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Daydream Believer Top Karaoke Tune! Interviews!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**Meet The Royals**
It appears that all 10 episodes Davy Jones has taped for “Meet The
Royals” will be released individually on VHS at A&E’s online store
episodes, the Prince William and Charles & Camilla shows, are
available for $24.95 each. The show regularly airs on Sunday nights
at 10pm EST on A&E, but also repeats many times during the week. For
additional airdates, click the “All Upcoming TV Appearances” link on
the news page.

**New Davy Tour Dates**
Davy Jones has added two new dates to his 2003 solo tour schedule:
11/6/03 – NorthUmberland, PA – Front Street Station
11/7/03 – NorthUmberland, PA – Front Street Station

**On TV**
Davy Jones will be included in VH1’s special, called “50 Greatest
Teen Idols” on September 23 at 2pm EST. “Popular Song: Soundtrack of
the Century” will re-run on Bravo at 1pm EST. This program follows
popular music’s different stages and features The Monkees as well as
many other artists. The Monkees will be featured on VH1’s “50
Greatest Funny Moments In Music” on September 19 at 11am EST. For
additional airings, click the “All Upcoming TV Appearances” link on
the news page. They will also be included on “100 Greatest Moments
That Rocked TV” on VH1 at 6pm EST.

**Uncut Live DVD Early Release?**
King Biscuit Entertainment recently gave me the latest scoop on the
status of the “Monkees – Live Summer Tour – Extended & Uncut” DVD. I
was told that we are currently at 275-280 pre-orders and that there
is a possibility they may lower our goal of 500 to allow those who
have reserved their copies to finally receive them. Right now, they
are making sure all the numbers will work out to make an early
release possible, but nothing has been guaranteed yet. Get your DVD

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From: “Jennifer C. Huebl”

UK news site Ananova has reported that Daydream Believer is the top
karaoke tune in the UK (at least according to a recent poll). The
article includes a black and white photo of the guys.


Monkees drive them ‘karaoke crazy’

Daydream Believer by The Monkees is Britain’s top karaoke tune,
according to a new survey.

The singalong hit is the number one choice across the country.

My Way by Frank Sinatra came second followed by the ladies’
favourite, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

Ol’ Blue Eyes made the poll again at number four with New York, New
York, and Robbie Williams was close behind with Angels.

The survey asked 1,000 people to name their favourite karaoke song.

It also asked for their least favourite – and Barbie Girl by Aqua
topped the list.

Other tortuous tunes included Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell and My
Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.

The poll was commissioned by the Hungry Horse pub chain to launch
its new Karaoke Krazy competition.

The nationwide contest is raising money for the charity Cancer BACUP
and the winning singer will get a =A310,000 prize.

Favourite karaoke tunes:

1 Daydream Believer – The Monkees

2 My Way – Frank Sinatra

3 I will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

4 New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

5 Angels – Robbie Williams

Least favourite:

1 Barbie Girl – Aqua

2 Bat Out Of Hell – Meatloaf

3 My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

4 I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

5 The Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

Story filed: 13:16 Sunday 14th September 2003


From: Brad Waddell

Peter Tork brings blues band to Secaucus
By Al Sullivan
Reporter senior staff writer September 14, 2003

HERE HE COMES – Peter Tork, formerly of The Monkees, comes to
Secaucus as part of a blues band.

As a member of the classic 1960s TV sitcom and pop band “The
Monkees,” Peter Tork always put on an act as something of a country
bumpkin, slow on the uptake. This was a routine he had learned years
earlier to protect himself from the verbal barbs audiences on the
Greenwich Village folk music scene would sometimes hurl.

But in an interview done last week in preparation for a performance
of Shoes Swede Blue band in Secaucus later this month, Tork showed
he had thought a lot about his career and the choices he had made
over the last three decades.

Tork is scheduled to perform twice at the Super Mega Show at the
Crowne Plaza in Secaucus on Sept. 20 and 21, and will also have a
talk about his career and his relatively new venture into the blues
at a special Saturday night dinner concert.

Tork grew up in a family that emphasized folk and classical music,
and became part of the second generation of the Greenwich Village
folk scene in the early 1960s that included Roger McGuinn, Richie
Havens, John Sebastian, Joan Bias, Steven Stills and others.

“Most of us played the same kind of music,” he said, rattling off
the names of what have become for most of us classic folk tunes.

He said folk singer Peter Seeger, a member of the Weavers, had a
large influence on him.

Perhaps a bit disillusioned with the lack of success in the Village
scene, Tork sought out success on the West Coast, hooking up for a
brief time with Steven Stills in Los Angeles. It was Stills who told
Tork about the auditions for the TV show.

Although capable of playing numerous instruments, including banjo
and guitar, it was not his musical talent that allowed him to get
the part of the lovable, somewhat slow-witted Monkee, but the
character he had developed on stage.

Designed to evoke the wackiness of the Beatles’ movie “Hard Days
Night,” the Monkees TV show, Tork admitted, used every corny plot
ever created for television. Yet the program broke new ground in one
particular area, it presented a family-like group not controlled by
a parent-like figure. This paved the way for several other hit TV
shows that made use of a similar format.

The Monkees, while billed as a band with records topping the charts,
were not initially a band, but a group of actors playing parts. Yet
as time went on, the actors gelled and sought to become more
involved with their parts by seeking to live up to some of the hype
by actually playing the instruments. Of the four, however, Tork was
the only actual musician going in, and until he sought a greater
music role, he played only a minor part in the musical production.

Egos clashed as management mistook the band’s intentions.

“We didn’t want creative control,” Tork recalled. “We just wanted to
play our own instruments.”

And for a short time, the illusion created by Hollywood actually
came together as a band with the album Headquarters as their most
commercially successful effort and the soundtrack to their movie,
Head, perhaps the most artistically successful.

Many of the hit singles put out under the name Monkees were
ghostwritten for them by people like Carol King, Neil Diamond and

“They were great songs, but they weren’t our songs,” he said.

Getting the chops to play the blues

During a telephone interview last week, Tork talked about the past,
but also about the present, about his reluctant steps towards
singing the blues.

While he always loved the blues, listening to some of the greats
perform them, he always felt he lacked something that would allow
him to reach into that part of himself.

“The Blues over took me at a time I was left without feelings,” he
said. “Before that, I didn’t know how to do it, or didn’t feel I had
a right to do it, and didn’t know if I could ever do it.”

Perhaps time allowed him to develop those experiences, the common
pain and joys that allow people to find ground upon which to agree.
Everybody suffers. Everybody works through problems, indeed, even a
one-time superstar like Tork.

In fact, Tork went broke shortly after The Monkees broke up, and
like many people of his generation, struggled through the issue of
drug and alcohol abuse, eventually giving them up. After years of
menial jobs such as washing dishes, and even an stint as a high
school teacher, Tork found voice and comfort in singing the blues.

“My experience with the blues when I do it well, is that I am
relieved of my trials and tribulations,” he said. “The blues remove
you for a moment from everyday worries.”

But more importantly, he said, the blues allow people to realize
that everyone is struggling through similar situations, building a
common reference of understanding.

“People might go out later and treat others a little better because
they’ve come to understand we’re all have the same kind of
problems,” Tork said. “Blues isn’t about being blue. It’s about
sadness, women, low life up bringing, but it is not designed to
bring you down. Everyone relaxes a little and maybe treats their
neighbor a little better.”

Tork became involved with Shoe Suede Blues in 1994 as a part of what
was supposed to be a one-time fund-raiser for a charity event.
People liked it so much, he and the other members continued on. Some
members have come and gone over the years, but the band has always
had an impressive musical lineup.

The group coming to Secaucus on Sept. 20 through 21 includes Michael
Sunday, a one-time member of Blues Underground; John Palmer, who has
played with The 5th Dimension; The Diamonds; Rosie and the
Originals; The Penguins and Sha Na Na, and Richard Mikuls, whose
credits include work with Rufus, BB King, Ike and Tina Turner, Chuck
Berry, Sly Stone, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Little Richards, Jerry
Lee Lewis, the Pointer Sisters and others.

Tork said performances at the Crowne Plaza in Secaucus will be about
an hour long, and will include a special dinner talk about music,
the Monkees, politics and overall life.

“Something like this interview,” Tork said.

Performances include a variety of well-known and not so well-know
blues tunes, including some bluesy Monkee tunes.

The band has two CDs that will be for sale at the event, one a
commercial release that includes a variety of cover tunes, and the
other a live souvenir edition only available so far at their shows,
including original material and obscure blues numbers

Although a West Coast resident, Tork said most of the tours are east
of the Mississippi River, including previous performances in
Secaucus at the Super Mega Show.

The event, which is a kind of collectable, toy and comic fair, has a
score of other guests, former movie and television stars, and models
and wrestlers on the bill. The cost is $16 per day or $30 for two
days (with admission to the concert for both days). A super VIP
Weekend Pass of $150 includes all the weekend events including an
exclusive Saturday night dinner and concert. For more information
about the show, times, and ticket costs call (800) 505-8697.


From: Anthony


Sandy Gennaro first became involved in the Monkees scene in 1987
when be accompanied Micky, Davy, & Peter as the drummer for their
concert tour that year. Sandy returned to The Monkees in September
1996 as well as in early 1997 when all four members performed a
month long tour of the UK. They continued through the summer in the
US without Nesmith. By the time the 2001 Monkees reunion came
around, Sandy was back in the mix behind the drum set where he
stayed until the end of 2002. Now no stranger to the Monkees
community, Sandy is currently on the road with Davy Jones where he
has performed for the past few years between Monkees reunions.

In addition to The Monkees & Davy Jones, Sandy has performed or
recorded with artists such as Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Michael
Bolton, Johnny Winter, The Pat Travers Band, Robin Gibb and has
appeared on various TV programs like the Grammy Awards, The Tonight
Show, American Bandstand, Entertainment Tonight, and the MTV Video
Music Awards.

In early September 2003, Sandy was nice enough to take time out of
his schedule to answer some of Monkeesrule43 Online’s questions
about his experiences while on tour with The Monkees & Davy Jones
over the past 15+ years.

1.) What has it been like to work with The Monkees & Davy Jones
since the mid-80s?
– It has been a total gas workin’ with The Monkees and Davy
since 1987. Musically, because of all the different songwriters,
it’s a very interesting gig to do. We have pop, country, swing,
blues, and ballads among other styles. Few gigs have such a wide
variety of material. Personally, I’ve become very close friends with
Davy, Micky, and Peter.

2.) Were you a fan of The Monkees before you got involved or were
you just looking for a gig?
– I was a definite fan of the Monkees when the show originally
aired in the sixties. I used to rush home from school to watch it.

3.) Is the relationship between you & your bandmates personal or
strictly professional?
– My relationship is personal as well as professional.

4.) What’s more enjoyable, being on tour with The Monkees as a
group or Davy Jones solo?
– It’s difficult to say which is more fun, touring with The
Monkees or with Davy. They are different, yet the same.

5.) Do you like a more hectic & busy tour schedule as opposed to 30
or so scattered dates per year?
– I like a busy schedule. The time goes by quicker and it’s
less costly for management. The more days off you have, the more
expensive it gets. However, playing scattered dates allows more time
home with the family and domestic responsibilities. There’s good and
not so good aspects to both situations.

6.) Has the reaction to the Monkees show from the crowds changed
since you first became involved?
– The reaction to the show has been as enthusiastic as ever.
The number of people coming to the shows has lessened however since
the first reunion tour in ’86.

7.) Do you find there to be a significant difference in the show’s
setup when only 2 Monkees are there as opposed 3 or 4?
– The more Monkees that are involved in the show, the more
structured the show has to be. It also means the show will remain
the same night after night. When Davy tours solo it’s a lot less
structured. He can tell as many jokes as he wants and even though
there’s a set list, he can call a song “on the fly” if he wants.
There’s more spontaneity.

8.) Was there any added “Monkee Magic” when Mike Nesmith joined in
for the ’97 UK tour? What was he like to work with and how severe of
a blow was it to the band & other Monkees when he dropped out of the
US tour?
– There was definitely a buzz when we did that tour of the UK
with Mike in ’97. Personally, I didn’t get to know him very well,
but we hang out socially on occasion. Musically, he’s great to work
with. He conveys his ideas very clearly. I loved playin’ his
material because the tunes he chose from his solo career had a
Carribbean/island kind of feel, which I don’t get the opportunity to
play that often. It was fun. We were all disappointed that he
declined to tour that following summer in the US, but the 3
remaining Monkees went out nonetheless. I wouldn’t call it a severe

9.) What’s your favorite song to perform?
– Favorite song? It’s hard to limit it to one. “She Hangs
Out,” “Is You Is (Or Is You Ain’t My Baby)”, “(I’ll) Love You
Forever,” and “I’m A Believer” are among my faves.

10.) Does it tend to get old playing the same songs every time you
go out on stage or is it still fun?
– Playing live is still fun for me even though with The
Monkees I’ve been playing more or less the same tunes for a number
of years.

11.) Have you seen the new Monkees “Live Summer Tour” DVD? If so,
what are your thoughts on it?
– I have the “Live Summer Tour” DVD and like it very much. I
think the audio and video are excellent. We had fun doing it.

12.) Are you aware that an extended & uncut version of the DVD is
available for pre-order online now?
– I do know the uncut version is available, but I’ve never
seen it. I would like to however.

13.) When I went to Davy’s solo show in Westbury in July, he came
out in his pajamas. Did the band & crew know about this beforehand?
– The band did not know that Davy’s entrance at Westbury would
be in his PJs. Expect the unexpected.

14.) Who came up with the band’s introduction routine at the
beginning of the show?
– Davy came up with the intro routine at the beginning of the
show. The band embellishes it.

15.) Do you see another Monkees reunion happening in the future
after the way the 2001 tour ended with Peter?
– With The Monkees anything is possible. A reunion with
Davy/Micky is more likely than Davy/Micky/Peter, in my opinion.

Interview URL:


From: “Brad Waddell”

Hold the phone, I never knew that Don Kirshner was the genius he
must be – check out his biography listed in this recent press
release below.

Not only did Don create The Monkees (I can’t believe how naive I was
to think Bert and Bob created them) but he also invented MTV! I
would not be surprised if Don also created the record album itself,
invented sound delivery, radio and the electricity used to power it
as well. Is there nothing this man cannot do? Check out this press

September 18, 2003 01:35 PM US Eastern Timezone

Kirshner Entertainment and Technology, Inc. Announces New Management
and Business Strategy; Company Forms Two Divisions of Entertainment
and Technology

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 18, 2003–Kirshner
Entertainment and Technology, Inc., (OTCBB:KSHR) announced today its
new management and business strategy. Therefore, the company has the
new name of what was formerly HBOA Holdings, Inc. The company has
changed its name to more accurately reflect its current business.
The stock symbol has been changed from HBOA to KSHR.

The company’s technology division has developed proprietary products
that are being utilized in the health care and educational sectors.
The company’s health care clients include hospitals, physician’s
practices, dental practices, and a host of other medical related
businesses and services. The company has also developed the Aerisys
Intelligent Community. Aerisys provides schools with a communication
and collaboration tool that effectively allows the administration,
teachers, parents and students, to communicate with each other on a
wide range of important subjects during the school year in a secure

The company has launched a new entertainment division headed up by a
world recognized “icon” of the music and television industry, Don
Kirshner. Mr. Kirshner has been credited with channeling the talents
of Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, Carole King and hosts of
Hall of Fame of Rock and Pop writers into commercial and artistic

Mr. Kirshner was the publisher of the Lennon & McCartney catalog in
the U.S. Don Kirshner’s songs have been recorded by every major
artist, from Sinatra and Streisand to Elvis Presley and Stevie
Wonder. Some of the all-time great Kirshner hits have been written
and scored by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Neil Diamond, Quincy
Jones, Elmer Bernstein, Lieber and Stoller and Brian Wilson.

Mr. Kirshner was the head of Columbia Screen Gems Music and was
further distinguished by having his name placed ahead of two major
entertainment conglomerates when he was the head of Kirshner/CBS
Music and Kirshner/Warner Music International.

In the motion picture industry, Don acted as musical supervisor on
three Academy Award-winning films, “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Born Free”
and “Georgy Girl.” Don also conceived and produced the album “Four
Days That Shook the World,” a documentary that was considered to be
the definitive history of the last days of JFK.

Mr. Kirshner integrated television and rock music with his creation
of the Monkees, as well as the Archies. He also created “In
Concert,” the longest running TV show of its kind. It was during
this period that he introduced early talent recognized by Don such
as The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Brown and a host of others.
The Rolling Stones, Earth, Wind and Fire, Billy Joel, Rod Stewart,
Tina Turner, Olivia Newton-John, Michael Jackson and an endless list
of talent were showcased on Don’s show over ten years. On the comedy
side, Don showcased often for the first time, Steve Martin, Jay
Leno, Billy Crystal, Gary Shandling and a many other great comics.

Mr. Kirshner was also credited with creation of simulcasting, as
well as being the individual most responsible for the MTV and VHI
format. In the 90’s, Don Kirshner’s 35 Year History of Rock “N” Roll
was the hottest syndicated summer show broadcast on over 225 radio
stations. Yale and Columbia University currently teach a class on
Don Kirshner and Dick Clark.

Kirshner Entertainment will be a global multi media entertainment
company that will capitalize on the unique abilities of its
president. Kirshner Entertainment is contemplating the creation of
Kirshner Records, the formation of Kirshner Publishing, “The Don
Kirshner Talent Search”, as well as various television and film
projects. Kirshner Entertainment will also capitalize on the
convergence between technology and music with a considerable
emphasis placed on the utilization of the internet.

The company has accepted the resignation of its CEO Gary Verdier,
and appointed Daniel Zipkin to the position. Mr. Verdier has been
president of the company for the past four years and will remain
with the company in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of

Mr. Verdier stated, “Dan Zipkin has all of the skill sets and
experience required to lead our company, grow the company, and
successfully implement our new business model. Dan is a seasoned
professional in both the health care field and in the technology
sector with over 30 years of experience developing business
strategies on a global basis, and is a great fit for Kirshner
Entertainment and Technology, Inc.”

Daniel Zipkin was involved in the start-up and later served as
President and C.O.O. of Personal Computer Products, Inc., San Diego,
California (Nasdaq:PCPI), a publicly traded company that developed,
sold and licensed hardware and software technology. Dan was
instrumental in developing strategic business and technology
relationships with major world leading companies including Motorola,
Dell Computers, Ricoh, Fujitsu, and Mita.

Dan Zipkin, who was a hospital administrator for over 15 years in
New York City, has a Master’s degree from the Columbia University,
School of Public Health and Administrative Medicine, New York, and a
Master’s degree in Psychology from Springfield College, Springfield,

About Kirshner Entertainment and Technologies, Inc.

Kirshner Entertainment and Technologies, Inc. is the realization of
newly adapted convergence between technology and entertainment
coupled with an
historic change in the United States healthcare system. This holding
company creates an opportunity for dynamic growth in the future
unrivaled in the investment arena. Today we are witnessing a
dramatic transformation in the way we receive information and
entertainment. At the same time, the government has added new,
stringent restrictions on the handling of patient information and
subsequently created a major disruption in the healthcare industry.
These changes have been catalysts for the management team of
Kirshner Entertainment and Technologies. For the first time, four
dynamic companies have been combined to form one, streamlined
company that capitalizes on these revolutionary market changes.
Kirshner Entertainment and Technologies has the mission and the
opportunity to establish a leadership position in each market and
strong shareholder return for years to come.

This announcement contains forward-looking statements that involve
risks and uncertainties, including those relating to the Company’s
ability to grow its business. Actual results may differ materially
from the results predicted and reported results should not be
considered as an indication of future performance. The potential
risks and uncertainties include, among others, the Company’s limited
operating history, the limited financial resources, domestic or
global economies, activities of competitors and the presence of new
or additional competition, and conditions of equity markets. More
information about the potential factors that could affect the
Company’s business and financial results is included in the
Company’s filings, available via the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission.

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