or late-night event planned.

For further details please contact:

Rose Eckhoff, Travel/Event Planner (Nurse too!)
Phone: (407)-894-6619 (EST / Orlando, Florida)


From: Mel

I know this DVD was released in the UK, not sure where else, but, if you
have the “Hey Hey We’re The Monkees” DVD, it has hidden interviews with
Mike, Micky & Peter.

How to get to them:

Select the “Explore Extras” option at the main menu.
Highlight “The Monkees Discography”
Press Right to turn the green spot red.


Press Enter for an interview with Mike.
Press Down, Enter for an interview with Micky.
Press Down, Down, Enter for an interview with Peter.




I was searching for old Monkees interviews a few days ago and came across a=

1997 interview with Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley from the The
Monkees/Boyce & Hart Photo Fan Club site. To view it type “Guest” as t=
ID and “Monkees” as the password at

Interview with Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley
Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 6, 1997
By Jodi Hammrich, Debbie Clark, Barb Tarcza for The Photo Club
We had an appointment to interview Peter and James at the Cafe at 5:30, a
half-hour before the time set for the sound check. However, due to some
scheduling conflicts, we were unable to meet with them at that time, so
they graciously agreed to conduct the interview after the show, even though=

the hour was late and they had a 700-mile drive the next day.
James: Ask us something. Taurus. [Peter: Do what to us?] You want to know
who does my hair? George of Beverly Hills [James had recently shaved his
TPC: Peter, during an online chat on the Rhino website in December you
mentioned that while you were in Japan you visited a monastery and were
serene for two weeks.
Peter: Many monasteries. All the zen monasteries I could find.
TPC: Would you be willing to tell us a little more about that experience?
P: Well, I visited all the zen monasteries I could find and then I was
serene for two weeks. Rock gardens do that to you. You just go in there and=

because it’s clean and it’s clear and it’s smooth; the onepointedness of
their effort forms everything they do, so that feeds back into your
consciousness as you sit there. If your life is hectic and your house is
hectic, anybody who comes into your house is going to start feeling hectic=

after a while. And if you are serene and you spend your life working on
your serenity and your onepointedness, the houses that you build and live
in have that effect on other people. So that’s what happens.
TPC: Would you build a rock garden at home to get that same feeling?
P: I was thinking about getting one of those little home rock gardens,
tabletop, one-by-two, with a couple of rocks and a little tiny sand rake.
TPC: Do you think you would get the same effect or be able to recapture
that feeling?
P: To tell you the truth I have no way of knowing. It depends, if I’m
serene when I do it I probably will, if I’m not, I won’t. Probably. That’s=

the way these things seem to work.
J: So you can’t use, like, a big cat [caterpillar] to do it. You gotta do
it gently.
P: Computers won’t get it.
TPC: Did you have to be forced to take piano lessons as a child?
P: (vehemently) Yes!
TPC: So you hated it?
P: I hated it desperately. In fact, I regard it as a massive betrayal of my=

youth. When I was nine years old the piano came into my house, and I
started to learn how to play by myself, I was even learning how to read
music by myself, and I was told that if I didn’t take piano lessons, I
would not be allowed to touch the piano. I felt like I was bludgeoned with=

my own love. So I took piano lessons for five years, because I could not
conceive of not being allowed to touch the piano. But it wasn’t any fun at=

the time. I have fun playing now, somewhat, but I’m still not over it. I’m=

working on it. I’m working my way through it, still.
TPC (to James): Did you start with piano?
J: No, I learned piano in college. I was an arranging major, so I had to
learn everything. I like piano, I just don’t play it in this show, because=

he plays it.
TPC: How old were you when you started to think about music as a vocation?
P: I don’t know. I have no idea. Entertaining as a vocation has probably
been part of the picture since I was four. I’m not so sure that what I do
is primarily music; I think that what I do is primarily entertainment and
music is a vehicle for that.
J: I was always into music. That’s all there was. I had a recording
contract when I was 14, I’ve done 13 albums. This is all I’ve ever done.
TPC: What were the other labels?
J: I did three for RCA, one for Electra-Asylum, one for MCA, and one for
Tacoma, the guitar label that Leo Kottke used to be on. All the rest are
Beachwood. And then I joined the Beatles…no, no.
So far, Barb and Debbie had been asking the questions. At this point, Peter=

turned to Jodi and asked “Do you have a question?”
Jodi: I didn’t have time to get any questions together. My home was flooded=

and everything is packed in boxes.
James: Where are you from?
Jodi: Watertown. We were flooded the week before Grand Forks.
James: That makes sense, that Watertown would be flooded.
Peter: In Grand Forks, I can see an inundation of silverware.
James: Yeah, really. That’s why I don’t live in Frog Hollow.
Back to the interview:
TPC (to Peter): On the last tour you were playing a five-string bass as
opposed to a
four; do you like the tonal quality of that better?
P: I love to go down to those low notes, they just send me. I love a
five-string bass.
J: Plus, you can frail it. Sorry.
P: Boy, that’s an obscure joke.
J: A five-string banjo joke. My metaphor was drawn from bees. Never mind.
TPC: How did you find the experience of getting back with the other Monkees=

to tape the TV special this spring?
P: About the same.
TPC: Was it easy to get back into the comedy?
P: Yeah, by and large. There were a few adjustments to make, but nothing
major. What made me recognize that it was going to be ok was when Michael
did some press conferences with us in the 80’s. He had joined us for one
show, at the Greek Theater [in Los Angeles] and we did a press conference
together, and it was just as if he had never left. As so I knew that it was=

going to be fine for him to join us.
TPC: He’s working on a screenplay for a movie now?
P: Yes, he’s starting to write a rough draft. We have a pretty good chance=

of a deal for a movie and Michael is writing a preliminary script.
TPC: James, you told us some interesting stories about playing a Bajoran on=

Star Trek Deep Space Nine. We understand you have also played a singing
J: Yes, I did, on the premier episode. The camera opens up on me singing in=

this one scene, it comes right up to my face, and I’m readily recognizable.=

After that one scene, I am in every scene in that show and I couldn’t find=

me [on tape]. I look like everybody else. You know, those Klingons, they
all look alike.
TPC: Did you write the music or did they tell you what to sing?
Peter interjects: koo-RAH, koo-RAH. If you don’t get this reference, see
the Monkees episode #18, “I Was A Teenage Monster”.
J: They brought the words to me and I made up a little melody that I
thought was awful enough to be a Klingon melody. [He sings some of it for
us, which is untranscribable. ]
TPC: Peter, on the internet newsgroup, they have been
discussing the idea of a Monkees Unplugged album. What do you think of that=

idea? Do you think it could ever happen?
P: Sure. It’s a thing that is possible. I have thought about the Monkees
Unplugged, going on MTV, all four of us.
J: Sure, do all of the hits. Those are great songs. I love singing Pleasant=

Valley Sunday, I love playing it. We did [Take a] Giant Step the other
night, the two of us, somewhere.
TPC: (to Peter) David and Micky have both written autobiographies and you
had started one years ago. Do you have any plans to finish it?
P: I don’t know. Maybe. I have no particular plans of finishing it at the
moment, but it could happen.
TPC: A final question. Do you have any message you would like to give our
J: I have a message: There is no spaceship behind Hale-Bopp, so don’t even=

think about stepping off the planet. There is nothing back there but
debris. So stick around. God will come and get you when He needs you.
And come to our shows. And pick up our Two Man Band cd.
P: What he said. No spaceship behind Hale-Bopp. Very important.

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