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Dolenz, Jones, Nesmith and Tork

(November 20, 1996)

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“Doing the album gave us a lot of satisfaction and a sense of brotherhood.  And though in the past it was always ‘Davy’s the cute one, Mike’s the serious one, Micky’s the wacky one, and Peter’s the shy one,’ we ate lunch and dinner together for a month, and we all put up a quarter share of the tab each time.  Nobody was in charge, nobody was inferior.”
-Davy Jones, commenting on Justus to Entertainment Weekly Magazine, 7/19/96

  • Circle Sky  (Justus version)
  • Regional Girl
  • You And I  (Justus version)
  • Steppin’ Stone
  • Run Away From Life
  • Oh, What A Night
  • Admiral Mike
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday


In promotion of their new album, Justus, all four Monkees gathered in Los Angeles to perform a mini-concert arranged for the media and fans lucky enough to attend. The concert made entertainment headlines and major features were written about the band in newspapers like USA Today and the Los Angeles Times. This would be the only concert in the United States by all four Monkees promoting the new album, and to date, the last performance in the United States featuring all four band members.  Each individual member played their respective instruments during this performance.  Davy occasionally played an electric-acoustic guitar as well.

After this performance, the Monkees traveled to England in early January 1997.  A press conference was held at the Hard Rock Cafe in London to announce their upcoming tour of the United Kingdom.  Upon returning to the United States, the quartet began work on an original one-hour prime time television special (written and directed by Nesmith) which eventually aired on ABC in February 1997.  A Monkees documentary also premiered on the Disney Channel in late January 1997.

“We may work under that banner, but there is no Monkees.  It’s just us.”
Michael Nesmith, interviewed in the Boston Herald, 1996

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