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DVD Set Released! Davy Solo Events!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

***New Davy Dates / Monkees Hit Charts***
Davy Jones has recently added the two following tour dates to his
2003 itinerary: 7/4/03 Richmond, VA Colonial Downs */*/* 10/18/03
Lockport, IL East High School */*/* “The Best of The Monkees,”
Rhino’s new greatest hits collection debuted at #51 on Billboard’s
Top 200 Albums chart!

***On TV / Davy Shoots Colonial Downs Spots***
“Getting Davy Jones,” the famous 1971 episode of the “Brady Bunch”
which won Davy a 2003 TVLand Award, will air on TVLand on May 17 at
3:30pm EST. 1968’s Monkees movie, “Head,” is scheduled for more
airings on May 19 at 9am EST on STZCe and at 12pm EST on STZCw, as
well as on May 27 at 8:05am EST on STZCe and at 11:05am EST on
STZCw. The 1998 movie, “Mom, Can I Keep Her?” featuring a guest
starring role by Micky, will be shown on May 19 at 12:30pm EST, May
20 at 5:15am EST, and May 24 at 2:15pm EST on SHOFe. Mike
Nesmith’s “Tapeheads” will air on TMCXe on May 23 at 7:15pm EST &
May 26 at 1pm EST. Just as in 2002, Davy Jones will be the celebrity
spokesperson for Colonial Downs’ 2003 thoroughbred racing season. On
May 6, Davy shot a few TV & radio commercials for the upcoming
season and will have many of his horses racing at the track June 13-
26. A post-race concert has also been scheduled for July 4.

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From: “Jennifer”


This message is for Monkee fans in the U.K!!! The other day I was
flicking through channels on Sky Digital and to my amazement I saw
THE MONKEES on the Disney Channel no. 613! I couldn’t believe it!
I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but I thought I would
let you know. It looks like it’s on everyday at 11.30pm and it is
also on during the day I think at 1.00pm but it would be best to
check first. It looks like Sky is doing really well for Monkee
things because I have watched Head repeatedily on the movie channels
and quite a few Biography shows on the entertainment channels! I
hope the Disney Channel keep the episodes running for a while just
like the Trouble network did!!

Hope This Helps Loads of Luv Jennifer xxx


From: “Kelly O’Toole”

I was browsing the concert tee’s in the women’s section at and came across two Michael Nesmith T-shirts with
the album art from Infinte Ridger On The Big Dogma. Both are size
small. One sells for $49.99 and is feminine-looking with scoop neck
and cap sleeves. The other is a basic T-shirt style and sells for


From: “Jeff Gehringer”

Nez made a thirty-minute appearance on the NPR’s “World Caf=E9”. They
played “Clarksville, Different Drum by the Stone Ponies, Tumbling
Tumbleweed, and Rio. Nez was in his “Pioneer” state. He spoke
about his musical was “Symphonic” in nature. He spoke about his
mother & Liquid paper. He told the story of making his first video
for “Rio”, and how the idea of MTV came about.

He said he is lost about his new album. He stated music is changing
so much, he is not sure what an “album” really is any more. He said
he is not ready to release it. The last question was about the
Monkees, if they helped or hurt him. He said it was not the biggest
thing in his career, or the worst. He said “The Monkees, oh, yeah,
that”. That was his quote. Typical Nez.

It was interesting, however. Nez always has his answers well
crafted. The interview begins at 20 minutes into the show. Enjoy.


From: “Leslie”

I purchased the cd at Kmart last week( I did like my husband always
does and bought my birthday present early…or Mothers Day either, it was only 11.99 on sale, I LOVE it and I think it’s
very nicely done and GREAT quality and I also love that it has the
karaoke cd in it, my kids have got a Karaoke machine for christmas
and they were already singing along with a few songs the day I
bought it :). I also love all the new pictures I hadn’t seen and the
commentary and the pictures of all their album covers etc. Also Love
the cartoon faces on the actual disks. It’s a really great cd, I
love it and I hadnt even heard about the DVD coming out I guess I
might just go buy my Birthday present and count this as my Mothers
Day;). Anyway, just thought I’d add my review.

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