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Monkees Weakest Link – Micky back on the boat

April 3, 2011 by  
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12 Apr Fri Providence Performing Arts Center Providence, RI

13-Apr Sat Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach, NH

13 & 14 Apr Interview with Micky on EXTRA TV Show, Please check your local=


1 May CBS Network “48 Hours” show on teen idols which will feature Davy Jon=

Mid-May CNN/Headline News cable TV “Music on the Road” segment will air in=

Davy & Micky will be featured together on this segment.

19 May NBC-TV’s “Weakest Link” is scheduled for May 19


From: Brad Waddell

Micky has re-signed to perform on two cruise ships near the end of the year=

Mon 10/28-11/05/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas
Mon 11/25-12/03/02 Miami, FL Enchantment Of The Seas []Tue 11/26/02
[]Miami, FL Enchantment Of The


Press Release

SOURCE: Meadow Brook Music Festival

Meadow Brook Music Festival Announces 2002 Summer Schedule; Individual
Tickets On Sale This Monday

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., April 5 /PRNewswire/ — Meadow Brook Music Festival,
on the grounds of Oakland University in Rochester Hills, announces its 2002=

summer entertainment event schedule with a varied lineup of live family
shows, stage productions, comedy stars, country, pop, rock, jazz and folk
artists, and two returning weekend events: Fine Art at Meadow Brook Music
Festival and the Michigan Wine & Food Festival. The ninth summer under the=

management of Palace Sports and Entertainment (PS&E) also features 15
performances by the esteemed Detroit Symphony Orchestra over five weekends=

(please see attached schedule for details).

Individual tickets for Meadow Brook Music Festival’s summer season go on
sale this Monday, April 8 at 10 a.m. at, The Palace Box
Office and all Ticketmaster centers. Tickets may also be charged by phone
to American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard by calling 248/645-6666.

June 1 The Monkees 8 PM $35.00 pavilio=
with special guest Barry Williams $18.50 lawn
(classic pop/rock)

Call 313/576-5111 for more information.


From: ed

McCartney & Monkees highlight Kids Charity on PAX TV Sun 4/14

Former Beatle Paul McCartney, and Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz of the Monke=
will perform along with various other artists at a benefit called “VARIETY”
which is a charity for children on Sunday 4/14. The benefit will be hoste=
by DJ Cousin Brucie and televised on PAXTV (Channel 31 here on LI, NY). I
just heard about it over the WCBSFM 101 oldies station and do not know what
time the show is on. I will check later and pass that on.



From: “”

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From: “Sally Carpenter”

“Request” is a magazine sent to customers with Replay cards which earn
points when they shop at Suncoast Video or Sam Goody Music Stores. The
May/June 2002 issue has an article “As Seen On TV” about classic TV shows
now available on DVD. One of the shows mentioned is “The Monkees” with a
photo of the guys and this article: “Modeled after the Beatles movie `A
Hard Day’s Night’ and originally designed as a commercial for its prefab
title group, `The Monkees’ became a bona fide hit. The adventures of
struggling ’60’s rock musicians Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and
Mike Nesmith–ranging from court-room capers to high-seas shenanigans-were=

inane but kooky fun. The show was a cynical marketing ploy designed to
sell albums, yet the lads were lovable, the tunes were memorable, and much=

of it was genuinely funny. Years later, the series became syndicated as
kids programming and was later revived by VH-1 for nostalic
adults. Original run: 19966-1968. Reason to watch: This was MTV before=

MTV existed.” The show isn’t yet out on DVD, so it’s interesting that it
was included in the article.

(ed: The Monkees show is available in DVD format, see our shopping section=



From: Brian-And-Deanna Molnar

Hey Brad,
Just read in our Free Press that “The Monkees”, that’s how it is billed,
will play at Meadow Brook on June 2.


From: Navajo Slim

Videoranch news

Howdy, ladies and gentlemen! Just a bit of news for you.

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Still no date on Nez Rays album release, though we know he’s been working
on the album every day. We’ve only heard a bit of it and it s seriously
happening music. Sonically rich. Lot’s of vocals. Beautiful. Very difficult=

to describe. Not like anything else he’s ever done before (does he ever do=

anything that sounds like the things he’s done previously?). But, you can
hear classic Nez elements throughout it. We’ll keep you updated

Major renovations going on here at Videoranch. Stop by from time to time
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From: “Bandsix”

If anyone wants to keep an eye out for the Monkees’ appearance on the
repeats of Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, they can use this website, which
has the guest list for each week’s show:

“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: Laurabeth Albright

Just saw the advertisement for the show at the
Louisville Zoo in Louisville, Kentucky set for May
25th. The tickets, $25 for festival seating (chairs
and blankets, no coolers, rain or shine) will be going
on sale on April 13 through Ticketmaster, some Kroger
locations, and the Louisville Zoo Admission windows.
An interesting tidbit about the ad…the top phrase
states, “Live On One Stage, MONKEE MANIA, All Together
For The First Time Ever” and then in smaller letters,
“starring” with a picture of the younger versions of
Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones as well as, “special guest
star, Barry “Greg Brady” Williams of The Brady Bunch”.
I personally would like to know the definition of
“all together for the first time ever”!!!


From: “Steven Bradley”

A Mike Nesmith song appears on a new CD compilation in the UK. Taken from
1992’s “Tropical Campfires”, the song ‘Juliana’ is featured on
“Troubadours – the essential album”. Subtitled ’32 outstanding songs from
the world’s finest singer songwriters’, the 2-CD set is released today (8th
April) on the Manteca label, catalogue number MANTCD207. Also featured are
Monkees songwriter Harry Nilsson (‘Everybody’s Talkin’) and Bert Jansch
(‘Strolling Down The Highway’), whom Mike produced in the 1970’s. Nesmith’s
contribution is track 13 on disc one.



Hello, and thank you most sincerely for contacting Murmurs of Irma. As you=

may be aware the band has recently completed a tour of Britain’s larger
venues in support of the Monkees. Needless to say an excellent time was had=

by all, and Irma would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone
concerned for their kindness and support; The Monkees, their crew and the
fans old and new! After extensive experimentation in the Irma laboratory of=

musicology, a 14 track album has been produced entitled “Cloud Watch HQ”.
We have completed recording and are currently working on the final mix
before being sent for mastering. We don’t have an exact release date as yet=

but we will e-mail you as soon as it becomes available so hold on to your
hats! We have t-shirts for sale and these will be available on the web site=

as soon as our web site designer gets time to make the changes. The
T-shirts are top quality white baseball style shirts with navy blue or
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a visit. Thanks again for your interest.
Darryl, Andy, Mike, Tony, Neil and Mark
Murmurs of Irma

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PPS We’re currently preparing a special mp3 download exclusive, only
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From: “Andrea”

Hi Brad,

Just thought your listers would like to have a review of the Monkees
appearance on Fox 5 Good Day New York this morning.

What a cool little plug! They were only on for a few minutes, but it was
fun 🙂 Davy wore a dark pinstriped suit and glasses, Micky was in a leather
jacket over a purplish tee shirt and jeans.

They started off with AJ Hammer (the entertainment reporter) asking about
what gives them their staying power over 36 years, naming the recent remake
of I’m a Believer in Shrek and the inclusion of Porpoise Song in Vanilla
Sky as examples of their influence on pop culture. Davy’s explanation for
this was that the show had family appeal, and that the Monkees was probably
the last show that mom, dad, and the kids sat around and watched before
all these other distractions came in, like extra tv’s, computers, etc. He
also threw in the fact that there were great songwriters…Micky chimed
in, mentioning Purple Sky – then he corrected himself ooops! Vanilla Sky
– had Porpoise Song written by Carole King, then they rattled off a few
of their songwriters, etc.

AJ asked how many countries the show went out to, and they said 40. Then
Davy threw in a bit about Micky having to sing Hey Hey We’re the Monkees
in all these different languages. Micky said he remembered them all, and
Davy dared him to try one. So, they got Micky a guitar and the entertainmen=
began! Micky strummed his guitar and sang the theme song in French and then
Spanish. Then he said let’s try a little a Mike Nesmith tune, and they sang
a few bars of “Papa Gene’s Blues?” They goofed off at the end,
and Micky stepped all over the plug that AJ was reading for BB King’s and
Westbury Music Fair. They closed out the show with a little bit of a
version of I’m a Believer and in the middle of it, Davy said “now everybody
skate backwards!”

The guys were really “on” and quite funny. So glad I caught this one! Many
thanks to you and Maggie for getting the particulars of their tv and radio
appearnaces out to us 🙂

~Andrea Della Rosa~
*** Visit my Monkees site!***


From: Mickyrobindolenz

hi brad
tom and i went to westbury music fair to see davy and micky.
my review
Barry Williams came out and was just fine, he did songs from the brady bunc=
and made jokes, i liked him, i thought he worked out well.
then after Dave announced the stars of monkee mania davy Jones and micky
dolenz and down the isle the came, dressed in leather pants, looking mighty
i think they were great, there was not “carrying each other” they were
singing and laughing “together” Dave did the Edith bunker bit.
more people stood at the end and micky really smiled but it was the last
couple of songs. some people get mad when others stand, but i could just be=
that davy and micky were thinking “why didn’t they stand earlier”
davy did not do his “Oliver routine” micky did do “if i fell” davy sang “it=
nice to be with you” they also sang “no time”
the time had gone by so quickly, i had a great time, and was recognized by
one of the monkees show crew from last July, when i did that “goin down” bi=
with micky.
that was pretty cool, but no, i did not get back stage.
stay tuned for tom’s review also.
hi brad, just one more tid bit about the westbury concert
Eric the saxophone player
he forgot the saxophone, right before they were about to go on stage and th=
was not a planned joke, he literally ran and got the sax.
it was funny. if was before the lights totally went up but the music was
starting to entrance them in.


From: “Steven Bradley”

from the (London) Times, March 30 2002.

contributor’s note for overseas readers; Will and Gareth are contemporary U=
pop stars, manufactured by TV.

The Monkees, Wembley Arena (3 stars out of 5)

just as the velvet underground reformed in 1990 to remind all those
black-clad doomsters just who invented indie-rock, so, in the era of
Westlife and Will, a UK tour by the Monkees, the first and mightiest band o=
manufactured pop stars, is timely.

however, in the great pop tradition of image over substance, the group
billed as “the monkees” now contains only 2 original members. after the
foursome reunited in 1996, first michael nesmith, then peter tork slipped
away again.

what wembley got was singer davy jones, looking as boyish as any
fifty-something in black leather strides has a right to, and micky dolenz,
drummer/singer – tastefully balding, similarly trousered. accompanying them
was a highly efficient 8 piece band.

since jones and dolenz were goofers-in-chief on the TV shows and did most o=
the singing, you could just about declare the band quorate. but one more
retirement and the conceit would founder: “hey, hey, i’m the monkees”,
wouldn’t wash.

the show was all about careful deployment of forces. dolenz sat behind the
drumkit for one song but mostly he was up front, singing, strumming an
acoustic, and indulging jones in patter as ancient as the TV series (“we’ve
had a lot of requests… but we’re still going to play”). similarly, the
songs had to be carefully husbanded. the monkees posess some of the most
innocently thrilling tunes in pop, courtesy of neil diamond, carole king et
al. the trouble is there aren’t many; in fact it’s four. last train to
clarksville, daydream believer, pleasant valley sunday and i’m a believer.
this tour bookends the main set with the first two and leaves the latter tw=
for the encore. so there’s a lot of time for songs written by dolenz after
too much partying with the beatles, a dreary effort by tork, and an “i’ll
love you forever” ballad by jones.

what usually keeps the set on track is the band, who breeze through the
poppish R&B and rock’n’roll lite with session-man ease – greasy sax solo? n=
problem. chuck berry lick? you got it. after a loss of momentum, the encore
granted after at least 35 seconds of applause wakes everyone up. the sight
of two middle-aged men in shiny shirts singing the theme song from Shrek (“=
thought love was only true in fairy tales”) may not sound transcendent. but
the magic of cheesy pop is famoulsy elusive. will and gareth …. watch and

John Bungey

(transcript ends)


From: “Joan Archambault”

Monkees Phoenix Concert Review

Hi Brad,

I went to the Monkees conert here in Phoenix last night. The show was
really great and the guys looked good. Micky does look like he has lost
some weight, besides more hair on top! LOL! Davy looked great as always, he=

did mention he was to be a grandfather in July this year.
Here is the playlist of the songs they sang:
Last Train to Clarksville
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
The Girl I knew Somewhere
Randy Scouse Git
Mary, Mary
It’s Nice to be With You
Going Down
Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
At this point in the show, Davy called the keyboardist Dave to the front of=

the stage.
He had him do his impression of Meatloaf which was very good.
Then Micky came back out and did the Monkees’ Theme in several languages.
Papa Gene’s Blues
No Time
Circle Sky
That Was Then, This Is Now
Since I Fell
I Wanna Be Free
I’ll Love You Forever
Porpoise Song
Listen To The Band
Daydream Believer
Pleasant Valley Sunday
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
I’m A Believer

A lot of the jokes are the same ones that they have been using for quite
some time, but they still make them seem fresh every time I hear them. I
had a great time so did everyone else that was there. Davy went out in to
the audience while singing “Girl” and was mobbed by a lot of girls in their=

early 20’s or younger! Still the “Teen Idol” even at the age of 56! =3D^..^=

The merchandise on sale was:

A keychain with the photo of Davy & Micky from the lunchbox thermos-$10.00
Black baseball hat with the Monkees logo on it-$25.00
Stuffed Monkey with a logo Monkees t-shirt on-$20.00
The Monkeemania Live in Toronto CD-$15.00
A black t-shirt with a photo of all 4 guys from 1967( Davy is wearing the
square granny glasses-$30.00
A red t-shirt with all 4 guys from early 1966( Davy is upside down hanging=

from a swing while the others are with their instruments-$30.00
After the show, Micky left right away for the airport but Davy stayed and
signed one item for everyone that was outside waiting. That was very nice
of him as he had been up since 3AM. The guys did some early morning TV
interviews on local shows so I am sure they were exhausted. I did get
Davy’s autograph on his 1965 Colpix LP cover which he also held up during
the show when I showed it to him!
I can’t wait for the next time I get to see them in concert.

Joan Archambault


From: “Susan Wilson”

Saw the Micky and Davy at Sheffield Arena, UK, in March. They were great.
Sang lots of the old favorites.

Micky was amazing. I’d never seen them live before and don’t think I’d
appreciated how good his voice was. He explained this by talking about his=

opera singing Dad.

They were both appeared to be having a great time and so was the audience.=

We were standing up and dancing and singing. Although not everyone was. I
wasn’t one of the lucky ones at the front who got the chance to touch them.

Had a great time was sorry when it was over.


From: “Astrid Kemper”

Hey Brad

I know it’s kinda late, but my friends Alex and CC, and myself, went to the=

Shoe Suede Blues concert at The Union on March 28. It was the best! I don’t=

remember the exact details of what happened while they were playing, but we=

did manage to grab one of the set lists that was still on the stage. The
writing is in shorthand, and I don’t know the actual titles of the songs,
but here is what I can make out:

Treat Her Right
Dress Sexy
Last Train to Clarksville
Big Boss Man
Further On Up the Road
Saved By the Blues
Black Drawers
Ain’t Your Fault
One More Heartache
Your Auntie Grizelda
Used to Love Her
She Belongs to Me
Cab Driver
Slender and Tender

I think that’s right. Anyroad…after they finished playing they sat at a
table to sign autographs. When my friends and I got to the front of the
line, Peter kinda started mocking us for screaming and grinning the entire=

time. We all got to talk to him a little. CC even sat on Peter’s lap for a=

minute(Ok, let me explain this. First of all, we are only 14 years old, and=

CC is pretty petite. Secondly, he gestured for her to; she didn’t just
decide to). I was next to talk. He signed my Monkees concert pic, and then=

looked at the other pic I had handed to him. He asked where we had gotten
them, because he had seen two of the same pictures with my friends. I have=

no idea how I managed to keep from screaming, but I somehow managed to
calmly say that we had blown up a picture from the internet and put it on
some small poster paper. He signed it, and then smiled at me and gestured
to his cheek. Ok, we’re going to go forward a little. I walked over to
where my friends were waiting, practically vibrating in place. I told them;=

I had kissed Peter Tork’s cheek!! We all screamed. Probably too loud for
our own good. Well, needless to say, we all went home in hysterics. And
were up two hours after we got to Alex’s, sending e-mails to everyone we
know telling them about the night. Please don’t hate me, Peter fans! You’ll=

meet him someday!


From: ray

The show in Phoenix was great! It was also an honor to meet you, Brad!
Micky and Davy were in fine form, singing many Monkees hits. The leather
outfits were nice and up-to-date. The band sounded terrific—These Monkees=

can still rock with the best of them! I was sorry that Davy’s “Oliver”
medley was not included, but we bought the new live CD and got to hear
it–My wife and I enjoyed it, as did our two children! A great time was had=

by all. A week prior to the show, Micky was on a phone interview from New
York with KOOL-FM Radio. I had heard about it earlier that day, and before=

Micky came on, I called the DJ and told him about a promotional 45 I had
that Micky had recorded in 1973 called “DAY BREAK”. Off the air, the DJ
told Micky about me and the record, and then on the air, they talked about=

it! Micky said that Nilsson had both written and produced that song and
another for him in ‘ 73, and that Nilsson had been a good friend of
his(Nilsson has now passed on). I was proud that I had help bring something=

unique to that interview! Micky and Davy are wonderful, and they realize
that we are all getting older, but that’s no reason to stop rockin’!!!


From: Vic Pratt

Monkees Wembley Show Review

I have seen The Monkees live with Nesmith, last time
round, and Peter Tork’s solo show a year or so back.
Both events were far superior to the Wembley
performance of March 28th, which, after a promising
start, for the most part seemed pretty shambolic.

It was as if Dolenz and Jones hadn’t really bothered
to get involved: the merchandise stall only had
huge-sized t-shirts, at some massively inflated cost;
only one of the bars was open to sell its overpriced

The support band were lousy. Talk about wasted
opportunities. Most groups would make the most of the
chance to play to a massive crowd at a big venue.
Murmurs Of Irma just played turgid, empty sixties
pastiche songs that limped along in a non-committal
fashion. The lead singer wore a ludicrous pair of
trousers that had been badly cut and did not give the
desired effect, whether it was socks down there or not.
There was nothing interesting there to look at or
listen to. The audience were pretty kind to them I
reckon. Obscurity beckons for that lot.

Next up were The Monkees circa 1970; surely that
should be “Stars Of The Monkees”. Even Dolenz, Jones,
Boyce and Hart were better value than this weedy
moneyspinner. The band played some kind of
instrumental medley, which would have been okay for a
couple of minutes, but they dragged it out for ages,
played virtually every Monkees tune known to the
world, and killed any anticipation.

Dolenz and Jones finally came on, weird figures in
their leather garb. Mickey came across best over the
course of the evening, turning in a good rendition of
“Alternate Title” and some nifty drumming on “Mary
Mary”. But the good bits were few and far between.
After about twenty minutes, the show just drifted
towards dullness. Davy relied too much on his
theatrical smile and cutesy banter. His introduction
to “I Wanna Be Free” just seemed to drag on
interminably, you wanted to shout “get on with it!”

The band were pretty good at first, but as the night
went on, they got more and more Eighties sounding. The
lead guitarist was a frustrated Van Halen style heavy
metal axe-man, who got more and more self indulgent as
the show progressed, rushing to the front of the stage
to do an over the top widdly-widdly solo for every
number, encouraged by Jones and Dolenz, whose musical
quality radar seemd to have been firmly shut down with
the departure of much-missed Tork. It was more like an
Eighties revival than a Sixties revival.

Dolenz’s solo spot was a super-dull dreary Supper Club
Jazz-Blues type number, which sadly didn’t test his
(still strong) voice. You could have fallen asleep to
this lame contribution. For Davy it was a sickly
self-composed soft-rock ballad, firmly rooted in the
late Eighties, with an overpowering Michael Bolton
style saxophone solo. What happened to the Oliver
numbers? I was looking forward to those.

Tork and Nesmith were described as “songwriters”.
Their having been members of the band seems to have
been erased from history. Sadly without their strong
musical influence the performance lacked balance and
veered in to the abyss of dodgy showbiz.

Lots of people there seemed to like it though,
including “comedian” Iain Lee from the 11 0 Clock
show, who was singing along with all the hits a few
rows in front of me. So who am I to criticise.

After all, the money’s in, they’re made of tin,
they’re here to give us more…



From: StaccBrown

Here are some of my experiences w/ The Monkees
I heard that Micky would be doing an interview at a local radio station bac=
in ’87 I went and was there when he arrived! Fortunately I was the only F=
there so was able to watch the whole interview! It was great! I was promis=
that I would be able to speak w/ him and get an autograph after the
interview, but unfortunately a lot of other fans arrived after hearing him =
the radio. Micky’s rep or who ever he was took my name and address and
promised to have micky sign a photo and send it to me, since he had to take
off because of the newly assembled crowd. I NEVER RECEIVED MY AUTOGRAPHED
PHOTO!!! I was a very dissapointed teenager!
I have seen them in concert three times since then…..and really miss Pete=
I was always bummed that Mike wasn’t a part of it, But now Peter being go=
really stinks!
I am still a huge fan of The Monkees and Have a fantastic collection of
Monkee Memorbelia. I am glad to have seen Micky in person, BUT I WANT MY
SIGNED PHOTO. It was hard having a promise broken like that!

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