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In Marilyn Beck’s syndicated Hollywood column for January 31, 2000, Marilyn
reports that casting has begun for four actors to portray The Monkees for
VH-1’s movie about The Monkees entitled “Daydream Believers: The Story of
The Monkees” which will begin production in mid-March. Airdate is unknown
for the movie which will likely air in the Summer or Fall of 2000.

Randi L. Waddell

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From: “bandsix”

Rick Fulton of the Daily Record Newspaper (a daily Scottish publication) has
written an article on the proposed Monkee Movie – he suggests that Joe
McFadden plays David, Robbie Williams plays Micky, Adam Ricketts plays Peter
and Jarvis Cocker plays Mike. The Daily Record with the article is due on
February 2nd in the UK.

Kirk & Sue

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