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Take The On-Ramp To Alt.Monkees

March 31, 2011 by  
Filed under romps

		Take the On-Ramp to Usenet

Take the on-ramp to usenet
And I'll meet you at alt.monkees
You can be here by -16:30:00 GST
'Cause we've got Nesmith and Micky
Please don't flame
That's not our game
That's not our game

'Cause I'm posting in alt.monkees
And I must ask Eva F.
Is there room for not-on-topic postings
Or more info for the Micky-is-Dead FAQ?
Where's the Trivia FAQ?
Please bring it back!
And I don't know if we have another FAQ

Take the on-ramp to usenet
But I have to logout fast
These dumb freenet accounts don't like to let your login sessions last
My system's crashed
I'm back at last
I'm back at last!
And I still don't know about the other FAQ

Take the on-ramp to usenet
Take the on-ramp to usenet...

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