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Monkees back on TV (once!) – Ent Weekly-2

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I’m off to the Vegas and Phoenix Monkees shows, I’ll send out another alert
when i return! By the way, there are lots of new tour photos up on the web
page now. See ya!


From: “Kampert, Pat”

Brad: Thanks again for all your help. I was flooded with Monkee fans.
The article is done and posted at:


By Patrick Kampert
Tribune staff reporter
April 10, 2001

Britney Spears, Eminem and other young music stars have competition for the
hearts and minds of kid fans — and the rivals are old enough to be their
Retro music, especially ’60s music, is a hit with kids. Leading the charge
are the Beatles and the Monkees, but they’re not the only bands basking in
the adoration of a new generation.
Tiffany S., 14, of St. Augustine, Fla., says her room is filled with ’60s
memorabilia, and she has met -some of her musical heroes, like the Monkees,
Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders, the
Buckinghams and Gary Puckett. They play at smaller venues and are more
accessible than today’s megastars.
“My friends think it’s cool that while the closest they’re able to get to
their idol is seeing him on TV or reading an interview, I’m able to meet
mine,” Tiffany says.
Justin C., 11, of Lanham, Md., likes many of the same bands that Tiffany
does, though he adds the Association, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, the
Beach Boys and the Dave Clark Five to his list. So why do kids like music
from way before their time?
“Music from the ’60s is mostly fun, catchy and upbeat tunes that really can
get your foot tapping,” Justin says. “It’s really cool because it’s almost
like taking a trip back in time.”
He also likes the lyrics from the era.
“It’s a nice break from today’s music, the majority of which is loaded with
curse words and stuff that if you said would get you in trouble,” he adds.
The retro groove today is also about remaking old songs, like when Britney
Spears sings the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and the A-Teens from Sweden
redo Abba’s “Dancing Queen.” Also, new songs are built around old ones. For
instance, samples from John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” are a key part of
recent hits by Samantha Mumba and Jessica Simpson.
“Kids pick and choose. They rework the old stuff,” says sociologist
Stephanie Coontz, author of “The Way We Never Were: American Families and
the Nostalgia Trap.”
Anne C., 13, of Mill Valley, Calif., doesn’t limit her listening to ’60s
music; she also likes current punk bands such as MxPx and 311. But she says
retro music seems more genuine and earthy than much of today’s top pop.
“I’m a drummer, and computer-generated music has really turned me off to
today’s music,” she says.


No retro group can compare with the Beatles’ success (7 million copies of
the recent “1” disc sold), but another big band from the mid-’60s has been
touring this spring and finding young teenagers crowding the stage: the
“I was at a Monkees concert two weeks ago,” says Bethany L., 14, of
Pittsburgh. “I jumped on stage near the end of the show and Micky [Dolenz]
hugged me — a major moment in my life.”
The Monkees are now made up of Dolenz, Davy Jones and Peter Tork (original
member Mike Nesmith hasn’t rejoined them). They have a big advantage over
other old bands: Their TV show has aired repeatedly since its debut in the
’60s. Katie P., 16, a student at Niles North High School, discovered the
Monkees’ old TV show on VH1. “I fell in love with the show and the band
instantly,” she says.
Some fans say the Monkees’ positive pop lifts their spirits in a way that
current hits don’t. “Every time I am down, all I have to do is listen to
‘Daydream Believer,’ and the same goes for my friends,” says Sean B., 14,
of Freehold, N.J.
Most of the Monkees’ recent tour was sold out; the band reportedly was
testing the waters for a full-blown summer tour.
Here they come …


What current artists will be the retro faves of YOUR kids? Here’s how we
see it a few decades from now:
Pearl Jam: A quarter-century after their peak, the kings of angst will
return with the hit “I’ve Been a Depressed Millionaire for 30 Years,” a
duet between a weeping Eddie Vedder and his electric guitar.
Christina Aguilera: The singer will leap back into the spotlight by
announcing that she had never been a real person; she was a hologram
modeled after “I Dream of Jeannie” star Barbara Eden. “The ‘Genie in a
Bottle’ song was a hint, but nobody got it,” Aguilera says.
Snoop Dogg and the Baha Men: Sometimes it helps to be a team. So these 2001
hip-hoppers will join forces for the new smash “Who (Forgot to) Let the
Dogg Out — It’s a Mess in Here and I’m Not Cleaning It Up.”


TV shows are part of the retro rage too. Take “The Brady Bunch.” The ’70s
show about that very perky family is Nick at Nite’s most popular show among
The number of young fans surprises actor Barry Williams, who played oldest
son Greg Brady on the series. He says that when he does signings for his
book (“Growing Up Brady”), half of the fans who show up are kids.
“They ask me things like ‘What’s your favorite episode?’ ‘What happened to
Tiger?’ and ‘Is Marcia still a fox?’ ” Williams says with a laugh.
Williams thinks kids can relate to the tales about growing up in a family
(getting braces, fighting over the bathroom, stuff like that).
“It’s non-preachy and unthreatening,” he says. “It’s about communication.
It’s about our super-groovy fashion statements.”
Sociologist Stephanie Coontz says that while adults take nostalgia
seriously, kids like to have fun with — and sometimes poke fun at — the
retro fad. She says: “On the one hand, kids in blended families can relate
to a blended family like ‘The Brady Bunch.’ But on another level, it lets
kids say, ‘We’re cooler than the Bradys are.’ “


From: “Kellie Arrowood”

Davy in Morganton NC

Finally the day I have waited for for months came…
My mom and I went to see Davy. I was very impressed at the energy he had
after being on tour with the Monkees. I have loved the music (solo and
group) of the “pre-fab four”. Davy did songs from the play “Oliver” I
remember being involved with my local theater production of Oliver when I
was in high school and I really enjoyed the songs. The band was quite a
cut-up too. The drummer and keyboard player were a riot and Davy’s stories
kept the audience laughing. My mother is a diabetic and she got weak and
fell after the show so I didn’t realize Davy was signing autographs. We
got into the lobby and there was a line but I decided to wait. I was told
when I bought my ticket that they had to catch the red eye back to Las
Vegas so I hadn’t really expected Davy to have time. I am very glad he
did. I bought an 8X10″ black and white photo for him to sign. They were
in a rush and a girl in front of me wanted a hug. A man standing next to
Davy said the line had to keep moving and there wasn’t time but she begged
for a quick hug and Davy obliged. That, I think shows his true
character. Finally it was my turn… I had my mom to take my picture while
Davy was signing my photo…Then I looked at him and told him “I just
wanted to thank you for taking time out of your life to bring pleasure to
mine” I kind of stumbled over the words, but he looked at me and said
“Thank you so much” he really sounded as if it really touched him (I meant
it from my heart) and then out of nowhere he reached across the table and
put his arms around me and hugged me very tightly. I never expected him to
hug me and I kind of got weak in the knees. Later I told my mom I should
have stuck him in my pocket and brought him home with me. ha ha. I really
do appreciate the efforts that my favorite musicians put forth to entertain
me. To live your life in a fishbowl at the expense of the strain on your
private life is commendable. I grew up watching the Monkees and the music
has stuck with me and I hope Davy, Mickey, Peter, and Mike live long enough
to realize what they really mean to someone like me who is not a groupie
but truly grateful at their hard work and sacrifices to entertain the public.


From: WendyThe1

albuquerque concert

Hi Brad and everyone,
Just got home from the Albuerque concert. All I can say is “WOW”. My family
and I drove from Houston, Texas for this concert. When we arrived I called
all the radio stations to find out how to get backstage passes. They were all
handed out already. Well it wasnt going to stop me! We arrived at the Kiva
Auditorium an hour early. I talked to everyone I could trying to get passes.
I spoke to the dj from the radio station that was sponsoring the concert and
he said he would see what he could do. We had second row seats and I couldn’t
have asked for better seats!! We were 5 feet from the stage. Peter’s group –
Shoe Suede Shoes opened up. They were terrific. My children who are 8 and 5
even enjoyed them. Some people in the audience didnt even realize it was
Peter up there as he was not introduced as Peter. He was the man from
Washington DC. Afterwards they auctioned off a guitar that the three monkees
had signed. It went for $2500, and 3 were sold. They were also selling
autographed pictures before the show for $25 (which I bought one). Then
finally at 845pm the Monkees came on stage. It was nonstop entertainment till
10 something. The crowd in Albuquerque is just like in Houston, everyone just
sits there and listens and claps at the end of a song and waits for the next
one. ( I am originally from New York and this being quiet during a concert
drives me nuts). But anyway, finally at the encore the first row stands up
and I move their chairs and grab my kids and stand by the stage!! Then some
others follow. They sang all the songs that everyone has mentioned at the
other concerts. Even got to hear the tarzan joke. After the show I take my
daughter and stand by the door to try and get backstage. I keep telling them
that I drove all the way from Houston and would really like for my kids to
meet them. Well after groveling to enough people we got to go backstage. My
kids were the youngest ones there. There were only 25 people there. Peter
came in first he autographed 2 pictures that I had and the monkey that my
kids bought before the show. Then we got a picture with him and my kids and
I. Then came in Micky, he did the same as Peter. The came in David and he
also autographed our stuff and we also got pictures. Then as we were leaving
my son went up to Peter to give him a hug, which was on the leg as he is only
5. Peter looks around and says what is that. He looks down and sees my son,
my husband tells him that he just wanted to give him a hug. So Peter picks up
my son and gives him a hug!! Of course, my husband didnt get a picture of
this. It happend so fast. So then we got our last picture of the Monkees with
the backup band and then everyone left. We watched the Monkees walk down the
corrider to their hotel and we went down the hall to the parking garage. Then
my two kids who were soooo tired all of a sudden it hit them as to what had
just happened and were wired the rest of the night. Of course so were my
husband and I. We had seen the Monkees in 1986 in New York but never got
backstage. It was really a nice touch to our trip. Almost forgot, we talked
to the promoter and he said that they are in negotiations with Pace concerts
for a summer tour. So hopefully they will come to Houston. He was even asking
our advice about our pavilion here. All that excitement lasted awhile until
our long drive home hit us. We went to Roswell and went to the UFO museum and
then had to take a long round about way home due to a sand storm. So we
finally made it home and have made everyone here jealous. Can’t wait to see
them again!!!!



I saw the monkees at the star plaza theater on March 25 & it was the best
monkees show I have ever seen & I have been going to see the monkees since
the firsts show’s back in 67. The best set list ever they played everything &
more. I hope woolhat saw it because even he would be impressed.


From: PenguinMV

I saw the Vegas shows Friday and Saturday night and snuck backstage hidden in
the group of Monkeemen on Saturday night. It was so much fun, but I’m kinda
angry at the guys for not coming out. My friend and I waited until nearly 4
AM both days before someone told us they were gone (and believe me, we tried
every ploy to get near them) and our only chance to see one of them was when
we got backstage. Peter came out for a few minutes and left, and then we
were told to leave, that Davy and Micky had been escorted back to their rooms
and we had to clear out. It was a great show and was the best night of my
life, but I’m awfully frustrated with them. We even wrote them a note
explaining we had to leave and all we wanted to do was shake their hands, and
we couldn’t even get a response with that. We asked Peter and he said he
never saw it, although we got our new bud Ben from Natural to give it to one
of them and he said he handed it right to Davy. It was a great show though,
really fun and I’ve got the complete story with pictures up on my page!

— Anne


From: “Steve Swenerton”

April 5th concert in Albuquerque, N.M.

I just saw the concert at the Kiva Auditorium and I am so impressed I felt
the need to write. The concert was worth every penny and then some. I
imagine the thrill of performing is not as exciting when the audience is 30
and above…but the fellas performed as if it were 1967! They demonstrated
they’re musical vocal and musical talent by vocalizing and playing their
own instruments (although I’m not truly convinced that Davy really
plays…sorry Davy). Davy is a ball of fire and enthusiasm and truly
appears to be enjoying himself as do Peter and Mickey, but Davy seems more
sincere. I may be wrong…just my impression. Peter is musically gifted
playing numerous instruments and after hearing him sing I wonder why he was
not allowed to sing more often on the weekly show. Mickey is the best with
his humorous, relaxed style. These gentleman are not the talentless jokes
so many have enjoyed portraying them as but three extremely talented lads
with talent to spare. If the Monkees travel back this way I will definitly
see them again. The bonus this time is that I wanted to see Shoe Suede
Blues and I was able to enjoy both bands. It was fun to see Peter hidden
under a white hat playing as singing as the member that he is of SSB but
not making who he was known. I hope most of the audience realized that we
were able to enjoy Peter with his past and his future bands.
I am so happy to have finally seen the monkees, a band that I wanted to see
since I was 13 and they were in their 20’s.
Thank you Peter,Mickey and Davey for making one of my long time wishes come
Ps: Peter is my favorite(always the flower child).



Hello From Phoenix!

From Ray Powell

Saw the Monkees concert last night and thought
it was wonderful! They did a lot of music,covering their entire careers- even
pre and post Monkees! I thought they all sounded great and their musicianship
has even gotten slicker.The band was loud, but tight(Could’ve lived without
the dancing brass section though!), and it was nice to hear songs like”Take A
Giant Step”,”She Hangs Out”,”The Girl I Knew Somewhere”, and “Porpoise Song”.
They looked like they were really having a good time,and it rubbed off on the
audience-We had a blast! I don’t know what happened to the group that had
been touring with them-Natural,but I think what we got was much better! Peter
and his group Shoe Suede Blues opened the show, and they were great! What a
treat! Peter’s guitar playing is quite good, and the whole group was very
talented. The concert as a whole rates as a 10 with me, and I certainly
hope that this is not the end of their careers as Monkees! I’ve been a
Monkees fan all my life(at least since I was just 3 yrs old in 1966-my older
sisters had all the records), and last night they made me very proud to be a
fan. Love & Peace to all, Ray


From: “Janis G. Fontana”

I know I have posted this a couple of spots…but if ANYONE has any
pictures from the Wallingford, CT show at the Oakdale Theatre, please
email me at catperson@b…
I am especially interested in anyone who may have shot a pic of my 14
yr. daughter ( who was wearing a leopard cowboy hat), handing Davy a
copy of her own Demo CD as he sang “It’s nice to be with you” at the
edge of the stage. Please contact me if you have a picture of this!



From: “Anna …”

Please post this….

I know it’s a little late to be asking, but if anyone else went to the
Wallingford, CT show on March 10th, and got any good pictures, could you
please email me? I had a camera, but it was awful and I was too far away to
get any good pictures. Thanks!


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240 From: Brad Waddell
Date: Fri Apr 13, 2001 5:59pm
Subject: Peter on Radio – Monkees Weekend

You can pre-order the first Monkees episodes on DVD with this link:

Mnkees Volumes 1 & 2 DVD

Thanks for your support of Monkees.Net!


From: Lauren

For those of you in the Albany, NY area & surrounding areas, on Monday
April 16, Peter will be on the Ric & Jaime morning show on Oldies 98.3
WTRY ( The morning show runs from 5:30-10:00am, but
guests are usually on after 7:00am. The station itself is not streaming
on its site at this time.



From: Mandy Krueger

This goes out to all Monkees fans living in the
Milwaukee, WI area. The local Oldies radio station,
95.7 WRIT, is having a Monkees weekend this week in
anticipation of Micky performing at Potowatomi Bingo
on May 9th. Just thought people might want to know.
I know I’LL definitely be listening this weekend.


~Don’t quit just before the miracle~PT
~I either want to be a fool or a king~MN
~It’s not about age, it’s about life~DJ
~Age only matters if you’re cheese~MD


From: Kim

Micky on Boy Meets World
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”us-ascii”; format=flowed

Boy Meets World
Band on the Run
30 min.
Cory and Shawn form a bogus band to impress some girls. Norm: Micky Dolenz.
Larry: Billy Vera. Gordy: Rick Nielsen.

Cast: Jhoanna Trias, Jewelie Hull, Micky Dolenz, Billy Vera, Rick Nielsen,
Betsy Randle, William Russ, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Ben Savage, Rider Strong,
William Daniels
Category: Comedy

Show times
Thursday, 26 6:30 PM EST64 DISNEY


The Monkees: Were They for Real?

By Eli Attie
Special to The Washington Post
Wednesday, March 28, 2001; Page C05

Within the rock canon, the Monkees have the same problem as those tofu hot
dogs you stumble across at the supermarket. They look like the real thing.
With the proper accouterments, they’d probably even taste like the real
thing. But deep down, you just know they’re not the real thing.
Never mind the fact that Monkees albums routinely featured session work by
the likes of Neil Young, Hendrix drummer Buddy Miles and Presley guitarist
James Burton. Never mind that they scored four consecutive No. 1 albums in
the ’60s – more than the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Kinks combined
(the Stones had one, the others none). And never mind that they earned
enough respect from their peers that a Monkee, Michael Nesmith, joined Mick
Jagger and Donovan as invited guests when the Beatles recorded “A Day in
the Life.”

All of which raises the question: Is it really a fatal flaw to be a
fabricated boy band?
The very existence of “Monkees Music Box” – a four-CD collection spanning
30 years and more than 100 songs – would seem to answer that question in
the negative. But the real answer is a bit more complicated.
Granted, the Monkees had terrific songs – many, many of them. But the
reason for that had more to do with economics than creative energy. With a
hugely popular TV show to hype their wares, a songwriting credit on even
the deepest album cut was a moneymaking proposition. That’s why Carole
King, Harry Nilsson, Neil Diamond and scores of Brill Building prodigies
competed to get songs on Monkees records. Just consider the fact that in
late 1966, “I’m a Believer” sold a million copies on advance orders alone –
before anyone had heard it. Be grateful it’s their best song; oldies radio
would be playing it anyway.

The Monkees also had more musical talent than is generally attributed to
them. “Headquarters,” the one Monkees album on which they play their own
instruments, is up to snuff for any ’60s pop band. A number of their hits
were written by the Prefab Four themselves. Nesmith even went on,
ironically enough, to write for other artists (including Linda Ronstadt’s
first hit with the Stone Poneys, the 1968 angst-pop classic “Different Drum”).

Which brings us back to the sprawling “Music Box” – and the idea that the
Monkees deserve serious reconsideration, well beyond their hits. For the
most part, they simply don’t. For every “Daydream Believer,” there’s a
clunker like “For and Zam,” an atrociously heavy-handed anti-war dirge.
Just as we’re clicking our spurs to Nesmith’s country-rock eclecticism, our
speakers are invaded by Davy Jones’s Broadway-style bombast. And
inexplicably, after battling their handlers for the right to play their own
instruments, the Monkees virtually surrendered it after one album.

In truth, a great many ’60s bands hired help. The Byrds’ “Mr. Tambourine
Man” was recorded almost entirely with session musicians. The Stones’ first
single was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. But what those bands
had that the Monkees lacked was a unifying core: common musical passions, a
common sensibility, a sense of soul that shone through even if Glen
Campbell did play the solo.
In the end, that’s the problem with the Monkees, rock’s first casting-call
sensation. They weren’t a band, they were an act. When the songs were
great, the Monkees were great. When the songs fell short, it was far worse
than artistic failure. It was more like the sound of a broken cash register.
That being said, for a manufactured band, there’s never been better
workmanship. The component parts were pretty sturdy, too. The best moments
on “Music Box” are a joy to behold. But there’s a lesson here for the ‘N
Syncs and Backstreet Boys of the world: Cling to every fleeting moment of
fortune and adulation. And don’t wait around for that invite to the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame.
(To hear a free Sound Bite from this album, call Post-Haste at 202-334-9000
and press 8182.)
c 2001 The Washington Post Company


From: “Steven Bradley”

Headline news in the English papers yesterday (Thursday 12 April ) was the
death of Sir Harry Secombe. One of Britain’s best-loved entertainers, his
50-plus years in show business encompassed radio, television and film,
appearing in comedy, drama, musicals and as a TV presenter.

Sir Harry, originally made famous in the British 1950’s radio comedy ‘The
Goons’, appeared with Davy Jones in ‘Pickwick’, a stage musical based on a
Charles Dickens novel. After Secombe’s run in London of almost 700
appearances from 1963, the future-Monkee joined the production for a 3 month
stint in LA and San Francisco in 1965, playing the part of Sam Weller. This
was an ideal opportunity for David, fresh from his Tony-nominated success in
‘Oliver!’, to showcase himself to the powers-that-be in Hollywood, leading
of course to his role in the Monkees.

Davy has fond memories of working with Harry. “It was great fun working with
Secombe” he recalled in his autobiography, ‘They Made A Monkee Out Of Me’.
“He gave me a beautiful silver cigarette case when I left, engraved ‘thanks
for all the laughs and wonderful co-operation. Affectionately, Harry’. Davy,
who was to spend much time with Harry and his family, described him as a
“wonderful, warm person. I really respect his work”. Sir Harry was 79 and
had been unwell for a few years. He will be sadly missed by his many fans,
of all generations, no doubt including David himself, as a fan, friend and
fellow actor.


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi everyone! Here’s some exciting news for Shoe Suede Blues

Coming in April…

…a new CD from Peter Tork’s friend and Shoe Suede Blues
colleague, Tadg Galleran.

This solo project from the co-founder of Peter Tork’s Shoe
Suede Blues band includes Urban Blues, Country Rock, Jazz
Swing and soulful ballads.

To create “Even White Boys Get the Blues,” world-class
harmonica great Tadg Galleran assembled a “dream team” of
musicians who complement his own blues harp and piano work
with the grace and strength of seasoned professionals. The
CD contains thirteen songs, nine of which were either
self-penned or co-written with such luminary Blues greats as
James Armstrong (“Don’t Kiss and Tell”) and Lee King (“Even
White Boys Get the Blues”).

Of Tadg’s skill and talent, Peter Tork writes:

“Tadg asks that you pronounce his name to rhyme with “Bad”.
Typical. Typical of the impish, knowing awareness he brings
to the Blues. He has an honest, bluesy voice and delivery
and a sly sense of humor; you can relax, the man knows what
he’s doing.

The Blues is awfully easy to simulate, and maybe not very
hard to do either, IF you have the soul and the chops. Tadg
has both. I recommend him.” Peter Tork

This CD will be available soon on an Ecommerce website at Copies will also be available at
upcoming Shoe Suede Blues performances and from the Fiore
Promos Agency, Merchandise Dept., 2014 Tanglewood Drive,
Waldorf, MD 20601, fiore@e…

Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001

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241 From: Brad Waddell
Date: Mon Apr 16, 2001 11:49pm
Subject: More Summer Dates – New “Nesmith” CD

From: Mary Mary

According to my local newspaper, the Monkees will be doing a show July 8 in
Sarasota, FL (my hometown!!) at the Van Wezel Hall! Can’t wait to hear it
“officially” announced, but I thought I’d go ahead and pass on this early
tidbit! Thanks! If anyone lives near this area and might go, please email
me and let me know!

Mary Mary


From: “Shane Worden”

Hey Brad,

There is a new listing for the Monkees on Pollstar this evening:

07/22/01 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap Filene Ctr.

Sunday, July 22 at 8:00 PM
Filene Center

The Monkees
Tickets for this performance go on sale
Sunday, April 22 at 12:00 noon.
Ticket Price: $27 in-house | $17 lawn

Take care!



From: Cathy Hurley Zimmer

Jason Nesmith’s solo EP debut – “Nomedia” is now on sale on Videoranch’s
website (under the “Tunes” section):

Track Listing:
1. I See You
2. Still in Love
3. Change
4. Can You Hear Me?
5. My Best Friend

There are MP3 samples of the songs on the site, and they sound great!


From: “Davy’s Dream Web”

Davy’s Dream Web –

Just Released!! Davy has a book signing tentatively scheduled at Epcot
Center, Disney World, outside the American Adventure Theater between the
hours of noon and 2 pm. His autobiography and book on tape will be
available for sale. It’s Sunday, April 29th.



From: “Kellie Arrowood”

I don’t know if you will have time to post this but I am going to send it
anyway. The Cartoon Network will be airing the Scooby Doo episode with
Davy Jones on Tuesday April 17, at @ 2am EST. The title is Haunted
Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall in case you miss it and want to find when it
will be aired later on the Cartoon Network. Davy sings a short song during
the chase scene.

Kellie Arrowood


From: Susan Andriano

Hi, Brad!

I just wanted to let you know I found archival Monkees pictures on
a site called You can look up the Monkees as a group, or
look up individual names. It seems to have a lot of pictures from Henry
Diltz. Have fun! Sue


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

This just in…

The members of Shoe Suede Blues will stop by the Guitar
Center at 321-C Speen St in Natick, MA for a brief in-store
Meet & Greet on Monday, April 23 from 7:00-9:00pm. The
Guitar Center, located in the Cloverleaf Market, will have a
small stage set up in their store for the guys to play a few
numbers before meeting fans for autograhs and pictures. For
more information, please call Dean at the Guitar Center,
phone 508-655-6525. Hope to see you there!


Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001


From: “Kellie Arrowood”

I found some information about the movie Shrek. It may be interesting to
some people. You can access the website at When you enter
the site there will be a screen come up with the shrek sitting and
different colored bugs around him. If you click on the bright yellow bug
just above his head you can get information about the soundtrack. There
are two different versions of “I’m a Believer”. One is done by Smash Mouth
it is track #2. The second version is by Eddie Murphy, it is track
#12. If you have realplayer you can download snipetts of the
songs. According to the website, the soundtrack comes out on May 15. I’m
not sure when the movie comes out but I do know my local theater is already
advertising the movie for May 18.

Thanks for reading
Kellie Arrowood


From: Rose Eckhoff

Ok you all here’s the info I promised!!!!

Davy Fan’s Get-Together Details:

Where to Meet: GARDENS THEATER @ EPCOT (in front of stage
area where Davy’s performing)
What Time: 1:00 PM
Date: APRIL 28, 2001 (SATURDAY)

We’ll all go to lunch together somewhere closeby. (Lunch on your own). And
no, I don’t know if Davy will be there. I’ve sent him a note but you all
know how busy he is!!! Please remember I don’t know him personally. I’m a
fan just like you all are!

I’m looking for ways to get in touch with everyone if I need to!

Thanks!!! Rose Eckhoff


From: “”

Monkees in Tunica, MS

It was great to see the Monkees again!!! The last time
I saw all three of them was in 1989. The ride to
Tunica was worth the long hours to get there!! I was
looking forward to seeing them again, and meeting
other fans as well. Saturday afternoon I got to meet
and get Micky’s autograph. He was nice and signed
several autographs as well.

That night the show was sooo fabulous!!! It was like
they have never been apart or aged. The show was in a
casino, so the age was 21 to get in. At 8pm, the guys
came on stage and everyone went wild!!! They sang
songs that I grew up knowing, and singing along with
them was the best! I looked around and saw other fans
doing the same thing. The band backing up the Monkees
were fabulous as well and great people to meet!!!!
The concert lasted for two and a half hours straight!!
It was ALL Monkees, Natural didn’t play this concert
at all!!!

(ed: they were not old enough to get in the casino! 🙂

After the concert, we got to meet Peter and get our
picture taken with him. I got him to autogragh the
poster of the Monkees from the casino too. One of my
best friends got him to sign a b/w picture for me too.
I had gotten Micky to sign that earlier.

I’m an orginial Monkees’ fan and proud of it!!! Thanks
Davy, Peter, and Micky for making this fan’s dreams
come true!!!

Peace & Luv!

Davy Jones’ Locker
(officially authorized by Davy Jones)
(and an official member of


From: “ewebwoman”

Phoenix Concert

My fiance’ and I flew to the Monkees Phoenix show from Los Angeles on April
6th. The show was great. My fiance’ took 5 rolls of pictures – not all
turned out but there are some good ones. We always seemed to be on the
wrong side of the revolving stage and Davy rarely stood still long enough
to focus on. The show was incredible. I never got a chance to see the
Monkees ’67, ’87 or ’97 concerts (I’ve been a fan since the beginning) so
this was a real treat. The next night we saw Shoe Suede Blues back home in
Santa Monica, California. I love their music and we danced for hours. I
tried to get Peter to sign the monkey I bought at the concert but he was
busy and brushed me off. It kinda hurt my feelings at first but I wasn’t
going to let it spoil the great time we were having or the memories from
the concert the previous night. I’ve seen Shoe Suede Blues several times
before and Peter had always been very nice and gracious to his fans,
signing autographs and posing for photographs. He was still sick and must
have been tired – I know I was from the traveling and I only went for one
night. Anyway, great concert! I’m looking forward to seeing them again
this summer.



From: MRogue

I attended the March 25th show at the Star Plaza Theatre in Indiana.
Although I took pictures, they turned out of a lesser quality than I would
like (160 lens notwithstanding).
Did anyone get closer/better pictures at that show?? I am especially
interested in decent shots of Micky and Davy, since we were so far left that
the only person I was able to get any possible shots of was Peter. (Although
I would appreciate some decent pictures of him as well!)
If you took any good shots, please contact me at MRogue@a… Thanks!!

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242 From: Brad Waddell
Date: Mon Apr 23, 2001 10:23am
Subject: New tour dates, compuserve news

From: Mary

Sorry, that is July 28 in Sarasota, NOT July 8!



From: Susan W Chambless

Just to let you know…
This year’s Grammy program has an article about music video celebrating
it’s twentieth year. Mike Nesmith is quoted in the article and there is
a black and white photo.
He talks a little about the Monkees. Then mostly about video. He was
interviewed since he was the first winner of the Grammy for video of the
year in 1981.

Susan Chambless


From: ” Sally Carpenter”

Today I was reading the Los Angeles Daily News and came across the four
page pull-out section “Kid’s Daily News.” On the back of that section was
this advertisement under “acting classes”:

by Ami Dolenz
Ages 7-16
“Discovering creativity through imagination theatre
and art”
(818) 501-1014
(Private Lessons Available)

I’m sure this is a coinkydink, but in the same section was a children’s
story called “The Monkey King.”


From: Tom Fuschetto

HEAD will be shown on the big screen by WILD (Writers In Literary
Discussion) on
Thursday, May 3 at the Pecan Campus Auditorium at South Texas Community College
in McAllen, Texas, which is seven miles away from Reynosa, Mexico.
The screening is free. For more information, contact Tom Fuschetto at
956/072-0276 or tomf@s… The WILD homepage address is


From: “Linc Mann”

Does anyone have any information about a reissue of Tropical Campfires on
spinART records in June as listed in the current issue of ICE?

Linc Mann


From: Nez4Ever1230

I wanted to share the news that the April 23, 2001 issue of People Magazine
features an article on former heart throb actor Michael Gray. In the article
the guys are mentioned as one of the groups that were the most popular in
that era. The article is on pages 113 and 114. In my opinion, David, Michael,
Micky and Peter are #1!!
Thank you,


From: Kim

Please note that all times listed are for the East Coast, so check your
local listings.


Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story
Type: TV Movie / Drama (2000)
Duration: 2 hr
Description: The story of the hit ’60s TV series and the problems that
arose during its
Director: Neill Fearnley
Performers: Colin Ferguson, L.B. Fisher, Jeff Geddis, Wallace Langham,
Aaron Lohr, George Stanchev

Further Information:
For further cast information
(The Internet Movie Database)

Airing: Tue 5/1/01 4:30pm EDT VH1


Band on the Run
30 min.
Cory and Shawn form a bogus band to impress some girls. Norm: Micky Dolenz.
Larry: Billy
Vera. Gordy: Rick Nielsen.

Cast: Jhoanna Trias, Jewelie Hull, Micky Dolenz, Billy Vera, Rick Nielsen,
Betsy Randle, William Russ, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Ben Savage, Rider Strong,
William Daniels
Category: Comedy

Show times
Date Thursday, 26
Time 6:30 PM EDT
Channel DISNEY

From my friend Katie:

I was watching Fox Family and they did an All
Access 24/7 on 7th Heaven. One of the main characters
has a video camera and he takes you behind the scenes
of the 100th episode. He interviews Peter and gets
him to sing a little “Hey Hey we’re the Monkees.”

I couldn’t find any specifics about reruns or air
dates. This may not be much help but All Access
24/7 comes on Fox Family Friday at 5 &
5:30 and Saturday at 10:30 am.


From: “Lorelle Hyland”

Australian listers may be interested to know that Davy Jones will be
appearing on Entertainment Tonight Weekend Edition this Sunday at 7.30pm on
Pay TV’s Fox8. Includes other heartthrobs like David Cassidy, Scott Baio
and others.



From: Brad Senora

Howdy Everybody:

Thanks to Brad and Everyone for all your VIP news and info!
Special thanks to Shane for the news about The Monkees in Wolf Trap in
Vienna, VA. Here’s some more info: Tickets go on sale this Sunday, April
22nd at Noon. Some tickets have already been purchased by Donors, or
members. I couldn’t find out more details about what tickets were still
available, but a Box Office Rep claimed that Wolf Trap has “impeccable”
views, even from the lawn seats. Wasn’t the Spring Tour the Best?! I
can’t wait for the Summer Tour! Happy Tours to All!

Karen Senora


From: “Davy’s Dream Web”

Hi Everyone,

I received this interesting information from Davy’s Daydream Believers and
I thought I would pass it along!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

From Davy’s Daydream Believers:

NEWSFLASH!!! No grandchild for Davy…YET!

Sarah Jones McFadden, Davy’s daughter, spoke with Davy’s Daydream
Believers yesterday. She was quite surprised to learn of the news
circulating about her being pregnant. “No!”, she emphatically told Davy’s
Daydream Believers. She also added, “I am NOT pregnant, but if and when it
does happen, I’ll certainly let you know.” So for those of you who have
heard these rumors, her response should set the record straight.

There has also been some discussion about the forwarding of mail that is
sent to Davy at his Beavertown address. Davy has not been home to
Pennsylvania for any length of time since before Christmas. Because of
this fact, he has arranged for his mail to be forwarded. He has done this
so that the mail can be sorted for pieces which require his immediate
attention such as bills, contracts and other business mail. ALL of his
other mail, including letters from fans, is being stored and will be sent
to him when he returns home to Pennsylvania. Davy has ALWAYS handled his
own fan mail, unlike many celebrities who use mail services. The sheer
volume of fan mail he receives makes it impossible for him to answer
everyone individually, however, Davy is well known for surprising fans
with a personal reply (as many of you can attest to). P.O. Box 400,
Beavertown, PA 17813 is STILL the best address to reach Davy and we
encourage everyone to continue to write!! Just remember, you may be next
person to receive a personal letter from Davy!!


From: “Conni Hilscher”

Ticketmaster has announced a Monkees concert at Freedom Hall Amphitheatre
in Sterling Heights, MI on 6/29 (Friday) at 7:30 pm. Tix go on sale on
4/23 (Monday) at 10 am.

Peace –


From: Meacham652

This article was on the home page of compuserv this morning.

TV-Made Pop Stars
by Stephen Peters

When the Monkees made their TV premiere in the 1960s, critics generally
scoffed at the idea of a band being created on television.

In the 1990s and 2000s, things are different. TV has proven to be a breeding
ground for some of the biggest names in the music business, from hitmakers
like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to new hotshots such as O-Town and
Eden’s Crush.

Before blasting her way to the top of the pop charts with hits like “Oops!�?�I
Did It Again,” a pre-teen Britney Spears made her TV debut on “Star Search.”
By the time she’d turned 11, Britney had landed a plum role as a Mouseketeer
on “The New Mickey Mouse Club,” where she shared the spotlight with
boyfriend-to-be and future ‘NSYNC heartthrob Justin Timberlake as well as
future pop competitor Christina Aguilera.

But while these stars showed up on the tube years before taking on the roles
they would become most famous for, many of today’s hopefuls have had their
climb to the top with millions of people watching their every move.

In the last two years, the new reality TV craze has spawned a number of
series meant to develop new hit acts. The first of these, “Making the Band,”
followed the stories of five young men whose dreams of being members of a new
pop boy band led to the creation of O-Town. Another popular series,
“Popstars,” has followed a similar formula to create the all-girl band Eden’s
Crush. Both groups have enjoyed Top 10 success.

With music channel VH1 now pursuing its own take on the idea by following the
exploits of four hungry rock groups on “Bands on the Run,” it looks like the
idea of made-for-TV bands will be around for some time to come. Whether
they’ll be remembered like the Monkees in 30 years remains to be seen, but
for now they couldn’t be hotter.


From: “Robert P. Scaglione”

Hey everyone!

I sent an email to the people at the Van Wezel Hall in Sarasota, FL,
inquiring about the rumored Monkee concert that is supposed to be there.
They replied telling me to ask the people at Oldies 108 Radio, the sponsor
of the show, for more info. I did, and here is what they sent back:

Yep, Monkees at the Van Wezel. But I don’t think it’s July 1st, seems to
like it’s October. I’ll keep your e-mail and let you know when the
are going to go on sale.
Thanks for writing.
Jim Davis
Market Manager

So it seems that the “summer” tour will go on for a while?!?!?!? Till
October! Well, I’ll let you know if I hear anything else!

Laura Scaglione

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243 From: Brad Waddell
Date: Mon Apr 30, 2001 7:07pm
Subject: New tour dates, radio interview

I’m traveling, but the Monkees tour news never stops. It looks like this
tour is longer and in bigger venues than the spring tour. Enjoy the shows!


From: “Anthony Forier”

These dates are for The Monkees from

Date City Venue
Fri 05/11/01 Indianapolis, IN Convention Center
Sat 05/26/01 Cleveland, OH Burke Lakefront Airport
Sun 05/27/01 Lexington, KY Applebees Park
Fri 06/29/01 Sterling Heights, MI Freedom Hill
Thu 07/12/01 Holmdel, NJ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
Sun 07/22/01 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap Filene Ctr.

Get your Free E-mail at


From: Kim

Hal Blaine will be the guest on Tuesday’s Fresh Air program. Check your
local public radio station for the time. Otherwise, you can listen to it as
soon as it is webbed on the site:

That is the link that you can use tomorrow.

(he was a drummer for The Monkees and Michael Nesmith)


From: MTreppiedi

Of course I cannot confirm this yet by looking at either or (I didn’t really expect to find it there so soon anyway!), but
I just got this e-mail this afternoon from a friend. See my note after her
e-mail as well.

Although you probably know this already, the PNC Bank Arts Center released
the show dates for this summer
and the Monkees will be at there on July 12th, but the
tickets aren’t going on sale this weekend and the
prices haven’t been released yet. Just a heads-up so
you can be on the lookout for it.

Other than this e-mail from her, THIS IS ALL I KNOW. 🙂 It IS on the PNC
Bank Arts Center schedule page:

Just a little something for those close enough (or able to travel!) to
Holmdel, NJ to look forward to!

—Maryann Treppiedi Jacobs


From: “Conni Hilscher”

Ticketmaster has announced a Monkees concert at Freedom Hall Amphitheatre
in Sterling Heights, MI on 6/29 (Friday) at 7:30 pm. Tix go on sale on
4/23 (Monday) at 10 am.

Peace –


From: “Conni Hilscher”

Ticketmaster has announced 2 new concert dates:

Sat., 5/26 9PM
Cleveland, OH
Burke Lakefront Airport

TIX ON SALE FRI., 4/27 at 10 AM

Sun., 5/28 7:30PM
Lexington, KY
Applebees Park




From: “r_carbone”

I very good friend of mine is such a conasouir of rock bands from the 50’s
thru the 80’s that he picked up on an error in the “MONKEES MUSIC BOX four
CD boxset. On page 55, the photo is actually BOB SHANE instead of JOHN
STEWART. He even went as far as to check his LP collection of ” THE KINGSTON
TRIO “and found the album ” HERE WE GO AGAIN”. made in 1959. The same
setting in the studio is from the album cover is it not? My friend says
he’s so upset.
hope to here from you.


From: Ellen Barnhart

“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” (as performed by the
Monkees) is featured in a new Miller Genuine Draft
commercial. I spotted it during last night (4/26)’s
episode of ER, about ten minutes or so into the

A sunbathing woman can’t get the bottle open, so a man
comes up, opens it, and walks away with the bottle. I
have to say, the song fits.

*Monkeemaniac, Nezhead, etc.*
Official Secretary of SYMK

And don’t forget: Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!


From: “Colleen Koskinen”

This might be old news, but in case it isn’t – High school pictures of
Mickey and Mike are on They have a celebrity section with
pictures of famous people way back when. It is in alphabetical order (so
look under D and N).

The pictures of the guys from high school are very cute!




From: DrewThomas

The Lexington May 27th concert is confirmed. Clear Channel & SFX is
handling the show and we have the Monkees confirmed to play at the Lexington
Legends Ball Park. If you have any questions, please give me a call!



From: “Davy’s Dream Web”


Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Davy’s long
awaited album “Just Me’ will be released this week. This album
is a compilation of songs written and produced by Davy himself.
It will be available through Davy Direct (or mail order) and I will
be sending out an update later this week to let you know when it
is included at Davy Direct for online purchase.

Have a wonderful week,


From: EvilChewbacca

I’ve heard about this Monkees
convention it LA september 9-10th, at a Garland Hall. Do you have more
information about that?

(ed: no, but maybe somebody reading this does?)


From: “Estrella Lee”

It was reported on a.m.m. that The Monkees will play in North Platte,
Nebraska for the state’s formerly-primarly country Nebraskaland Days
festival on Monday, June 18. I checked out the NLD website and they
have TBA on it, so I guess it hasn’t been confirmed with the venue
(or perhaps the webmaster/mistress).

If anyone is interested at this time (tickets will not be mailed
after June 5th, so you have some time to wait and see if this gig is
confirmed), they have a web site w/ a mail order form you can print
out at:

and a contact e-mail for more information:




From: Melhi

>I just read that the monkees are coming to colorado to
>play at the greeley stampede in greeley co on june 23

For tickets or more information:

970-356-BULL or 800-982-BULL Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

The website is still under construction, but you can keep checking back for
it to be up:


Nothing succeeds if prankishness has no part in it

Melhi 101:


From: “Samantha Tully”

I don’t know if this is true Monkee news or not, but I just saw Jeff Geddis
on TV!

It was a show called “Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science”, a show that
is only shown in Canada I think. Jeff played a killer. The episode name was
“Double Jeopardy”. I have it on tape and if I get around to it, I’ll try to
capture some parts on my computer.



From: Phillymood

Hi – I came online searching for what other shows might be around in July. I
just heard the Monkees will be at a free show in Boston on July 14th ( I’m
pretty sure it was the 14th anyway…it all happened so quick!) Anyway, I
only have found a date for the 13th so far, so just in case you didn’t know
about this one I thought I’d send it along. I think it was sponsered by
Oldies 103.3 in Boston.

Thanks for all the info on the site…I’m going back to read more now!

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