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Micky Show, Tork on TV

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From: “maggie mcmanus”

Here’s a piece of news just sent to me tonight by Jeff Gehringer:

The American Cinematheque, a film preservation group with its own theater on
Hollywood Blvd, is having a “Mods and Rockers” film festival in a few
weeks. Among the ’60s films they’ll show is the Monkees’ “33 1/3
Revolutions Per Monkee” TV special, plus the unaired pilot. Micky Dolenz
will be in attendance to discuss the project after the screening. The
Monkees event is July 2 at 2 pm, at Grauman’s Egyptian Theater, 6712
Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, and you can buy tickets in advance at the
box office. Also, on the evening of July 2, Micky will take part in a 60’s
Tea party concert—that’s a separate event with a different set of
instructions for buying tickets. The web site for all the information is

Now, from me:

New concert dates:

Davy Jones, August 5, Veterans Park, Bay City, MI
Micky Dolenz w/the Teen Idols Tour, September 16, Charlotte Coliseum,
Charlotte, NC, 704-357-4801 box office



From: “Band 6”

News for fans in the UK

Peter is due to be on The Big Breakfast show on Thursday morning – on
Channel 4

Also on Saturday he is due to be interviewed on London Live –
the Rhona Cameron show – 94.9FM

Look out for the web-cast of Peter and James Lees show at the Borderline in
a week or so.

Chris Conway will be support them on their 3 dates starting tomorrow – Why
not drop in to the Chris Conway Homepage

Cheers – see you at the shows
Kirk & Sue White


From: Lisa Manekofsky

For those of you who have access to BBC Radio 4, you might be interested
in tuning in to the July 12th broadcast of the comedy panel show “I’m
Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” (which airs at 6:30 p.m. UK time and repeats on
Sunday, June 18th at noon). Friends who were at the taping for this
episode report that the Monkees song “I’m a Believer” was used in a
round of “Pick Up Song”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the
show, I’ll explain that this round involves one of the contestants
singing along with a recording of a song. The volume of the recording
is then turned down while the contestant continues to the sing, in an
attempt to be in time with the recording when the volume is eventually
turned back up. Since the contestants are all comedians the results of
the game are usually quite funny. The performance of “I’m a Believer”
was especially amusing, given the fact that the live audience at the
taping spontaneously joined in by providing the “da doo doo, doo doo’s”
between the lines.

Here’s hoping that this round is included in the actual broadcast!



From the new American Cinematheque newsletter
( “>>
323 466 film for recorded information. Ticket purchasing 323 461 2020 x123
Visa/MC accepted.

Los Angeles area Dolenz news:

Sunday July 2nd at 2pm
On the large screen:
33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee, plus the episodic pilot episode, plus
monkees rarities. Discussion following with musician/actor Micky Dolenz

Sunday July 2nd at 6pm to 10pm
British Style, the 2nd annual Mods and Rockers English Tea Party and movie.
At 6pm re-live the British Invasion with a must see encore of last years
smash raveup movie GO GO MANIA. At 7:30pm Brits and Yanks bury their
differences and celebrate Co-dependance day with a Mod Tea Party…..60’s
music by the all star band “The Shag-a-delics” featuring Spencer Davis,
Andy Summers, Micky Dolenz. Bruce Gary (The Knack) and many more top brit
and american rockers.

See web site or call for pricing.. (note last year the tea party sold out
almost immediately)

(do not use my email or name as the person reporting)

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