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New concerts, Davy & Peter!

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From: Brad Waddell

Davy Jones Concert dates:

Date City Venue
Fri 04/19/02 Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney World
Sat 04/20/02 Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney World
Sun 04/21/02 Lake Buena Vista, FL Disney World


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

This just in! Shoe Suede Blues has picked up another date during
their March Tour. The new date is Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at
Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA. The whole March schedule is
below, including more details on this new date:

Wednesday, March 13
The Cutting Room
19 West 24th Street, New York City, NY
Tickets TBA

Thursday, March 14
Dave Glicker’s Downtown
190 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY
Phone 516-293-7700, web
Tickets $13.50 advance/$15.00 door

Friday, March 15
Bodles Opera House
39 Main Street, Chester NY
Phone 845-469-4595, web
Tickets $22.50

Saturday, March 16
Sit N’ Bull Pub
163 Main Street, Maynard, MA
Phone 978-897-4663, web
Tickets $15.00

Sunday, March 17, 2002
Mexicali Blues Caf=E9
665 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ
Phone 201 836-9404, web
Tickets $12.00

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Crocodile Rock Cafe
520 W. Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA
Phone 610-434-4600, web
Tickets $13.00 advance/$15.00 door

Thursday, March 21
The Tin Angel
20 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA
Phone 215-928-0978, web
Tickets $18.00

Friday, March 22, 2002
Grico’s River Street Jazz Gafe
The Cross Valley Center, 665 North River Street, Plains, PA
Tickets $10.00

Saturday, March 23
Club 66
207 Edgewood Road, Edgewood, MD
Phone 410-676-8966, web
Tickets $20.00

Sunday, March 24
Mojo Mania Fan Party
Club 66, 207 Edgewood Road, Edgewood, MD
Phone 301-843-2448, web
Tickets $30 adults (16+), $20 children (6-15)

Sunday, March 24
Bayou Blues Caf=E9
8133-A Honeygo Blvd., White Marsh, MD
Phone 410-931-2583, web
Tickets $20.00

Wednesday, March 27
Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH
Phone 216-383-1124, web
Tickets $10.00 advance/$12.00 door

Thursday, March 28
The Union Bar & Grill
18 West Union Street, Athens, OH
Phone: 740-593-5060
Tickets: $10.00 advance/$12.00 door

Friday, March 29
Thirsty Ear Tavern
1200 West Third Avenue, Columbus, OH
Phone 614-299-4987, web
Tickets: $20.00

Saturday, March 30
Pop’s Saloon
1403 Mississippi Avenue, Sauget, IL
Phone 618-274-6720, web
Tickets: $10.00 advance/$12.00 door


From: “Bandsix”

The Monkees date for Dublin, Ireland is now confirmed and is listed on the=

venue’s own website.

They will play VICAR STREET in Dublin on Saturday March 30th.

Tickets go on sale on Feb 22 and will be available from Ticketmaster and
“all usual outlets”.

The venues details are:

58-59 Thomas St
Dublin 8
Tel: +353-1-4546656
Website address:

Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: “Amanda Laws”

Date, Channel, Title, Who

Wen Feb 27 on DISN “Boy Meets World: Career Day” – Peter Tork
Sat March 2 on Court “Hollywood & Crime: Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll” – Ami=

Mon March 4 on AMC “Hollywood’s Hot Wheels” – The Monkee Mobile
Tue March 5 on TNT “She’s Out of Control” – Ami Dolenz

Check your local listings for times and channel number.

The Monkeegirl


From: “Sally Carpenter”


Looks like it’s a slow news month for the guys, so you might enjoy this:

I found a groovy web site “” , a nostalgia site with info=

on Sat. morning cartoon shows, games, toys, etc. with several mentions of=

The Monkees. From the home page you can access an interview with Nancy
Cartwright, voice of Bart Simpson. When asked about her childhood and “did=

you have a crush on anyone?” she replied, “Davy Jones. It was Davy Jones
and Bobby Sherman. Total crush on him. But I wasn’t into writing fan
letters. I just kind of ogled over them on the TV.” There’s photos of
Davy and Bobby.

The site has a whole page on The Monkees with photos and links to music,
books, posters. There’s a brief history that states “They were quite
literally made for television, but as a band, a show and a pop phenomenon,=

they became so much more than just four cute boys with instruments.” The
TV producers held auditions for “fresh faced young imps to play rock and
roll music and act the fool.” The show’s described as a “live action rock=

and roll cartoon.” It’s a well written article and brings the band’s
history up to date.

The “Banana Splits” entry states, “The band was designed to resemble the
Monkees (who were designed to resemble The Beatles.”) The entry for “Butch=

Cassidy and the Sundance Kids”, a cartoon about four teen cops posing as a=

rock band, reads, “The character of Harvey was voiced by Mickey (sic)
Dolenz, the former drummer for another groovy TV band, The Monkees.” The
“Devlin” entry reads, “Micky Dolenz, drummer for the rock and roll band The=

Monkees, supplied the voice of Tod Devlin.” Micky’s also listed in the
voice credits for “The Funky Phantom.” These shows can be accessed from
the “70s” television page.


From: BettyGHanawa

On Feb. 14, 2002 AOL’s welcome screen had a survey on First Crush on
various entertainers. Choices under ‘Teen Idols of the 60’s’ were The
Beatles, Davy Jones, Tom Jones, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Bobby
Sherman. Each name then linked to a short biography.

Betty Hanawa



Hi Everybody,

Davy took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us and have given us=

lots of news.

Things may seem to have been quiet since the Monkees Summer Tour of 2001,
but we had the opportunity to talk with Davy at some length, who filled us=

in on just how busy his schedule has been over the last several months. And=

there’s quite a lot of upcoming activities in store for Davy fans as well.

Here’s the details Davy was kind enough to share with us . . .

Davy recently returned from LA, where he just finished a Time-Life
commercial, which advertises a new collection of Rock and Roll Classics.
And, the big news is that there will be a Davy Jones Collection of Greatest=

Hits that will be made available to anyone calling in to order the
Time-Life Classics. Davy says his Greatest Hits will include such Davy
Jones’ favorites as Girl, Valleri, Daydream Believer, and more!! The
commercial is scheduled to start during this month, February 2002, at a TV=

set near you. So keep those eyes and ears open!!!

Davy also took part in a TV Trivia PC game called “Blast From the Past”.
You may have recently seen the advertisement, which has begun running on
the TV Land Network. “Blast From the Past” combines live video clips of
stars from some of America’s favorite classic TV shows with fast-paced game=

play and exciting graphics resulting in the ultimate TV trivia game. Some
of the other stars appearing with Davy are Barbara Eden of I Dream of
Jeannie, Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch, Jerry Mathers of Leave It
To Beaver, and more.

Davy has also been contacted by the television news program “48 Hours”
which will dedicate a segment to Davy, catching up with Davy on the concert=

stage and off. The interview will also include Davy’s love of horses and
details his most recent training and racing activities of the last few
months. Davy owns nine horses now and the show is scheduled to include
clips of Davy working and riding his horses at his Florida stables. A
second camera crew is scheduled to visit Davy at the end of
February/beginning of March 2002.

And, if all this hasn’t been keeping Davy busy enough, Davy has also been
preparing for his upcoming concert tour with Micky scheduled for England in=

March. As a matter of fact, Davy mentioned he will be leaving for England
in mid-February so he can attend a school play in which his daughter
Annabel will be participating. Then upon his return from England, Davy’s
sister Lynda will be arriving in the US for a visit.

While in England Davy hopes to do some promotion for the British Tour. With=

the tour in mind Davy, at this point, mentioned his disappointment with
Peter Tork’s decision to leave the Monkees’ Tour. Davy said Peter’s
decision to leave back around August 2001 caused the termination of several=

Monkees’ projects that were at the time in negotiation. Even so, Davy said=

no matter what has been circulating via the internet or other sources
claiming that Peter’s discharge before the last two remaining concerts was=

by “joint agreement”, Davy says HE was the one that wanted Peter to stay
with the tour throughout the remaining concert dates. Davy says it was HIS=

feelings that ” this would be best for everyone involved – the tour, the
fans and us.”

Davy was quick to admit that Peter was and is an integral part of their
show and the entire Monkees’ persona, but that Peter’s overall attitude
throughout the tour was over the top resulting in sudden outbursts and
inconsistencies both personally and professionally which were unacceptable=

in many instances.

Davy says he would have handled things differently and would have preferred=

to end his working relationship with Peter with a handshake and a sincere
goodbye. It is unfortunate that things did not end up this way.

Even with the British Tour looming Davy wanted everyone to be aware of
upcoming events in which he take part involving his racing circle…

May 2 – Davy has been invited to perform at a black-tie affair as part of
the 2002 Kentucky Derby festivities.

May 19 – Davy will be the celebrity rider at a charity racing event in
Lexington, Kentucky. Full details to follow…

May 20-21 – Davy will be Co-host of the 2002 Celebrity Golf Tourament
benefitting the McDowell Cancer Foundation in Lexington, Kentucky. See
DavyJones.Net for more information.

May 25 – Davy and Micky are scheduled to perform at the Louisville Zoo.

With this rigorous schedule on tap, Davy says he has been working hard
riding every day and working with the horses to keep fit for his upcoming
race and other events.

Davy also mentioned his regrets over the misunderstanding surrounding the
proposed “Intimate Evening with Davy Jones” in Bettendorf, Iowa. Davy
extended his apologies over what was ultimately a miscommunication. Davy
said that althought the show was proposed to gauge interest – it became
impossible to accomplish due to his schedule. Davy sends his sincerest
regrets over the misunderstanding and hopes to see everyone on the road or=

on the track this summer.
Davy in the news: Check out the St. Petersburg Times for several articles
and interviews. Search the archive for “Davy Jones” and there you will have=

August 17, 2001 – Horse News

Davy has two new horses named Matador and Maternity Leave. Maternity Leave=

won a race just last weekend in Virginia.

Davy in the news: Check out the St. Petersburg Times for several articles
and interviews. Search the archive for “Davy Jones” and there you will have=


Thanks to the website:

Davy’s Daydream Believers


From: “Sally Carpenter”

Here’s some filler material for the email posts:

When sitcoms are filmed before a live audience, often a D.J. plays music
between scenes to entertain the audience. Last week at the shooting of
“Raising Dad”, the D.J. played “I’m a Believer,” the only oldies song he
played all night. He turned down the music on the chorus and the audience=

kept singing without missing a word! The people singing were mostly high
school students. This was the only song that evening that was a
singalong. It sounded like the Monkees version, not the Smashmouth remake,=

although it was difficult to tell with the music turned down so often.

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