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New James Lee Stanley/Peter Tork Christmas CD

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I’d like to welcome Anthony from the Monkeesrule web site to our team as an=

editor of this list so that we can get you the news as fast as possible,
thanks Anthony!



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From: James Lee Stanley

hey kids,
hope the t day was a big one for you all. as for us, it was crazed. but
as of last night, we finished recording the new stuff for the beachwood
christmas cd. here’s the list:

olde fashioned christmas – james lee stanley
deck the halls with sugar plum faeries – james lee stanley
winter wonderland – pamala stanley
christmas three way – peter tork, pamala stanley, & james lee stanley
(a beatlesque christmas play thingy)
that’s what i want for christmas – james lee stanley
flowers for the living – pamala stanley & james lee stanley
let it begin with me – james lee stanley
i remember christmas – peter tork
our father – james lee stanley

it’s still $10 and that includes shipping and handling (in the
continental united states only). the rest of the world will have to pay
shipping. $6.00 for one unit $10.00 for two. and i would like to get
them all in the mail before the 20th, so that we have no more of these
problems with the post office. i’ll be burning them on an order
basis. but they’ll have nice jewel boxes and covers this year. and
wait til you hear the little christmas greeting thingy we created
(christmas threeway). it’s such fun and we had an enormous amount of fun
doing it.

as for all the other cd’s, as of today, we’re removing the domestic s&h
charges for the month of december, so all orders will be the flat $15 per
cd. this might be the time to turn someone on to what we do. and at a
savings of $3.50 per unit, it could be considerable. and with paypal (on
my official website) it couldn’t be easier to order and save. wow, i’m
sounding like a talking ginzu knife.

happy holidays,

james lee
Official website:


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–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

*Monkees Album / 2003 Tour*
A few days ago, I questioned a representative at Trans Continental Records=

about the rumors and articles that have said Micky & Davy are scheduled to=

record a new album under their label in 2003 and their response was:
“Nothing is totally confirmed at the moment. We will have to wait and
see..” Also, numerous reviews of Micky’s appearance at BeatleFest have said=

that when asked if there would be a 2003 Monkees Tour, Micky stated that
none of them had confirmed plans to work together anytime soon. But as of
now, no official announcement has been made.

*Monkees On TV*
“The Monkees – Christmas Show” episode is scheduled to air on TVLAND as a
part of their Christmas Marathon on Dec. 23 at 12am EST. On Dec. 20 at
12:35pm, Dec. 24 at 2pm, & Dec. 25 at 3:05am EST on SHOTe, “Mom Can I Keep=

Her?” (Micky Dolenz movie) will air. – An official Monkees site that is=

your one stop on the web for Monkees news, bios, history, & more!


From: “Sally Carpenter”

Micky held a Q&A session at the Liverpool Days Beatles Convention in
Pasadena on Dec. 8. He wore all black: black shoes and socks, black
denium pants, black pullover shirt, black leather jacket, and no jewlery
except for a watch and a bright, wide plain gold wedding band (from where
I was standing close to the stage it didn’t look engraved). He seemed in
good spirits and smiled a lot. One of the stagehands brought out a small
bench for him to sit on while he talked, so he looked comfortable. He had
a handheld microphone with cord. Quite a few fans stood right in front of
the stage–more fans gathered up close for him than for Pete Best!

The news I want to share is that it appears there will be no Monkees tour
next year. Someone asked if he will be working with the Monkees
again. Micky said none of them had plans to do anything together in the
near future. He made no mention of touring with Davy. He mentioned his
producing and directing (although he didn’t name any specific
projects). The only definite project he mentioned was that he had been
offered a role in the Tim Rice-Elton John musical “Aida” although he
hadn’t decided if he would accept it. But he did say he’s been interested
in musical theatre lately.

I’ll be writing a more complete report of Micky’s entire talk in the next
few days, but I thought fans would like to know this bit of news right
away. Here’s a very long biography of Mick from the convention
program. Although the bio says he directed a plural number of Monkees
episodes, he only directed one (“Frodis Caper”). As you notice, the bio
doesn’t mention the 2001/2002 Monkees tours!!

(program bio) After selling more than 65 million records
worldwide as the star of The Monkees TV show, Micky Dolenz has continued
to make his mark in other areas of the entertainment business, through
his varied career as an actor, director, producer and performer.
Micky was born in Los Angeles on March 8, 1945. His dad, George,
had starred in a number of films and in the mid 1950’s in the television
series, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Micky first established himself as
a performer at age 10 when, under the stage name of Micky Braddock, he
starred in his first TV series, “Circus Boy,” which aired on NBC from
In his teens, Micky guest starred on a number of television shows
and also learned to play guitar. “I was singing hard rock including
songs by the Rolling Stones and the Animals,” he says. “In fact, I
auditioned for The Monkees singing Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode.”
The Monkees auditions took place in autumn 1965. Micky was one of
four actors chosen out of 400 applicants who responded to a trade ad
announcing auditions for a new TV show about rock ‘n roll band. The
concept was inspired by the Beatles film, “A Hard Day’s Night.”
“I was hired as an actor to play the role of a singing drummer,”
Micky recalls. “I had to learn to play drums.”
The Monkees debut single, “Last Train to Clarksville,” featured
Micky on lead vocals, hit the charts September 10, 1966 and rocketed to
number one. Two days later, the television show debuted on NBC to great
success. The TV ratings remained high for two seasons and Micky and the
band starred in their own feature, “Head,” a 1969 psychedelic romp
written by a young Jack Nicholson. The movie is now considered a cult clas=
Ultimately, The Monkees achieved their greatest success as
recording artists. Their first four albums (The Monkees, More of the
Monkees, Headquarters, and Pieces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd.)
reached number one on the charts and they had three consecutive number
one singles: “Clarksville, “I’m a Believer” (with lead vocals by Micky)
and “Daydream Believer.” The group’s first five albums also went
gold. After the television show, Micky continued his acting career and
also did voice-over work for some animated series.
In 1977, Micky flew to London to star in Harry Nilsson’s West End
Musical, “The Point.” He planned to stay three months but remained for
12 years. During that time, Micky honed his behind-the-camera skills
(which he first practiced by directing episodes of “The Monkees”) by
becoming a prominent producer-director for the BBC and London Weekend
Television. He also directed a feature film, “The Box,” written by
Michael Palin and Terry Jones of Monty Python, and helmed numerous music
“I had the best of both worlds,” he explains. “It was great to
have the opportunity to work in two very different forms of the same
medium, the commercial and the non-commercial, and to fuse the best of
each into something unique. A new style, a new approach.” When Micky
returned to the US, he continued his directing career with projects for
the Disney Channel and Harmony Pictures, among others.
In 1986, MTV broadcast episodes of The Monkees show and exposed a
whole new generation to Monkeemania. Micky and Peter Tork recorded new
tracks for Arista Records and the single, “That Was Then, This Is Now,”
became their first Top 20 record since 1968. Micky, Peter and Davy Jones
subsequently reunited for a 1986 summer tour that was so successful it
sparked the reissue of all The Monkee’s classic LPs as well as Pool It on
Rhino Records. At one point in 1987, there were seven Monkees albums on
Billboard’s Top 200 LPs Chart.
In 1996, the Monkees again joined together this time for a “30
Year Reunion” summer tour around America. The response was such that
they toured again the following year, this time finishing up in England.
More recently Micky has spent more time behind the camera,
including directing for the Michael Jacobs Production ABC/Disney hit TV
show Boy Meets World.
Micky spent a lot of time ‘hangin out’ with the Beatles, and will
share some of his stories and experiences with us at Liverpool days on Sund=

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