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The Monkees (Changes) – Review

April 13, 2011 by  
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The Monkees (Changes)

        Original Tracks
                Oh My My (Barry & Kim)
                Ticket on a Ferry Ride (Barry & Bloom)
                You're So Good To Me (Barry & Bloom)
                It's Got To Be Love (Goldberg)
                Acapulco Sun (Soles & Albright)
                99 Pounds (Barry)
                Tell Me Love (Barry)
                Do You Feel It Too? (Barry & Kim)
                I Love You Better (Barry & Kim)
                All Alone in the Dark (Soles & Albright)
                Midnight Train (Dolenz)
                I Never Thought It Peculiar (Boyce & Hart)
        Bonus Selections
                Time and Time Again (Chadwick & Jones)
                Do It In The Name of Love (Bloom & Goldberg)
                Lady Jane (Bloom & Goldberg)

Changes is undoubtedly the worst Monkees album, if you can even call it
that.  By 1970, Nesmith had left the group, leaving solely the duo of
Dolenz and Jones.  As Micky stated, "We were mainly fulfilling a
contractual obligation to the record company-- that's what Changes is all
about."  Indeed, the freedom granted to the group on their previous album
was anything but the case on what would be the final album released under
the name "The Monkees."  Still, the liner notes make for some interesting
reading about the mind set during this time, and Changes does have some
good songs to offer.  "Oh My My," "I Love You Better," and the bonus track
"Do It In The Name of Love" were already included in the box set, but
Micky's "Midnight Train" and a couple Jeff Barry tunes are worth checking
out.  Perhaps it's the lack of Tork and Nesmith that makes many avoid this
final album.

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                                                        - Mike Landsberg

Quotes taken from liner notes.

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