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Micky Interview on Radio/Web

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From: Brad Waddell

From: “Mike”

Hi All,
I will be re-running the interview with Micky Dolenz that I did a few
weeks ago on the air and on the internet at AM 1370 WKMC (if you are in the
Altoona, PA area) and on… This is a great interview and I
have had many requests to re-run it…It will run at 9:20a.m. (eastern
time) on Friday 6/22…We are also giving away a pair of tickets on our
website only, So please register to win while your there. This interview is
Micky at his funniest-he had me in stitches ever since (stitches that I
recently got removed-Ha Ha) Listen Friday to AM 1370 WKMC or on the web at at 9:20 in the morning (eastern time)
Mike Martin


From: “Bandsix”

Hi music lovers!

There’s a 3 column review of the Nesmith 2-on-1 CDs And the Hits/Standard
Ranch Stash and Nevada fighter/Tantamount in the June 2001 issue of Country
Music International magazine (many thanks to Susan K for that info).

The review is mainly complimentary but does note Nez’s propensity for
“long-winded preaching”. However it ends up saying that Nez is a “master
of moods, producing records that are a lesson in near perfection to
all”. Sweet!

Get your copy while it’s still in the shops!

“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: The Fluffy Chicken

I went to the Monkees concert on June 15 at the Red
River Valley Fair in Fargo,ND and I have to say it was
awesome.At 11:30am me and my friends got out of summer
school early to go see the Monkees at the visitors
center because they were going to put their hands in
cement and they were going to do autographs,but they
ended up not doing the autographs cause too many
people showed up and they didn’t have enough time to
do autographs for everyone.So they did their press
there and then they left.Later that night we arrived
at the fair at about 5:30 and we saw the Monkees do an
interview for the local news.After that they signed a
couple autographs and then they left.8:00 roles around
and the concert starts.Natural comes on and they were
totally great.They were an awesome band.They get done
with their set and then it is time for the Monkees to
come on.They came on stage and everyone went wild.They
played alot of great songs.They sounded really
great.They ended the show and then came back and did
an encore.After the show they did a meet and great and
people got their autographs.The show was so
great.There were alot more people there then I
expected.There were alot of teenagers there too,me and
my friends included.If you want to see copies of my
pictures from the concert email me at

Peace,Love,and Davy Jones/Zac Hanson,
Visit the best Zac Hanson site at


From: Amanda Maddox

Albuquerque, NM concert April 5, 2001

Hello all!

I finally decided to write in my experiences at the
April 5th show at the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque
New Mexico. It was seriously the most amazing thing,
the most amazing night of my life! Of course I am only
16. :o) Most of the orginal fans might think that us
kids can’t have as much appreciation, oh, but I beg to
differ. I mean we didn’t have the chance, being born
in the 80’s and all, but we fell in love with the
Monkees in their mid fifties, not mid twenties, and we
still think they’re as sexy as ever!
Alright we drove 4 hours (speeding to make it on
time) to Alb. I went with my mom, best friend Stacey,
and her sister Lacey (who met us there because she
goes to college in Alb.) Stace and I left our cameras
in the car because it said “no cameras no recorders”
on the ticket (we’d regret this SOOOO much later!)
because we’re good little girls… So we walked in the
lobby and there was not that many people there at all,
it was strange. I spent about $80-90 on concert items,
but was heart broken because they had run out of
signed pictures. I joked with the man that my little
dreams were crushed! We saw a younger girl in the
bathroom decked out in stereotypical 60’s gear, she
told us, “I’m glad I’m not the only one who dressed
up!” But we finally figured out that she said that on
account of our love beads that we wear just about
every other day of the week! We went into the
auditorium and were so amazed at how small it was! (I
actually started crying.) We were 14th row back,
center stage and only about 30 ft from the stage so
that’s why I was so very happy. Most people didn’t
show up until 5 minutes before the show (no respect!)
There were so many empty seats I couldn’t believe it!
So the opening band came out, which was Shoe Suede
Blues. (We were so lucky! I always feel bad for the
people who saw Natural instead of SSB, because we got
to see Peter twice as long!) I absolutely fell for
Tadg Galleran because he rocked! He played so
energetically and made it look so easy. He sang “even
white boys get the blues” and dropped to his knees
yelling “can I get a witness?!” To which I promptly
screamed. 🙂 He was amazing. Stevie was also great
although I took him for granted at the time. They
introduced Peter as “Slim”, but said he was from D.C.
He was dressed in a white suit with a white hat the
covered his face most of the time and he hardly ever
spoke, so we weren’t entirely sure it was him. But we
were convinced because when he looked up, you could
see his dimples and his neck, which identified him and
the way he occasionally moved from side to side when
he played. They had a wonderful set; Peter’s “Higher
and Higher” was amazing as well as “Cross Cut Saw” and
“Mojo”. There was a rest period before the Monkees
came out (Monkee walking out.) The whole concert was
great. I was amazed at how much Davy was jumping
around and what not. When they rolled out the drum,
our hearts raced, knowing Micky was going to sing
“Randy Scouse Git”. He skipped a couple of verses but
he spit out the words fast and precise. Davy did good
with his ballads. Peter played an amazing Bach piece.
He danced around the stage for “Your Auntie Grizelda”,
it was too adorable. Micky did the Purple Haze bit,
and the jazz number, it was great. At one point they
all sat on stools by eachother and sang a medley, just
the three of them. Their voices were clear and
gorgeous. We got to scream all the things we have
wanted to for so long like, “Shake those Maracas,
Davy!” and I screamed for Peter to “Take it off!” (I
got a few looks for that one.) And also “Frodis
rules!” I must metion that the audience was the most
unenergetic that I’ve heard about and witnessed. So
when I say the audience was quiet, I mean they were
quiet! Peter brought out a banjo and started giving a
mini history lesson about it. I love the banjo so I
screamed, “Woo! Banjo!” Peter stopped in the middle of
his sentence, the 3 of them looked at eachother and
started laughing and then Peter continued with,
“That’s right, this is mister Banjo…” It was too
great. Porpoise Song was so amazing; there was a
strobe light and a disco ball and Micky was just like
a dream. I was intrigued by the man playing the guitar
in “Valleri”, he was my hero! During Daydream
Believer, typically, everyone stood up. I started
crying, knowing it was almost over and being so moved,
and right after that they broke into the ever so
majestic “Listen to the Band” and I seriously lost it!
(I missed Mike!) Too much Beauty! They did an encore.
I was so jealous of the people in the front who got to
touch them (including the girl we had met in the
bathroom!) During the whole thing some ladies behind
us kept patting us to sit down, which we did against
our will! (It was a rock and roll concert!) After the
concert most of the people rushed out to beat the
crowd to their cars. About 20 people gathered at the
stage doors but the man kept saying “If your not on
the list, you need to leave.” The smart alec that I am
I was saying, “what list? I’d like to be on the list?
How do I get on the list?” A few people lightly
laughed. We walked away once, to talk to my mom, but
went back. We sort of weaved our way through a few
people. Lacey said she went all the way to Hollywood,
holding up a picture of her by their star. I asked the
man if he could give these beaded things we had made
for them to them. He pulled Lacey and I in and almost
didn’t let Stacey in, but we argued for her. We were
the last people they let in before they closed the
door. It was unbelievable! We walked a few steps
forward and turned up a few stairs into a nice room
with maybe 20 some odd people softly chatting. We
waited I don’t know how long and then Peter walked in.
Everyone was lined up around the room, for more
organization. (Two 20-something girls beside us asked
if we had any tic-tacs or gum, we didn’t and laughed
about it a bit.) Pete was wearing an orange shirt
(just like me!) He was really nice! It amazed me. He
approached us with a smile. He signed our pictures
(the only one to put our names on them! “To Amanda,
(heart), Peter Tork.”) and took a picture with Lacey
and then one with Stacey and I. I had my arm around
his waist, and his was either around my shoulder or
waist, I’m not too sure. He chatted a bit, we spoke of
the banjo and an inside joke about “Captain Peter”,
which he thought was a bit odd. 🙂 I gave him the
beads. He adorably put them in his mouth and we said,
“you can’t eat them!” and he said, “now you tell me!”
It was too cute, (inevitable for Pete!) He then moved
on. Waiting for Davy and Micky, I spotted Tadg across
the room talking with a women it looked like he knew.
He saw me approaching him, we made eye contact and he
stopped talking with the women so it wouldn’t look
like he was too busy. I told him how amazing I thought
he was and how great his piano and harmonica playing
was. He said thank you. I asked him to sign a piece of
paper I had. He looked around the room, “I need a flat
surface.” I said, “There’s a table,” pointing to a
table in the middle of the room. Then I said, “There’s
a wall. :)” So he signed against the wall so it’s a
bit bumpy due to the wall paper. I didn’t see anyone
else ask for his autograph. Eventually Davy came in.
He was short. 🙂 He was a bit more distant and didn’t
talk too much. He signed our pictures and moved on. I
gave him his beads and he smiled and said, “Thanks,
I’ll keep these. I always play with my beads.” and put
them in his pocket. I love Davy. 🙂 So then Micky came
in and started on the other side of the room. He
looked around and particularly noticed us because we
were the only teens in the room. (My mom got left
behind. 🙁 So then he walked up to Lacey and was
looking at her like, “you’re hot!” She told him he was
her favorite and asked if she could give him a hug and
he replied, “You can give me anything you want.
Darlin’!” He hugged her tightly and gave her a
discreet kiss on the cheek. We laughed. He passed
Stace and I so we went to the other wall so he’d pass
us again. We said, “It’s us again” and he sort of gave
us a puzzled look. We got his autograph and a very
nice lady took a picture of us. (She’s my angel!) It
was cute though because he asked, “Right here?” Like
we were going to tell him he was in the wrong place! I
sort of guided him over a bit by putting my hand
lightly on his elbow. He was a bit distant. But I love
him still! Stacey gave him his beads and he too
thanked us and put them in his pocket. Davy and Micky
made their rounds and then left. (We looked over to
see Peter hugging a women who was crying. What a
sweetie!) We went over to Shoe Suede Blues and talked
with them for a bit (Peter was over there too.) Lacey
told Stevie that we were on to “Slim” and he asked us
how we knew and we said the dimples. I shook hands
with all of them, and Michael too (The guitar player.)
Stacey asked Peter for a hug and he gave her one and
then I asked for one too. Just about a second before
that he had asked us to excuse him while he took a
picture, so I wasn’t sure if he was going to give me a
hug, but he pulled me to him and I’m sad to say I
pulled away first, not wanting to be a pest. They
yelled that everyone who had gotten their autographs
needed to leave. We reluctantly dragged ourselves over
to our things, picked them up, and walked past them
all and out the door, saying goodbye to Peter and
Stevie. They affectionatley said goodbye. I turned
back at the end of the stairs for one last look at
Peter, in his orange shirt, holding a guitar. Magic.
We walked out into the lobby. I told the man at the
stand that I didn’t need that picture after all. My
mom told us that one of the ladies who was behind us
was talking about the annoying, loud teens in front of
her, but she didn’t get backstage! 🙂 I was depressed
Mike wasn’t there, but he lives 4 hours away from me
anyway! It was all so unbelievable! The tragedy of the
night was Lacey was the only one of us with a camera
so she had all the pictures. She took them to Walmart
the next day and they exposed the whole role! Needless
to say I cried and am so mad at Walmart! We took the
pictures to a specialist and they developed them for
free because they were so disgusted. The only one that
sort of came out, came out gray and is of “Slim”, and
one more where you can barely make out one of the 3 of
them in the middle of the stage. If anyone from that
concert reads this, especially someone who was
backstage, would be my hero if they had doubles of
their pictures! Please!

———-Thanks for starting this up Brad!———–
God is love! :o)

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