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April 3, 2011 by  
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From: “Amanda Laws”

Wed 30 VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars Davy Jones

Check your local listings for times and channel number.



From: “MN”

Hi all,

I have written a cover story on the Monkees for the Feb. issue of
Autograph Times magazine. This is a magazine which deals with
entertainment and collecting celebrity signatures.

I have done my best to cover the 60’s-present in Monkees history in my
article (although I know they have edited it down, I have not seen the
article yet).

To obtain a free trial issue of this magazine, call toll-free
1-877-860-0349 and ask for a free trial issue of Autograph Times
magazine. If no one picks up, leave a message in Drew’s voicemail, or the
main one, whichever comes up.

You can also visit the website at

If anyone needs more info, please contact me at




From: “dsentertainment”

Hi Brad,
Just wanted you to know that I’ve included the article I wrote about
going to a private rehearsal by The Monkees into the Hall of Fame
section of our online magaine – Twelveteen. Had great response over
the intervew we ran last issue with Davy Jones – so thought this was
worth reading again. If you like – pass the word!
Located at
Dave Schwensen


From: Melissa Neal

Monkees show up in the darndest places. In MacWorld magazine, this blurb
about a website: “The music world survived the Monkees–so why not the
Gorillaz? This four-piece hip-hop band–made up of Murdoc, 2-D, Noodle,
and Russel–is nothing but a collection of Flash-based characters, yet
they’re still more animated than Peter Tork.” I don’t know why they
picked on Peter. He seemed pretty animated to me back at the June
concert I saw.

In the Sporting News, a writer discussed the Pittsburgh Steelers and
ended his piece with: “Like Micky, Mike, Peter and Davy, I’m a
believer.” It’s cool that the Monkees are such an icon people don’t have
to mention the name of the band–everybody knows who those four guys
are. 🙂



From: “Christi Salmon”

Hi! I recently received the Betty’s Attic catalog and on page 41 is a
Monkeemobile for $21. I also found it online at
Here’s what the caption says:

Monkee Mobile Die Cast

Item No. 42895
In 1966, a wacky new comedy premiered based on the antics of a young rock
band called The Monkees(tm). Everyone knew when they were in town, thanks
to their distinctive customized Pontiac GTO known as the Monkeemobile! Our
die-cast model is a replica of the souped-up car the funny foursome
travelled in from one zany adventure to the next. 4.5″L x 1.5″H.

Thanks so much!

Christi Salmon


From: “Katie Rasmussen”

Hi there. I was at the Monkees concert at Grand Casino Mille Lacs last
night (Jan 25th) and it was the greatest thing I have ever experienced! I
went with my mom to both shows (7 & 9:30) and we had amaxing seats for both
shows. We were basically the only people standing up for the first show,
and it was great because the guys (especially Davy) kept watching us and
smiling. This might also have something to do with the fact that we brought
along my Monkees board game and kept waving it when they would finish a
song. Also, a tv crew from 48 hours was there taping for a story they are
going to have on the guys in a little while, but they didn’t say when it
was going to be. So if you watch it and see a girl in a red t-shirt next to
a woman in an orange t-shirt with a Monkees board game, that’s my mom and I
!!! They were such great shows!!! We got to talk to the band members in the
elevator (they were staying on our floor) and they were so cool!!! I was
very proud of myself because after the second show, a lady came up to me
and said that they had been watching me and were so impressed that I knew
every word to every song they sang, especially since I’m so young (18). I
told her I have put in many long hours over the years. 🙂 I’ve got 5 rolls
of film that I can’t wait to get back from the developers. Thank you so
much for posting tour dates on here. Last night was definatly one of the
best nights of my life.
~Katie Rasmussen

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