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Davy Jones is still a believer
By: Greg Archer

Still going strong: Davy Jones =97 who hit it big with The Monkees =97
still performs and makes appearances, including last year at the
Country Music Awards. (AP file photo)

SAN FRANCISCO =97 There was a time =97 actually not that long ago =97 when
teen idols boasted class and style. They were looked up to, not just
consumed as some kind of meal on the mass entertainment menu like many
of them are today, which makes somebody like Davy Jones a particularly
interesting creature.

The former teen dream of the 1960s was, well, interesting =97 and, by
his own admission, “interested” in what was really going on around

That will be evident when Jones hits the Rrazz Room for a three-night
gig later this week in a show he calls very “up close and personal.”

“These days, you have to be in the tabloids to =91get noticed,'” he s=
of the changing times, “but I’m am still =91new’ to some audiences.=

And cherished by others who already know of him.

Having shot to fame as the fourth creative peg of the super group/TV
sensation The Monkees =97 which also included Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork
and Michael Nesmith =97 more than four decades ago, Jones and the rest
generated major buzz with hits such as “Daydream Believer,” “I’m a
Believer” and “Last Train to Clarksville.”

Concert tours fueled the group’s celebrity, but Manchester-born Jones
stood out on stage, as well as with his own projects, and also in
other television appearances. (TV’s Marcia Brady gushed that she’d
never wash the cheek Jones kissed in his appearance on “The Brady

These days, Jones’ life is still festive. Now in his 60s, he’s the
grandfather of three and still somewhat of a honeymooner after
remarrying last year. He still performs across the country, often
connecting with music groups such as The Turtles, The Association and
others, who were part of the “good times.”

“My career has been varied =97 theater, personal appearances =97 so I am
able to jump around and about,” he says. “Television was a great place
to have started and people remember. I am very happy about that.”

But there must be a secret to his longevity.

“I’ve never been a terribly ambitious person,” he says. “I’ve bee=
really lucky that my =91career’ has come to me, from various ideas and
such. The Monkees were very big, generation after generation. So I
consider myself lucky. I can still get up on stage and tell my

If you go
Davy Jones

Where: Rrazz Room, Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St., San Francisco
When: 8 p.m. Friday; 7 and 9:30 p.m. Saturday; 7 p.m. Sunday
Tickets: $45 to $47.50
Contact: (415) 394-1189,


From: Vinny

Hi! I thought your members, friends and fellow Monkees fans would like
to know that DAVY JONES will be appearing at Queensborough Performing
Arts Center (on the campus of Queensborough Community College – 222-05
56th Avenue, Bayside, NY 11364) on Saturday evening, November 20, 2010
at 8pm!

For tickets and information: 718-631-6311 and
Specific page for Davy Jones show:


From: Kent

But we were one of the first to review an advance copy of Micky’s new
CD “King For A Day” …

You’ll find the link here:
Click here: Forgotten Hits: King For A Day

Thanks to Micky’s publicist David Salidor, we received an early
pressing of the brand new Micky Dolenz / Carole King Tribute CD called
“King For A Day”. (It’s being released to the public later this

With so many GREAT songs to choose from, I couldn’t help but wonder
what the song selection process was like … Micky covers some of the
obvious Carole King classics … but also digs out a few of the
obscure ones that Carole sometimes doesn’t always get the credit and
recognition for.

The CD kicks off in GREAT fashion with an absolutely KILLER version of
the old Animals hit “Don’t Bring Me Down”. Dolenz and the band REALLY
rock out on this one … and I wish there were a few more tracks
recorded in this spirit on the CD … Micky literally GROWLS the
lyrics and sounds as good as I’ve ever heard him … the track is SO
strong that it makes a few of the other cuts sound tepid in

Next up is a remake of one of MY all-time favorite Monkees songs,
“Sometime In The Morning”. In what I can only describe as an
arrangement that successfully blends country, bluegrass and jug-band
music, it brings a whole new feel to what I believe to be an otherwise
much under-rated song … and it works PERFECTLY! (Perhaps Micky’s
stint on “Gone Country” a couple of years ago helped to fuel this new
arrangement … the song manages to retain all of its original beauty
yet still makes one wonder if Ernest T. Bass and The Darlings will
eventually be coming in on the background vocals!)


Former Monkee Peter Tork to speak at Tulare County Drug Court graduation
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Peter Tork, the former member of the 1960s music group, the Monkees,
will be the keynote speak at the Tulare County Drug Court graduation
next month.

The public is invited to the ceremony at 7 p.m. Oct. 28 at the Visalia
Convention Center, Tulare County Superior Court Judge Glad Roper told
the county Board of Supervisors Tuesday as he gave a presentation on
the program, an alternative to prosecution in which convicted drug
offenders work with county agencies to kick their addictions.

Roper said about 207 people likely will graduate this year, adding
that the program has a recidivism rate of about 5 percent.

Celebrities who have had drug problems have frequently spoken at the
graduation, and Roper said the 68-year-old Tork =97 who starred in the
Monkees television show in the 60s and recorded music with his
co-stars =97 has a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Tork left the Monkees in the late 1960s but has reunited occassionally
over the years with his bandmates and also performs his own music
these days.


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