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(Theme From) Alt.Monkees

March 31, 2011 by  
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From: (David McLallen)
Subject: The alt.monkees theme song!
Date: 7 Mar 1995 12:41:31 -0700

Okay, gang – I’ve been working on this for oh, minutes now! Let me know
what you all think:


Here we come, surfing down the net
We get the funniest posts from everyone we’ve met
Hey, hey we’re alt.monkees,
And we alt.monkee around!
But we’re too busy typing to flame anybody down.

Post whatever we want to
Off-topic? Oh, how true!
Anytime we get restless
We get a joke from Hoo!

Hey, hey we’re alt.monkees
And we alt.monkee around
But we’re too busy typing to flame anybody down

We’re just trying to be friendly
So come and watch us post and play
We’re the Monkee-fan nation
And we’ve got something to say!

Anytime or anywhere
Just look over your shoulder
Make sure your boss ain’t there!

Hey, hey we’re alt.monkees!

So – how many headaches have I caused?

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