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If you wish to submit your story for this proposed book project, please
send e-mail this person, not the monkees-alert list. thanks!

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I was a huge Monkees fan, then I became a David Cassidy fan, 42 with kids
that also have their teen idols.

I am married to a native american author, Manny Twofeathers. We also have
our own publishing business, although my husband’s book Road to the Sundance
was published by Disney’s Hyperion.

With that said, I wanted to let you know about a book I am working on in
collaboration with another writer/teen idol fan. The book is about the 4
generations of teen idols and their fans. The focus is on the fans, those
that met their idol, or how their teen idol changed their life or interesting
experiences that many long to be able to tell. It will also focus on how
this teen idol phenomenon has bridged a gap with daughters (today), mothers
and grandmothers (my mom was into Elvis), my daughters are into BSBoys,
Hanson, Ricky Martin and Aaron Carter (21 – 8 yrs of girls!)

I would like to ask if you would be interested in helping me cultivate
stories from fans, as well as your own story. You will receive a credit in
the acknowledgments, as well as space in the book on your own story,
including your website.

This would help promote your website and increase awareness of you being
there. I am sure there are others like me that are just discovering what’s
out there.

It would also allow a vehicle to tell all these stories from yesterday and
today. It will truly only focus on the musical male teen idols. For the
purpose of my book, I will not be including rock stars or actors. And it
will span from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. Although the book will contain some
info on the teen idol, it truly will be for the fans. But I am hoping for
input from the teen idols themselves. I have a list of questions for fans
and a list of questions for the teen idol.

My own personal experience is that when I was 14 I met David Cassidy in
Seattle. That inspired me to want to become a journalist with the hopes of
one day interviewing him. That goal led me to becoming a reporter in
Vancouver, B.C. and interviewing the Beach Boys (Mike Love), Chicago (Robert
Lamm), Olivia Newton John, Lily Tomlin, Frank Sinatra Jr., 5th Dimension
(Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis), Elton John (1973 & 1974) etc. I had several
jobs between that experience which was between 15 – 18 years. Then at 26 I
became an entertainment publicist in Toronto and did publicity for such
productions as A Chorus Line, La Cage Aux Folles, Disney’s Magic Kingdom on
Ice, etc. And that experience has helped me to promote my husband, establish
my own publishing company etc. My whole life was effected by my teen idol.
And I am certain there are many stories like mine out there.

So are you game to participate? I have a literary agent and a publisher in
New York interested in this property. But timing is everything and I have to
move quickly. Your participation would be greatly appreciated, and necessary
– you seem to have the best Monkee website, so please consider it.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting you online.


Melody (formerly Betty Hutton)

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