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Monkees 48 Hours – New Tork CD

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From: Mary Mary

I was at the Monkees show in MN that Katie mentioned… they said the 48
Hours with the Monkees is scheduled to air May 23.

Mary Mary


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues are releasing a new CD, entitled
‘Saved By the Blues’! This is the band’s second CD (the first one,
‘Shoe Suede Blues Live in LA,’ was released in 1999). The CD will be
officially released and for sale on the band’s upcoming tour in March
2002. The band will be performing in MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, OH, and
IL (see the below-listed websites for details). After the tour, the
CD will be available online at, and and by mail (see info at
these websites).

Some fans were able to pre-order signed copies of ‘Saved By the
Blues’, that were due to be sent out at the end of January. These
copies will be delayed. Here is a note from the band about this:

To Our Fans and Friends,

All of the members of Shoe Suede Blues are looking forward to seeing
many of you on the road in March, and hope to meet you at the shows.

We wanted to give an update on our new CD, “Saved By the Blues,” for
those of our fans who pre-orderd the signed copies. Right now, it
looks like we’ll get the CD out by Feb. 15th. We believe it will be
an album we will be proud of and that you will truly enjoy listening

Our apologies to everyone who is waiting for their CD. Thanks for
your faith, support and love,

Peter, Tadg, Michael, Richard, and John

Any additional questions about pre-orderd CDs should be sent to

Take care,
Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork
March 2002 Tour Info!

From: glengreen

Hi there Brad can you let Monkee fans know that quite by acciden I picked
up the “YOURS PUZZLES” Issue 7 there is a Pic of The Monkees


From: “Rosemary Grimbly”

For UK list members – there is a showing of a programme called The Monkees
Story on the Performance Channel on Thursday 21st February at 9pm GMT. The
listing says it is ‘A look at the success of the band’.



From: Derek

Can someone please verify the release of King Biscuit’s CD “The Monkees:
Live”. I emailed King Biscuit and they emailed me backing stating a late
Jan. release. I emailed Brad and he said they must be talking about the
DVD because the CDs are already being shipped. What’s the deal? How can I
order the CD? Has it been released? And what about the DVD?


From: Videoranch Foreman

Nez is working away on “Rays” and the audio book is coming along slowly but
Videoranch doesn’t have any plans to release the ’97 Monkees episode.
Asst. to Bubba Crutch
8 Harris Court, Suite C1
Monterey, CA 93940
831-373-3103 fax
866-727-2639 toll free


From: “Julie Martin”

The Monkees were just on the VH1 show ” ’60s Generation. It was there 1986
appearance from the MTV Awards. And I think this program features the same
content for the week it appears. They were the first performers, so be
ready for it!!!


From: “Randi L. Waddell”

David’s episode of Laugh-In will be repeated on the Trio channel at these
times. Check your local cable or satellite guide to see if you have the
Trio channel. On Direct TV, it is on channel 315. All times shown are Eastern.

02/14/2002 – shown as part of a Laugh-In marathon

02/18/2002 same episode but shown as regular part of the Laugh In schedule


From: “Rosemary Grimbly”

For UK list members – there is a showing of a programme called The Monkees
Story on the Performance Channel on Thursday 21st February at 9pm GMT. The
listing says it is ‘A look at the success of the band’.



From: “shempster1”

Peter and Shoe Suede Blues has an added date of March 30th at Pop’s
in Sauget Ill just across the river from St. Louis. I can’t wait!

Also Peter Tork was mentioned in the Post Dispatch Sports section
today about him not being able to commit for a performance with all
the giant stars at the Superbowl Performance. This was an obvious
joke that someone found funny. I think it would be awesome to see
and a bit nostolgic.

Thats all folks!!!!!!!


From: Rosebud41453

Saw the Monkees for the first time last year, they were awesome. They were
great in the 60’s and they are still good.


From: “maggie mcmanus”

Hey, guys, it looks like the film Micky directed last year, “Malpractice”,
is going to be aired in England this month. This is according to

Malpractice (Film)
Starting: 08:30 on Friday 8th February. Duration: 2 hours
Showing on Sky MovieMax 5.

Malpractice (Film)
Starting: 18:30 on Friday 8th February. Duration: 2 hours
Showing on Sky MovieMax 5

Malpractice (Film)
Starting: 08:35 on Wednesday 13th February. Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Showing on Sky MovieMax 1.

Malpractice (Film)
Starting: 16:15 on Wednesday 13th February. Duration: 2 hours
Showing on Sky MovieMax 1.

Malpractice (Film)
Starting: 09:00 on Sunday 17th February. Duration: 2 hours
Showing on Sky MovieMax 2.

Malpractice (Film)
Starting: 19:00 on Sunday 17th February. Duration: 2 hours
Showing on Sky MovieMax 2


Maggie McManus


From: “jodi maas”

I’ve been a huge Monkees fan ever since I was old enough to work
our record player. I’ve also always thought that it was strange for a girl
my age (24) to be so enamored with a band that was “before my time”, until
recently. So the story goes, a couple months ago I ran across this site and
started getting news letters. In one of the letters it listed tour dates,
Mickey and Davy were going to be in Minnesota! I had to go. My older sister
and I got second row tickets at Grand Casino Mille Lacs. We arrived at the
concert an hour early just in case we could meet them and as we were
waiting the first concert let out. I thought my eyes were decieving me.
There were so many guys and girls my age and YOUNGER! I was thrilled. The
concert was amazing and the crowd was great, they were on their feet almost
the whole time. I also have to complement their band, if I could have half
the energy their brass players have! There was a note in the news letter
the other day from a Katie Rasmussen (I saw her with her board game!)and it
made me realize that I had to thank you for this experience because it
would never happened if it weren’t for your up to date news letters. Thank You!
Jodi Maas


From: Christi

I was at the January 25 show in MN and had a great time. For the first
show we were in the 9th row (still awesome seats) and for the second show,
we were in the 2nd row! We and one other person in the 2nd row were the
only ones standing and dancing the whole time. We were also first to the
stage each time. Earlier in the day we had talked to several band members
so it was cool to have them wave and recognize us at the show.

The 48 hours special that they were filming for is set to air May 23. That
is a while away so it is a big possibility that it could change.

The guys were in great form. Even more alive the 2nd show. They have
added some new jokes and there was more talking between them and the
band. All in all, it was a GREAT show and I can’t wait to see them again.

Peace Gleeb and Blue Dork Sticks



From: BigDog

Saw the guys at Grand Casino Mil lacs last night. Best show since the
reunion in 86. It was a smaller venue so they were relating with the crowd
alot more. Got the back up guys involved more (They were HELARIOUS) and
they sang some tunes that were a little more obscure. Porpose Song was
FABULOUS. And CBS TV was there taping for a 48 Hours special to air, I
think they said May 23. The show was great, I hope they come back to MN
with the Osmonds for the Summer Tour.

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