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(Theme From) AOL Monkees Chat

March 31, 2011 by  
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From: (GoshMizer)
Subject: More of alt.monkees
Date: 1 Apr 1995 00:07:09 -0500

Okay. I figured I’d take a shot at this lyric stuff.
Everyone sing along…

E-Mail Box
(from alt.birds, alt.bees and alt.monkees)

{ should be sung over piano part as “at a o l dot com”}

Logged on AOL the other night to look around
’bout five minutes later the whole system just shut down
Now I can’t get logged back on, I’m getting really cheesed!
Won’t someone tell me what just happened please?

E-mail Box
E-mail Box

I’ve been treated very poorly,
better try again…

Thought there was a folder ’bout The Monkees around here,
Guess nobody posted so it must’ve disappeared.
Now my system has locked up, I can’t reboot my Mac –
I think I’m gonna have a heart attack!

E-mail Box
E-mail Box

(harpsichord solo)

I’ve been asking for assistance, they won’t answer me!

Tried to find the chat room once again last Friday night,
Wound up with a bunch of nuns, so something isn’t right…
All my files vanish as my hard disk starts to smoke,
What is this – some kind of stupid joke?

E-mail Box
(For some reason the host has failed to respond. Please continue.)
E-mail Box

I’m not liking what I’m typing, post it anyway…


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