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Davy on Radio tomorrow Morning! Happy Birthday Micky!

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: “Mike”

Hi all,
I will be conducting an interview regarding the upcoming Easton show
with Davy tommorow ( 3/8) on the air here at AM 1370 WKMC. If this gets to
you in time, you can listen on the web @ . The aduio on the
web will not come one until the interview is set to begin because we are
unable to transmit music on the web at this time. The interview will start
at about 9:10 am…I hope this reaches you in time-I was to interview the 3
Monkees, but due to scheduling-it never worked out!
Mike Martin WKMC


Happy Birthday Micky Dolenz! Watch for photos of him on the daily
entertainment news shows!


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hey Gang!

Just confirmed – Shoe Suede Blues will be opening for The
Monkees on April 5th at the Kiva Auditorium in Albuquerque,
NM and on April 6th at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ!

Hope to see you there,

Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001


From: Brad

Entertainment Weekly which has Julia Roberts on the cover, features on page
79 a rendition of Eddie Murphy dressed to look like Davy Jones, discussing
his movie Shrek, in which he sings I’m A Believer. There is also a version
by Smash Mouth of I’m a Believer on the soundtrack.


For those who follow this sort of thing, the domain name “” was
owned for a long time by an adult dating service. It has now been retained
by Micky Dolenz, and forwards to his official site,


From: Bolingers4

Last night I saw the show with my 7 and 9 year old daughters, as well as my
husband. We all had a terrific time, especially my 7 year old. She was
wearing my old tee shirt I had bought at a 1986 show. At one point while we
were in the ladies room she was saying how she wished she could just tell
Davy that she had Monkee videos at home–the attendant in the bathroom was so
touched by my daughter that she actually took all of us back stage after the
show. My daughter (and I, living vicariously) got to meet all three guys,
and they each signed her shirt. They made a memory for her that will last
forever. Oh, yeah, the concert was outstanding, the band was tight and the
vocals sounded awsome. Hope this wasn’t the last time we get to see them.


From: “Colleen Koskinen”

The March 3rd Monkees concert at The Pompano Beach Amphitheatre was
outstanding! There was a big difference between this concert and those I
have seen in years past, the guys seemed really happy and comfortable. Peter
played some songs that made him happy, namely ones that he wrote from Head
and his traditional Lucille and Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher. Mickey
did his jazz nightclub performance, his Hendrix performance, and a really
great rendition of Randy Scouse Git. Davy did his dreamy-eyed fan club
standards, a great number from Oliver, and a classic from the vaults of his
very own mom’s record collection. You could tell that they were really
having a good time, and because of that the fans were having a great time.
Advice to Monkees Fans: DO NOT MISS THIS TOUR.

As a long time fan I especially liked the set list heavily laced with groovy
Head, AND Nesmith tunes. I was in heaven when they got out three bar stools,
dismissed the back up band and just played really good classic Monkees
tunes. It was beautiful. Every song they sang like that seemed to come
directly from the heart like a lullaby to their fans.

Davy looked ten times better than the ’97 tour. Peter is to die for (maybe
that kiss he gave me before he got on the bus made me biased) he just looks
better every year. Mickey.well he has a tremendous voice, and is just an
all-around fun guy.

The crowd was your typical Monkees concert: atypical. Screaming teens,
dancing 20’s, toe-tapping 30’s, funky 40’s, wistful 50’s, nostalgic 60’s. We
were all represented. The bathroom line was like a time warp, all of us
exchanging trivia from decades past, few of us with firsthand knowledge.

For those of you wondering how “boy band” Natural fit in, well besides the
Mickey quip about how Natural members play their own music (I think they
did), I missed most of it. It was a great time to get snacks, buy a t-shirt,
wait in a shorter bathroom made for a really great intermission

This is the kind of show that makes the years of waiting in between tours
worthwhile. Davy, Peter and Mickey keep it up!

-Colleen Koskinen

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