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New items, new tour (solo) dates

March 27, 2011 by  
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Here are some newly available Monkees related items:

Head DVD

Michael Nesmith – Nevada Fighter / Tantamount To Treason + 3 Unreleased Tracks
1. Grand ennui
2. Propinquity (I’ve just begun to care)
3. Here I am
4. Only Bound
5. Nevada fighter
6. Texas morning
7. Tumbling tumbleweeds
8. I looked away
9. Rainmaker
10. Rene
11. Mama rocker
12. Lazy lady
13. You are my one
14. In the afternoon
15. Highway 99 with Melange
16. Wax minute
17. Bonaparte’s retreat
18. Talking to the wall
19. She thinks I still care
20. Cantana and fugue in C&W
21. Smoke smoke smoke
22. Rose city chimes

Michael Nesmith – Tropical Campfires


Yikes! I just setup the shop to sell Monkees.Net T-shirts and then the
manufacturer announces a price increase! Prices will go up on the items in
the Monkees.Net shop on march 1, so if you are interested in a T-shirt, mug
or mouse pad, please try and purchase before the price increase March 1. Sorry!


From: Gina

The Orlando Sentinel said Sunday that the Monkees (I’m assuming the three
minus Nesmith) will be among the guests at a private grand-opening party for
the new Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando. This will be the evening of
February 26th.



From: Stefanie

I just got word that Davy’s concert in Reading, PA on 02-24-2001 has been
rescheduled to 04-22-2001.



From: Randy

hey everyone,

over at, they have redone thier whole site. If you type
in the Monkees as your favorite artist, you can vote for their best album,
and also rolling stone is attempting to put together a database of their
concerts. If you have reviews and setlists, write a review over at thier
website, I’m looking forward to reading reviews for the upcoming tour, with
no Detroit dates, I can only depend on the reviews, so visit rolling

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