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[Questions] Sorry. We’re still waiting for Peter and Mickey to log on! Should be no more than another few minutes!
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) Hi everyone! I’m Patrizia DiLucchio, your host, and on beha
[Questions] lf
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) of PEOPLE Magazine I’d like to welcome you all here.
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) Our guests this evening are Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz from
[Questions] The
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Monkees (hey! hey! it’s…)
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Welcome Mickey & Peter!
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) Brief note about the drill here–this is a moderated confere
[Questions] nce. It’s being conducted simultaneously on CompuServe AND the world wide web!
[Questions] If you are on
[Questions] C
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) either by selecting the question icon (in CIM) or by typing ”
[Questions] /question” if you’re in terminal emulation. If you are on Pathfinder, submit y
[Questions] our question via a
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Okay?
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Let’s go!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Hiya!
[Questions] Send your Pathfinder Questions via private message to QUESTIONS–and they will be passed along
[Questions] % Question from EAJ: [73577,1204] Nadine
[Questions] Hi Peter/Micky: What would you say was the biggest difference you found working
[Questions] together on Justus, as compared to when you worked together on Headquarters 30 y
[Questions] ears ago? Were there disagreements as far as what songs would be included/exclu
[Questions] ded on Justus, or was it smooth sailing?
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Yoo-hoo!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Well, it’s never all smooth sailing,
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Did you get that?
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) but it seemedto go smoother this time arounb
[Questions] DiL/PEOPLE) Type slower Mickey…
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) CIS will make it gibberish otherwise!
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Sorry — This project went a lot smoother
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) we wrote everything , so the choosing
[Questions] ,PDiL/PEOPLE) Peter?
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) It’s hard to compare
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) over the time distance
[Questions] Peter Tork) because the other was so long ago
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) …
[Questions] ..
[Questions] .
[Questions] Peter Tork) There wwere some peronalitiey comflicts
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) which were different this time — which
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) I won’t go into detail about — n
[Questions] how long do y’all think you’ll be touring? Do you see a tour happening in 2000?
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) We’ll be touring
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) probably on and off until
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) the end of this year.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) The answer to the second
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) qestion is: God, I hope Not!!!!
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) We’ll be touring live on the Internet
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) by then with live conferences —
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Did you get that?
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) you won’t even have to leave home!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) *
[Questions] Peter Tork) Me too!~ Whatever Mickey said!
[Questions] Question from DJA: [73410,3433] Ria Heeringa
[Questions] I’m from The Netherlands. Is there any good news for the European tour?
[Questions] Where? When? (Why? 😉
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Lol!
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) Well, where would be
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) the UK and parts of Europe.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) The when is February, possibly.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) And if you don’t know the answer to why
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) you shouldn’t be asking!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) 😉
[Questions] ,Peter Tork) Wait
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) The European tour is only tentatie
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) at the moment — it depends on how other
[Questions] ,Peter Tork) aspects of the career thing pan out.
[Questions] Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [103454,3043] Tom Calhoun
[Questions] Are you recording any of this tour for another live album? The shows on this to
[Questions] ur are the best you have ever done!
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) We have recorded a few times — thanks.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Whether or not it gets released as a live
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) album is too early to tell. But thanks very much
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) for your encouragement!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) *
[Questions] Peter Tork) Is Mickey through?
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Yep!
[Questions] ,Peter Tork) Basically,
[Questions] Peter Tork) that answers the question.
[Questions] Peter Tork) We have tha album from the 80s tour
[Questions] Peter Tork) on sale now (Dolenz Jones and Tork), but
[Questions] Peter Tork) we don’t have any plans to do one for the
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) 90s tour.
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) next?
[Questions] ,PDiL/PEOPLE) Internet has the next question…
[Questions] Do you guys have any special events planned for September 12, the actual 30th an
[Questions] niversary date?
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) Yes, we do.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Our management has some plans afoot,
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) but it probably won’t be a major
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) public appearance — it
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) will probably be a priovate party where
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) we’ll throw the celebration for
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) our friends and family.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) *
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) (peter…)
[Questions] ,Peter Tork) That about covers it!
[Questions] Question from EXTERNAL NETWORK: [76376,1656] Denise
[Questions] Peter, are you enjoying NOT playing the dummy on the tour this year? You seem t
[Questions] o be having a ton of fun anyway!
[Questions] Peter Tork) AS a matter of fact, the dummy comes
[Questions] ..
[Questions] .
[Questions] Peter Tork) forth twice during the show. I don’t know how he got there. I
[Questions] enjoyplaying mbut I also enjoy playing the suave, erudite, sexy masterful, disti
[Questions] ngue guy.
[Questions] Peter Tork) as well. I am having that much fun and I’m glad it shows.
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) next?
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) (Trying to gather up courage to ask Peter for his phone numbe
[Questions] r…)
[Questions] % Question from PROVIDENCE, RI: [105210,34] PERRY CORVESE
[Questions] I’ve never heard you guys comment on your last 3 original albums (Instant Replay
[Questions] , Present, Changes) You intentionally leave those songs out of your concerts.
[Questions] Do you think they’re inferior to the earlier stuff? What’s the Story?
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) (peter first)
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) I wasn’t on those albums — what do I care?
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) I was thinking about Mickekey’s song
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) LOL
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) Mommy and Daddy, and I would like to have that in
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) the show. Mickey?
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) Hmmm.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) I agree.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) We’ve not left any songs
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) out intentionally,
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) but most of the major hits —
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) and there were quite a few
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) — came off earlier albums, and
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) we only have time for
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) a two-hour show. Basically, we don’t have a chance
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) to do all the songs we’d like.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Patrizia — I just wanted to warn you that
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) they told us as we got off
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) the plane that our show was bumped up a half hour tonight.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) That means I have to bail out of here by
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) 6:45, I’m afraid.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) It has something to
[Questions] do with a curfew here
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) That gives us 15 minutes…
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) in Mancato. (“man-CAH-to”?)
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) More uestions?
[Questions] 1-18,Micky Dolenz) Sorry about that.
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) next is from the Internet!!!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) next?
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Weunderstand.
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Go ahead Internet.
[Questions] You were actors before you were Monkees–what other roles have you played?
[Questions] ,Peter Tork) Shall I go first?
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) I was not a professional actor
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) before the Monkees.
[Questions] Peter Tork) But I did act in college and I was the Player King
[Questions] Peter Tork) in “hamlet” ( in the play withing the play).
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) Since then I have played only a
[Questions] Peter Tork) few parts, “Wings,” “California Dreams” and
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) “Boy Meets World.” And then
[Questions] Peter Tork) I played a character named Peter Tork on
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) Stephen Banks show. Mickey?
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) It’s not correct to say
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) that we were just actors before the show.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) We were
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) actors, singers
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) entertainers.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) The show was cast much in the same way
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) that you would cast a B’way musical.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Before the Monkees, I had been
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) a child styar in a TV series ced the “Circus Boy.”
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) After the Monkees, I had a vairety of roles — includingh
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) the one I have have now in a cable series on USA Network
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) called Pacific Blue.
[Questions] Could you update us on your personal lives? Children, grandchildren, current in
[Questions] terests, etc.?
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Single.
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Four children.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Interests: Physics and polo.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Oh, and the Internet — I actually
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) do surf the Web. I do a lot of newsgroups — a
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) physics news group. But I guess I use it mostly for e-mail.
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) Peter?
[Questions] Peter Tork) Single.
[Questions] Peter Tork) Strapping intelligent , non-smoking, non-drugged,
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) non-meat-eating,
[Questions] Peter Tork) male ISO
[Questions] ,Peter Tork) talented ,
[SERVER] Moderator has left this channel
[Questions] Peter Tork) volumputous redheads. Other haricolor acceptable
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) LOL!
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) Must come down for interview.
[Questions] ,Peter Tork) My interests are music
[Questions] Peter Tork) and finding The Source of the Nile, shall we say.
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) last quedstion…from the Internet!
[Questions] Micky-We heard Davy was having some of those lace-up shirts that you’ve worn since the sixties made for you, have you recieved them?
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) Ha!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Yes, that’s true and
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) thank you for noticing and asking.
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) They’re the only kind of shirt that can
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) contain my massive chest.
[Questions] Peter Tork) LOL!!
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) Peter, ROFLOL
[Questions] ,PDiL/PEOPLE) You’ve got music to make, micky & Peter..
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) And I don’t want you to be late!
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) Will you come on line with us again?
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Please?
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) to I’d love to!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Please!
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) I’d be delighted, as well
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) You’re the greatest!
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Everyone–
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) I’m sorry if yr question wasn’t asked…
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) @@——@—{—-
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) (for you, Patrizia)
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Okay!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Just wanted people
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) A cyber-rose!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) to know that we do have a Monkees
[Questions] ,Micky Dolenz) home page, and a Micky Dolenz page,
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) and that they are easily found
[Questions] (1-49,Peter Tork) And a Peter Tork page!
[Questions] Micky Dolenz) through your friendly WWW search
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) engine.
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Thanks micky & Peter!
[Questions] (1-18,Micky Dolenz) Sorry, Peter — that’s right!
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) You’re the greatest!
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) And you were a great audinece too..
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) and…
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) there is lots of Monkees multimedia
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) both on CIS and Pathfinder!
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) The transcript will be up0 on Friday
[Questions] PDiL/PEOPLE) Good night everyone!
[Questions] (1-22,PDiL/PEOPLE) Thanks again for coming!
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[jgibson] bye
[Robin-Pickles] sigh
hi there
[Dobolina] 🙁
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[Questions] Thanks everybody!
[Dommy] Monkees have left the building
[DolJeNez] Who’s Here?
[Maverick] i waited all day for that?
[JESSE] bye
[Cooper] hey dobolina
[Robin-Pickles] were here!
[Dobolina] bye peter
[Dommy] Guess so
[jgibson] jgibson
[Dobolina] hey cooper
[tami] hey everyone come over to #monkees on DALnet
[a] Bye
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[Cooper] this really sucked
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[beneck] why was I here for that, when I could have been out cleaning garbage cans!
[jdean] Hi!
[JESSE] 45 folks …as quiet as can be….
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[nstrum] (yawn)
[Dobolina] i know 🙁
[jdean] I thin I am back?
[DolJeNez] Ok..I called in sick to work and it ALL just passed me by??
[jdean] argh 🙁
I’ll have the transcript posted within the hour on the home page
[sunshine] How did everyone like thisi
[Chri] Bye from sweden
[michelle] I’m so confussed
[jdean] BORING
[a] On what home page?
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[DolJeNez] I thought it SUCKED
[SONIA] Buah!!!!
[beneck] ditto jdean
[ACTION] Maverick thought peter was gonna punch micky at the beginning
[MageWind] what did this serve?
[JESSE] felt like a child getting in trouble for whispering
[beneck] el stinko!
[Symphie] Boring!!
[Jet-Ray] that really sucked!
[Questions] Sorry they had toiut it short–we had over ions between here and CIS
[jdean] I poofed now a record of 3 times :/
[DolJeNez] How were you supposed to ask a Q?
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[Cooper] randi, I am having trouble posting to the list, is there anyway you could make my last post go in
[starcollector-n-freakA] that RULED!!!!!
[jdean] we knew all the answers!
[JELLYBEAN] bye – I agree it sucked just like their autograph session in NC.
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[TomH] I thought it was rivetting
[Robin-Pickles] I hate moderated chats…
[jdean] yawn
[Dobolina] 🙁
[Dobolina] 🙁
[Dobolina] 🙁
[Earl] So Micky, what songs are on the New Album?
[SnowballCat] now i can see people talk. If you see my comment here, please acknowledge me
[BlueHeron] are they still here
[starcollector-n-freakA] micky loved our LAST QUESTION!!!
[beneck] exactly earl!
[TomH] I haven’t had this much fun since I had my hair cut
thanks for holding it patrizia!
[Maverick] micky told us more last night in less time then they both did today
[Robin-Pickles] hello snoballcat
[MageWind] hey we’re spoiled come on…they come down to our channel
[Dobolina] well bye all, see ya in #monkees
[DolJeNez] I see snowball
[Cooper] that question blew chinks
[MageWind] this was for the non irc’rs too
[jdean] Ok!
[Cooper] chunks
[michelle] what happened why couldn’t we chat with the?
[a] How were we supposed to ask questions?
[jdean] Bye guys!
[JESSE] bye
[Questions] I got you question and passit along DolJeNez
[DolJeNez] You’re right Mav
[Dobolina] I miss Peter
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[Dobolina] bye all
[sunshine] i was not impressed . how do you get on Dalnet
[Robin-Pickles] no kidding…. I am going to #Monkees on the Dal net.. come there…
[sharron] see ya there everyone
[jdean] i would have rathered ask about peta’s underwear than Mick3y shirts 😛
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[Cooper] adios
[a] I liked it, but how were we supposed to ask questions?
[jdean] bye!:)
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[MageWind] Gosh, you logged on at work?
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[starcollector-n-freakA] why there dirty
[Robin-Pickles] go to and go to #monkees we are always there!
[Questions] Yes. Really Dol
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[jdean] 🙂
[BlueHeron] Are they still on-liner
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see you on dalnet
[SnowballCat] Are the Monkees still on here? They said two hours
[Jet-Ray] I asked questions but got no response
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[ACTION] MageWind is off to dalnet
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[DolJeNez] No.
[nstrum] Yeah Mage.
[SONIA] bye everyone.
[DolJeNez] I asked Q’s and I got nothing :/

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