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This is Now : Will Michael Nesmith be touring with the Monkees? From the man himself…

March 31, 2011 by  
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From: (Michael Nesmith)
Subject: I wont be on the tour
Date: 16 May 1996 08:33:02 -0700
Organization: Primenet Services for the Internet
Lines: 10

Since the news papers seem to be saying over and over I am going out with
the guys I thought I would clear it up for you directly.
I will not be able to join this tour and will appear on no dates, no
performances, where DMP are scheduled. No “in stores”, no TV appearances,
no guest or surprise showings. Nothing. Nada. Nowhere. All rumors to the
contrary are simply that.
I’d like to go but I can’t. We are all working on something else together
I hope you will like but it is not this coming tour.
love to all

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