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The Monkees 11/11/12 Cupertino CA

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Date :  11/11/2012
City :  Cupertino CA
Venue :  Flint Center for the Performing Arts

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3 Responses to “The Monkees 11/11/12 Cupertino CA”
  1. dplum22 says:

    The concert was great.
    Mike Nesmith still has a great voice.
    I felt Peter Tork’s microphone was failing.
    They needed to pay tribute to Davy Jones by mentioning him by name and acknowledging the loss of him.
    Flint Center needs to be better at selling the merchandise.

  2. crimplet says:

    Couldn’t agree more with dplum22. Why didn’t Mike or Peter even mention Davy’s name. Totally bittersweet but really an unbelievable show. I was really impressed with the energy the boys had. It was almost 2 hours! Brought my wife, 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son. Stoked that we’ll have this memory for our life time. Pete’s headset needs to go or be turned up. Wow, he’s a great bass player!

  3. maracat says:

    You never know what to expect with reunion tours. When The Monkees began to play to a virtually sold out show in Cupertino, I was at first semi-shocked at the great musicianship and quality of the production. There were plenty of backing musicians to ensure that the songs sounded as good as the records, but the difference was very real. Michael Nesmith was a catalyst that they hadn’t had since he keft the band in 1971. His clear toned voice sounded as sharp as ever and his playing was stellar. Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork swapped different instruments and had clearly become even better musicians in the many years that have passed. The fans were animated and the band was feelin’ the love. Interspersed between about every 5th song, was an eloquent and heartfelt tribute to Davy Jones via vintage film and music. I believe that the band really could not express his loss in words and, as a result, let Davy and his work speak for itself. Within the 30 songs they played, when it came time to play “Daydream Believer”, they did the right thing and deferred to two singers from the audience to lead the audience in singing this singularly Davy Jones song. Throughout the show and at the end, I was able to relive simpler times and, even if just for a couple of hours, be a kid again. THANK YOU to The Monkees and the spirit of those who have passed on and for leaving a legacy of tuneful Pop that still holds up today. Lastly, they gave a tribute to those great songwriters who are the foundation of the band: Carole King/David Goffin, Neil Diamond, Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart, and of course the members of The Monkees. It was also nice to see THE BAND that Jimi Hendrix opened FOR during the 1967 tour (well, at least for 3 shows)!. The Monkees LIVE!

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