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Monkees Bobble On and On

April 3, 2011 by  
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I found out that this DVD version of the VH1 Monkees Bio-pic includes audio
commentary by Micky, Davy and Peter! You can purchase it by clicking here:

Daydream Believers – The Monkees Story (VH1 TV Movie on DVD)


From: Kevin Mollahan

Were you aware that the bobble head company, FUNKO,
was putting out a set of bobble heads on the Monkees?
Just thought you should know if you already did not. I
sent a URL for their site.

Kevin Mollahan

(ed: there is just a picture, they are not yet available)



I just received a really cool catalog from Sundazed Records, entitled
“Sundazed Tymes”. It is a 3D catalog, it comes with 3D glasses. Of coarse,
it has the first 5 Monkees LPs listed in it too. Each LP is now 180 gram
vinyl, contains bonus tracks, and the price per LP is $12.98. To request a
catalog: OR
1-800-295-8079 OR
Sundazed Music
P.O. Box 85
Coxsackie, NY 12051



From: Cin1967

I was reading today’s USA Today (November 30) and in the Life section there
was an article about box sets which mentions the Monkees. There is a picture
of Music Box and a brief review of it and the Summer 1967 set as well. The
review reads:

“Music Box is expanded from a 1991 four-CD box, combining a smattering of
rarities and modern cuts with all the ’60s hits, most of which will sound
better than you might recall. Summer 1967–a 3,500 limited edition from
Rhino’s Internet-only Handmade subsidary–is for serious fans; four live
shows from their first tour, each with identical song lineups in the same




(ed: I was told this message was posted on the TV Land message board on AOL
– if it is an official from that company – feel free to show your support.)


“I keep hearing representations that there are “tons of fans” who will
watch the show. But, in reviewing these message boards and several on the
web, I see a very small quantity of people posting about or requesting the
show. If they are on AOL, please get them to “The Monkees” message board
folder. If they aren’t on AOL, then we hope that they will subscribe to
the newsletter (free subscription information will be available soon) and
let us know of their interest through that medium. Then, we can share
thoughts with
this group. “

It’s not a petition, it’s just saying that if they get a lot of fans to
post, i mean if you’re a monkees fan, then it’s a great place to talk to
other fans( the monkees have their very own folder), and they see enough
interest in the monkees, they might end up on tv again. Anyway, like i
said, it’s aol keyword tv land.


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Gang,

Some good & bad news: First, the bad – Shoe Suede Blues’ gig at the
New City Theatre in Henderson, NV on January 4, 2002 has been
postponed. The venue is undergoing construction and is behind in its
schedule. No new date is available yet, though the venue hopes to
reschedule the show for later in January. I will be sure to update
you as soon as possible.

Now for some good news! I recently reported that Shoe Suede Blues
will be performing at an event for the Special Olympics in December.
Here are the details on that event:

Saturday, December 22, 2001@ 7:30pm
All ages welcome!
Special Olympics Annual Holiday Dance
Santa Monica Senior Center
1450 Ocean Avenue
(between Ocean and Broadway, near the famous Santa Monica Pier)
Santa Monica, CA
Phone: TBA
Tickets at the door: $3.00 for dance only, $10.00 for dinner & dance
Advance ticket info TBA


Don’t just sit there… check out
Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork!


From: “Davy Jones.Net Mailing List”

DavyJones.Net will be giving away one of Davy’s CDs “It’s Christmas Time
Again” each week before Christmas. Check the home page for more details.


From: Linda Mathers

Hi there,

Even though I am from Ontario, when I saw that Davy and Micky were going
to be at Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario in January, I really had to
scratch my head for awhile. You see, if you look at a map of Ontario,
you will not find a place called “Rama”. Casino Rama is located in
Orillia, Ontario, but is on Rama Road, thus probably the name “Casino
Rama”. Just thought I’d mention that for all those Monkee fans who
have been wondering where Rama, Ontario is.

Linda (Ima B. Leever) Mathers
Drumbo, Ontario


A web site has been setup to sell new recordings by Jason Nesmith:


From: “Linda Seitas”

Brad, just wondering if anyone ever caught this one?

I’m a big fan of Bewitched and episode # 162 (from February 1969) is called,
“Going Ape”. Aptly titled or perhaps should have been called, “Going
Monkee”. Premise: A chimp is turned into a man called, ‘Harry’ and ends up
as a model for a men’s cologne ad. The only way for Harry to get out of
doing the ad is for him to go ape. The set used for the ad looked
suspiciously familiar to me. Since I had this episode on tape I slowed it
down frame by frame and noticed that it was the former Monkees pad with that
famous circular staircase leading up to the second floor. The staircase had
been repainted a light blue but I certainly recognized those famous brown
doors! Catch it the next time you see Bewitched, shown on the Hallmark
channel Mon – Fri 9 am-10 am and 4 pm -5 pm.

— Linda Seitas


From: Krnurse

Dorough Lupus Fund Raiser Concert review

Maggie, and everyone concerned about next summer’s tour, I must tell you I
have had a change of attitude.

I drove 11 hours to Arkansas with my oldest daughter to go to the Durough
Lupus Fundraiser concert, with the the Monkees as the Headliners. Barry
Williams was the host. I was ready to be bored, but he really does have a
nice voice, and he is not so bad looking either. He didn’t sing “A Time for
Change” as I expected him to do. But, he did sing a love song. My daughter
and were in the second row. Barry came down into the audience with his
assistant and she took polaroid pictures of him with people he picked. He
picked my daughter and I. It was fun. Also, he called whoever wanted to go
up on stage to go up and to sing a song with him doing the Brady dance. It
was cool! He sang a song with each of the acts except for the Monkees. Yes,
there were other acts! The first group on was the Tyrones. I had never
heard of them. They are about the same age as the Monkees. I was kinda
bored when they were up there and it gave me a chance to look around the
Walton Art’s Center. It is a nice place. They had a couple of Nutcracker
statues and lots of poinsettas up on the stage. Well, They played too long,
the audience clapped politely when they were done, not too many people were
moving around enjoying the music or knee tapping, etc. It looked like an
auditorium full of people at a lecture. ho hum.

Barry sang a song with them, and then after a brief intermission, he
introduced Deborah Gibson…not Debbie…she doesn’t want to be called
Debbie. She has a beautiful voice, but I only recognized one song she sang,
and that was from Les Miserables. She is an actress who lives in New York
and she does a lot of Theater. Her mom is her sound person, and her mother
had some trouble with her tracts. You see, she didn’t have a band with her,
and neither did Barry. A little boy, probably a year old or so was crying
when she was about to sing a song. She called the mother and child up to the
stage and she sat the boy down on a bench on stage next to her while she
sang! That was sweet.

Oh, Barry sang Proud to be an American, and he did a great job! He talked
about the brady bunch, showed a brief film put together by Susan Wilson
called, Brady Home movies. IT was nice. I really enjoyed that. Barry also
sang a song called I’m not Greg Brady, I’m Barry Williams. He told a few
jokes about being in the airport and security giving him a hard time. He
said the Security people said, “come on, You think we don’t know who Greg
Brady is when we see him!” Barry said, it is harder on him, he is Barry
Williams who played Greg Brady. Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones played
themselves on the Monkees. People seemed to enjoy Deborah more than the
Tyrones, and Barry more than Deborah, but, after the third intermission, we
were thrilled to hear…Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the stage the
Stars of the Monkees, Micky and Davy! We all stood up and screamed, and
cheered, the place came alive.

I was wearing a T-shirt from the 2001 tour. The Monkees weren’t selling any
souvenirs and many people there were asking me where to get stuff. I
referred them to the online store. Well, It was fantastic. When they were
setting up, I had a chance to call to Avita and ask her if she could get me a
set list. She said sure, after the show! So, here it is:

Last Train to Clarksville

Okay, now, all of the six other concerts I have seen the guys in this year,
Micky has continued playing after Randy scouse, and Davy (and for the most
part Peter) had to pull Micky away from the drums, and Davy asks Micky if he
can get him anything. Micky replies, Yeah, Prozac. Well, they didn’t do
that this time. Davy didn’t do the Oliver medley, they didn’t walk out on
stage with the Monkee walk, and they didn’t do the Archie skit either. Micky
did talk about his father and sang the first lines of “Some enchanted
He talked about way back in 1967 they went to a party with the Beatles and he
doesn’t remember much about the party, but he does remember the song he
wrote, he thinks… Oh, when he went to play, they had brought out the
kettle drum, but no mallets! He just stood there for a minute, and then
said, um, I need some…..He moved his wrists up and down looking for the
mallets. David dedicated I’ll love you forever to the drummer. HIs mother
died earlier this week. Also, Davy didn’t dye his hair for this show, and
his gray was showing beautifully. I think he looks just fine with a little

Micky did send his sweat towel out into the crowd. At the end, they didn’t
come to the front and shake hands with people as they have in the past.

But, the highlight of the night for me was during Goin Down!

Micky was singing the first verse, and as with all the other songs that had
been sung that night, I was singing right along in my seat. He saw me

I have always dreamed of singing a song with the Monkees, who hasn’t
fantasized about that! Well, Saturday night, my dream came true! My
daughter now is very impressed with me. People came up to me and said “gee,
this really has been your night hasn’t it?” Polaroid with Barry Williams,
and singing with Micky Dolenz!

All summer long, I have been working on learning this song so that one day, I
may have the opportunity to do this, as I had heard that someone else on the
list had that opportunity. Wow, I was flying High on top, and I sure did
know it, I thank the Lord that I didn’t go and blow it.

In the end, the drummer gave away his sticks. I didn’t get one, but I had a
great night. Avita gave me a copy of the set list. We gave her a single
rose. OH, we also gave Davy a rose. It was the only flower he got during
the show.

After the show, Barry Willliams and Deborah Gibson were signing autographs.
We had Barry sign our pictures. It was a fantastic night. Even though we
had to sit through the Tyrones, who were kinda boring, we enjoyed the Monkees
tremendously, and as usual, they put on a terrific show.

Well, this has been long, but it was a great show. PMS, Post Monkees
Syndrome has begun once again, and I am looking for another show to go to. I
think I am becoming a bit obsessed. Perhaps I’m becoming a groupie….what
is the official definition of a groupie anyway? I wanna be one. Katherine

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