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Just was watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

March 27, 2011 by  
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Just was watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.. Durring the Monologue…

The monkees were mentioned having something to do with someone casting for
the monkees (movie?) and why didnt they ask the original monkees, they
probably arnt doing anything anyway… and then asked the band if they were
monkees fans..

oh well.. at least its a mention..




Show Business, the trade paper, has a casting notice this week for the VH1
Monkee biopic. They’re looking for four young men, ages 18-23, to play
“actors who play rock stars.”

And yes, the ad says “Must come down for interview.”

–The Funky Cold Meldina


From: “maggie mcmanus”

Marilyn Beck’s column

Here’s the exact blurb from her syndicated column, January 31:

Given the trend toward TV biopics of rock stars, you’d have to figure
someone would get around to the truly unique saga of the Monkees—and VH1
has. They’re going to do a movie called “Daydream Believers: The Story of
the Monkees”, beginning production in mid-March. Casting is underway for
actors to portray Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Mike
Nesmith—the foursome who were cast as a rock’n’roll band for TV in the
’60s—and according to casting sources, agents have been notified that
“musical ability is a plus, but not a necessity.” Just the way it was when
they cast the real Monkees.
The four were recruited after some 500 other Monkees wannabees (including
Stephen Stills and Three Dog Night’s Danny Hutton) auditioned and were
turned down. Nesmith and Tork were musicians, Dolenz and Jones were actors
who frantically learned to play instruments to appear competent when the
band went on tour—though the first Monkees records featured their singing
only, with music played by studio musicians. After much angst, Nesmith told
a 1967 press conference crowd, “There comes a time when you have to draw the
line as a man. We’re being passed off as something we aren’t”—and told
the truth about The Monkees’ recordings. They went on to play their own
music, and ground out successive Top 10 hits. However, when the series
ended, their days of glory ended.



From: “Band 6”

For UK fans

The episode of Roseanne with David as a guest star is due to be shown here
on Channel 5 at 9am on Monday 21st Februrary

Kirk & Sue>>/~bandsix

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