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Monkees get their due from NBC 75th anniversary show

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Nez4Ever1230

This evening Sunday May 5, 2002 on NBC the special NBC 75th Anniversary
Special is currently airing. It began at 8 PM and runs through 11 PM. In a
collection of clips of past classic series that aired on NBC clips from The
Monkees were included including the opening scene in which they are
performing (wearing their red shirts) and the yellow title of the series is
shown and several clips from the first season of the series were shown. The
guys song Last Train To Clarksville was played as the clips were shown as
well. In my opinion, David, Michael, Micky and Peter are # 1 always! Thank


From: “Sally Carpenter”

The Sunday Los Angeles Daily News (May 5) ran several large articles about
NBC’s 75th Anniversary. Pages 12-13 of the Entertainment Section listed
some of their outstanding shows in Drama, Comedy, News, Daytime and
Variety. The only full-color photo under Comedy shows was of the Monkees
dressed in trenchcoats; Peter and Michael are holding guitar cases like guns.


From: DJC13

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