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Movie Script: TALES – The Sequel to Head

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Complete silence.
Screen is black.
Title appears, centered, plain white letters.

Screen remains black throughout the following.

(SFX) Door opens. Sounds of a club crowd are heard briefly. Door
closes. Sound of light being switched on. Footsteps. Sound of TV
being switched on. Sound of person settling into chair. Contented
sigh as:

Screen is filled with image of TV picture coming into focus. TV
sound up.

TV PICTURE: Opening credits from THE MONKEES . Intercut where
appropriate, shots of MIKE, MICKY and PETER arriving at the club,
taking seats at table etc. Where credits for show’s writers etc.
appear, have credits for movie people. Episode begins.

PULLBACK SLIGHTLY TO REVEAL: Silhouette of viewer, hand reaching
out to adjust picture etc.

(SFX) Knock on door. Sound of door opening.

VOICE: Two minutes!

DAVY: Right. (SWITCHES OFF TV) I’m not in this one anyway…


MIKE, MICKY, and PETER are seated at a table fairly close to the
stage. They are having beverages, and talking.

MIKE: Hey, Pete, I thought you said this place was highly

PETER: No. What I said was I had been told we might find it an
interesting place to have dinner.

MICKY: Whoever said that probably thinks DENNY’S is haute

MIKE: Well, we’re here now, so let’s just relax and have a good
time, OK?

(MICKY and PETER agree with this)

MIKE: So, Pete…how’s life in the old schoolhouse these days?

PETER: Oh, man ! It just gets worse every day! Being a
vice-principal is THE WORST! And it’s not just the kids who give
me headaches. There’s our new principal who has NO idea how to
deal with problems. How he ever got the job is beyond me. Like,
just yesterday….

FLASHBACK: Peter has just suspended a student for a very serious
offense. The principal, cowed by an irate parent with influence,
has, despite Peter’s protests, lifted the suspension. This is the
last straw in a day filled with them and he storms out of school
feeling useless, fed up, and completely stressed out.

PETER: You know, all I really wanted to do was teach. Going for
that Ph.D. was a big mistake. Instead of making things better,
it’s ruined them! And now with these stupid reruns on every night
my credibility with the students and the faculty is going right
down the drain. I wish I’d never done that stupid show in the
first place! (SIGH) . All I wanted was my own little

MICKY: So, why don’t you just go back and do what you want?

PETER: It’s just not that easy….I can’t just dump my
responsibilities. Besides, the powers that be don’t like
backwards movement. (PAUSE, THEN TO MICKY) But how about you?
That IS you doing all those educational films, isn’t it? There
can’t be TWO of you!

MICKY: Yeah, that’s me! Cecil B. DeDolenz. Perhaps you’ve seen my
and PETER shake their heads “No”). Oh, well….. So you think
working with kids is bad? You should try actors! The shoot for
this film was REALLY something….

FLASHBACK: A soundstage. They are filming scenes to be inserted
into the nature footage. Robin Williams is dressed in a penguin
suit. Everyone is tired, cranky, and fed up—except Robin, who
is free-associating like crazy while Micky slowly loses it.
They’ve been working 15 hours straight just to get 3 short
scenes, but Robin keeps going off. (SUITABLE DIALOGUE TO BE AD

MICKY: 147 takes—can you believe it? We finally got enough
footage to piece the scenes together, worked for two days around
the clock to put together the finished product, and the company
changed their minds. Now they want a more serious film for older
students. Educational is right! I never knew how extensive my
vocabulary was until then. No wonder I’m losing my hair!

(MIKE and PETER smile at this)

MIKE: So THAT’S what’s doing it!

MICKY: Very funny…Features…that’s where I belong….But I
just can’t seem to break in! Nobody will give an ex-Monkee a
chance with a big project. I thought all my experience would be
an asset. How wrong I was!

MIKE: Hey, at least you get to be creative! How’d you like to
spend your days on the phone, never getting out of the office,
dealing with purchasing, shipping, delivery. And the complaints!
Every time somebody messes up I hear about it! This whole week’s
been a nightmare! First the materials weren’t delivered…

FLASHBACK: Mike’s office. Phones constantly ringing, more and
more paperwork arrives to be dealt with, etc. He’s on the phone
trying to find out where the videotape due at the company ended

MIKE: Tahiti!!!???? What’s it doing in TAHITI???? There aren’t
any Tahiti condos….

On another line, an irate producer waiting for his props, which
haven’t been delivered to the set, calls from unhappy
distributors come in, unhappy over mixed up orders, sabotaged
tapes, etc. The boss roars in demanding these problems be
solved. Finally, with a maniacal laugh, Mike starts plastering
price stickers on a carton of Monkees videos, sticking them over
his own face….

MIKE: Man, I thought I’d be MAKIN’ videos instead of selling
them! That’s why I joined the company in the first place. And
here I am, still in an office. I don’t even have time to WATCH
them anymore! And I’m so SICK of customers asking “Where’s the
hat?”. I wish I’d never even HEARD of wool hats!

(Lights go down)

MICKY: Looks like the show’s starting. What’s the act, anyway?

PETER: I couldn’t tell–there are so many lights out on the

(On stage, a small spot illuminates a TV monitor. A tape begins
to play featuring DAVY in selected scenes from the show.)

MIKE: What the….?

MICKY and PETER, mouths open in surprise, watch.

(Suddenly the tracking goes bad. The tape sticks.)

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, The Norwegian Blue is proud to
present a man who helped shape the culture of a generation, a
true legend in the music business. So put your hands together and
give it up one time for MR. DAVID THOMAS JONES!!!!

(The picture tube blows just as DAVY bounds on stage. He is
wearing a red crushed velvet suit whose tastefully sequined satin
lapels twinkle in the light from the glitter ball overhead)

DAVY: Thank you, for your warm welcome. And now for my first


(During the last chorus he notices his three former partners at
their table and waves to them. Realizing that DAVY will probably
do something tasteless, they try to escape but are unable to get
away without causing a scene. They hunch down in their chairs,
knowing disaster is about to strike)

DAVY: Ladies and gentlemen!!! This is a TOTAL surprise to me! Out
in the audience tonight (THE GUYS SLIDE FURTHER DOWN IN THEIR
CHAIRS, ATTEMPTING TO AVOID NOTICE) are my three best friends in
the world. Three men who helped me shape the ’60’s generation
with my music!! So let’s hear it for MICKY, MICHAEL and PETER!!!

(Realizing that they are stuck, they stand and acknowledge the
applause with teeth gritting smiles. If looks could kill, DAVY
would be six feet under.)

PETER (Through clenched teeth): Just wait until I get to work on
Monday and see the guy who recommended this place. He’ll be so

(They sit down, embarrassed. A few moments later, DAVY comes over
to their table and sits down.)

DAVY: It was a real surprise to see you here tonight, fellahs.
How nice of you to came and see me.

MICKY: Well, actually….(MIKE SIGNALS HIM “NO”)

MIKE: Yeah, old buddy. we heard you were working here and decided
to check it out. (He gives MICKY and PETER a “look”)

PETER (Picking up on it): Yeah, right. We wanted to see how
you’re doing.

MICKY: Yeah. Doing.

PETER (To MICKY): Don’t do that.

MIKE: You know, it’s really a good thing we’re here. There’s
something we’d like to talk to you about. It seems that…(Loud
laughter from the next table interrupts.)

DAVY: Why don’t we go back to my dressing room where we can talk
a little more privately?

VARIOUSLY: Yeah, sure. Good idea. Lead the way.

DAVY: I wish I’d kept the film crew here. this would be make a
GREAT scene…me and my old buddies…

(The others look at one another puzzled, but they follow DAVY
without asking about the missing crew. They don’t dare. He might
tell them)


(They enter the dressing room, which we now see is furnished in a
style best described as faux Broadway.)

DAVY: Make yourselves comfortable. Can I offer you anything?
(Indicates various beverages. They indicate “No”)

MIKE: Well, Davy, that was SOME kinda show you did. Real

MICKY (aside to PETER): To say the least!

PETER (to MICKY): Shhh. Let Mike tell him.

DAVY: Tell me what? What’s going on here?

MIKE: It’s really kinda sad. See, somebody bought the old beach
house and all the other property down there….


MIKE: Well, they’re going to tear it down and put up a huge
industrial park, pave over the higher ground for parking lots…

DAVY: That’s terrible!!! All that pretty seashore….

MICKY: See, that’s why we got together. See, some of us still
have friends who live there, and we wanted to see if we could
think of a way to stop this project, or at least change it.

DAVY: Well, gee…I don’t know what I could do…maybe if they
knew I once lived there….

(The others exchange “looks”)

PETER (annoyed at this self-absorbtion): They wouldn’t care if
George Washington slept there! All the developer wants is to turn
a quick buck! If people get hurt, so what? Can you imagine…of
all things, an industrial park …ON OUR BEACH! It’s criminal!
It’ll ruin the whole ecology of the area….

MIKE: Peter, Peter, calm down. We know how you feel, but right
now isn’t the time for all that.

PETER nods in agreement and relaxes a bit.

PETER: Sorry. I just got carried away…

DAVY: And…?

MICKY: Well, we’re going down there tomorrow, to look
around…you know, see the old place again. And maybe talk to
some of the folks there. We thought you might want to come
along…for old times’ sake.

DAVY: Sure, why not? I had some great times there. Wonder if
everyone will remember me? This will be great for the
film…back to the old neighborhood where it all started….

PETER (encouraging the others): Sure, it’ll be terrific.

DAVY: I’ll have to arrange for the crew to meet us there…I’m
doing a documentary about my career.

MIKE: Fine. I’m going to get the keys tomorrow morning, but Micky
and Peter will pick you up, OK?

MICKY and PETER: Yeah, no problem.

DAVY: Fine. Meet me here. I’ll be ready at 10:00. Don’t be late.
I’m a busy man. I don’t have time to waste.

MICKY (somewhat disgusted): Yeah, Davy. Sure. (Aside to MIKE: Who
does he think he IS, anyway?)

PETER (Ushering the others out): We’ll be here. See you in the

They leave. DAVY sits and dials phone. He starts giving orders to
the film crew.


MORNING. MICKY and PETER are on their way to meet DAVY. MICKY is
driving. The radio is playing, and they find themselves singing

MICKY: Hey, that sounded pretty decent! Guess we still got it,

PETER: We may have it, but do we want it? Look at Davy….

MICKY: Yeah. Did you believe that act of his? Now THAT was a

PETER: And his attitude! Man, he’s really changed! Too bad….

MICKY: He used to have much better taste, that’s for sure.

PETER: Look at the time! We’d better move it. Wouldn’t want to
keep such a busy man waiting!


MICKY: Right! Hang on!!

They speed up. Another song comes on the radio. We hear them
singing along as they move on down the road.



(CUT TO) MIKE driving along a downtown street. He’s driving a
classic car—either a ’66 or ’67, model to be determined. The
same song we last heard MICKY and PETER singing is playing on his
radio, and he, too, is singing along. As the song ends, he pulls
up in front of a large office building, goes inside, consults the
directory and enters the elevator.(POSSIBLE CAMEO HERE). He
leaves the elevator and goes into the office of the Evil

name is Michael Nesmith. I’m here to pick up the keys to 1334 N.

SECRETARY: Oh, yes Mr. Nesmith. Here they are. (Hands MIKE the
key, which has a tag attached with a string.) I understand you’ll
be keeping them for the weekend. Please be sure to return them to
me Monday morning. By eleven, if possible.

MIKE: Thanks. (Looking at door to Evil Developer’s office.)

SECRETARY ( Reading his look): I’m afraid that would be quite
impossible. Good day. I’ll see Monday morning WITH the keys.

MIKE: Uh, yes. Good-bye.

He leaves.


(CUT TO) MICKY and PETER are just pulling up in front of the
club. DAVY is standing there, impatiently pacing, studying his
watch, etc. MICKY honks the horn.

MICKY: Here we are, Davy!

DAVY (testily): You’re late!!

MICKY (annoyed): What do you mean “late”? It’s just ten now…!

DAVY: It’s nearly five after! You’re just lucky I decided to
wait! I’m a ….

MICKY (interrupting) We know, you’re a very busy man. Well so am
I. I have better things to do than….

PETER: Whoa, fellas, that’s enough! (TO DAVY): We’re wasting
VALUABLE TIME, so just get in, OK? Mike’s probably at the house
by now….sheesh….

DAVY (somewhat chastened but unwilling to admit it): Well, OK.
But you WERE late. (HE GETS IN)

MICKY (aside to PETER): If he doesn’t lay off, I swear….

PETER (aside to MICKY): Calm down. Just consider the source.
(ALOUD) OK? Let’s get this show on the road!

MICKY pulls a perfect 180, and they take off, radio blaring.


AT THE BEACH. They pull up in front of the beach house, which,
while structurally sound, has the look of a place long empty.
There’s a kind of melancholy about it, as if it knows it is

(They get out of the car)

MICKY (Looking it over): Well, here we are! Gee, the old place
hasn’t changed a bit, has it?

PETER: Still the same old house. I didn’t realize how much I
missed it….

DAVY: Yeah, yeah. Let’s go inside. The film crew will be here
soon. I wonder if anything of mine is still here…? (Tries the

PETER: We can’t. Mike’s not here yet, and he has the key. Come
on, let’s go down to the beach. This might be our last chance…

MICKY: True, true. Sad, but true….LET’S GO!!!!

They run down onto the sand. We see people doing all the typical
beach things. The guys get into the spirit of the place, running
through the surf, batting around a beach ball etc.

MIKE (From the house deck): Hey guys!!! GUYS!!! UP HERE!!! (He
gets their attention) COME ON UP!!!

They hurry up the stairs to join him.

MIKE: Come on! Let’s get inside. (He unlocks the door. They

Much of the furniture is gone, but some of the old fixtures still
remain—the wooden indian, the posters, the kitchen table and
chairs, etc.

They look around tentatively, as though expecting someone to
challenge their presence. After a few moments, the familiar
things put them at ease and they begin exploring.

MICKY: Wow! Would you look at this! It’s hardly changed at all.
It’s like no one’s lived here since we left.

MIKE: The new owner told me that no one HAS lived here. A couple
of times it was rented as work space, but for the last few years
it’s been used by the tenant as storage.

DAVY and PETER have been poking around.

DAVY (Reaching into a cupboard): Hey! Look what I found! (It’s
one red maraca.) Wonder why this is still here? I’d have

MICKY (Taking it): I’ll show you why. (He shakes it. Nothing.)
Not much call for a silent maraca.

DAVY (Grabbing it back): I’LL take that! What a wonderful
artifact! Those were some good times…


PETER (From basement): Hey, guys! Come down here a minute!

(The others go downstairs. PETER is standing next to a harp
half-covered by a tarp.)

PETER: Look at this! I thought we got rid of it before we moved
out…(He uncovers it and plays a couple of glissandos). Still in
tune. Amazing! (He rubs its carving affectionately) I’d forgotten
all about this….


(He sighs and pulls the tarp back over it.)

PETER: Let’s check the upstairs. I wonder what else is around

They go back upstairs. MICKY goes into the bedroom . Sounds of
drawers opening and closing, doors slamming, general banging

MICKY (Coming back into the livingroom): Would you look at this!
(He holds up a small, dark object) Remember the trouble we had
with THIS thing!



MIKE: Put that thing away!! It’s bad luck!!

MICKY sets it on the table. MIKE goes up to the second floor. The
others follow. They look around the bedroom, open the drawers,
etc. MIKE opens the closet, sees nothing then starts to close it.
Something catches his eye. It is a small box. He takes it out.

MIKE: Hey, fellas…(They turn and gather around him asking “What
is it?” etc)

MICKY: Well…go on, open it!


He opens the box. There inside is a WOOL HAT.

MIKE: Well, how do you like that? I KNOW I got rid of ALL of
those things. I wonder how this got here?

DAVY: Shhh. Listen…

They hear music. It is one of their old songs. It seems to be
coming from downstairs. They go down to investigate and find that
it is coming from the beach. They go outside. The beach is
completely deserted. The music is still playing. They go down
onto the sand.



They look around.

PETER (pointing down the beach): Look, there they are!

MIKE: Let’s go talk to them. Maybe they can tell up something
about the developer…

They start down the beach. Soon they can see that there are four
young men listening to the radio. They get close enough to speak.

MICKY: Hey, do you guys live around here? We were wondering….

The four young men turn around, and it is them, as they were back
in the ’60’s. For a long moment they just stand there in shock,
then, as one, they turn and run back toward the house (MUSIC UP:
LONG TITLE) pursued by their younger selves. They finally reach
the house, run inside and slam the door behind them, leaning on
it breathlessly. They turn to fasten the lock, and when they turn
back find that the younger selves are right behind them. Each of
the younger selves reaches out and touches his present-day
counterpart. There is a great flash (a la QUANTUM LEAP). When the
brightness fades, THE MONKEES are in a black box with no exit,
and just enough light to let them see where they are.



They are trapped.

MICKY: Oh no! Not AGAIN!!

MIKE (nervously): Let’s not panic. There MUST be a way out….

PETER is examining the walls, tapping them, etc.

DAVY: How did this happen….?

PETER (matter-of-factly): I can get us out of here.

MICKY (sarcastically): SURE you can…How?

PETER: Well, I’ll need a few things…

MIKE (interested): Like what?

PETER: Let’s see….(thinks). I’ll need a piece of string, two
coins, some chewing gum, a paper clip…

MICKY (to camera): Isn’t that dumb?

MIKE: Oh, come on, Mick. What have we got to lose?


(MUSIC UP: Theme from “Mission: Impossible. Music heard under the

MIKE unties the string from the housekey and hands it to PETER.
Reluctantly, MICKY produces a couple of quarters, then adds his
gum. MIKE finds a paper clip. PETER uses each item as it is
handed to him.


PETER (reaching for the next item): Mirror… (NOTHING) Uh,
guys, I said…

He turns. MICKY and MIKE are wearing a “Where are we going to get
THAT?” expression. PETER looks from one to the other. Suddenly,
all at once the light goes on and they turn and stare at DAVY,
who is checking his appearance, fascinated by those starry little
twinkles in his eyes. PETER holds out his hand with that “Hand it
over RIGHT NOW!” look.

All three just stare at DAVY. He holds firm for a few moments,
then, with a resigned sigh

DAVY: Oh, all RIGHT!! But I want it back! (Hands mirror to

(MUSIC UP: “Mission: Impossible)

PETER turns and does whatever with his strange collection of


PETER: There, it’s done! OK, now stand back!

They move away. There is a hissing sound, then a muffled boom.
The wall collapses revealing an escape route which they take as
fast as they can.



MICKY (brushing himself off): Hey, man, that was GREAT!! How’d
you DO that? I mean, I never thought…

MIKE: Yeah, Pete, when’d you get to be so scientific?

PETER: Piece of cake! (GRINS) Who do you think taught MacGyver?

MICKY stands there with his mouth hanging open. PETER reaches
over and closes it.

DAVY (amazed): Who would have thought it…(remembering) Hey,
where’s my mirror?

PETER (laughing): Back there, in about a million pieces. But
don’t worry, Davy, (Pats his shoulder in mock sympathy) I’ll buy
you a new one.

MIKE: Don’t worry about that now! Let’s get out of here before
something else happens!

They turn and see that their trap is just an empty lot.

DAVY: Hey, wasn’t there a bank here this morning….?

MICKY: I don’t like this….let’s go….



They hurry along the street, and, going through a nondescript
door, find themselves in a diner. After a few surprised moments,
they sit at a booth, taking the opportunity to try and figure out
what’s going on. As they look over the menus, they hear a
disturbance from the next booth. Seems a guy (Jack Nicholson (?))
wants a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat toast, but since
it’s not on the menu, he can’t have it. He can have whole wheat
toast, or a chicken salad platter, but NOT a chicken salad

The waitress (Anna Nicole Smith) catches PETER’S eye and flirts
with him over the top of the booth. This KILLS DAVY, who has been
trying to get her attention.

PETER (pulling DAVY’S chain a little): Well, it can’t ALWAYS be
you, Davy!

DAVY (annoyed): Why not?

Before anyone can answer, the waitress appears at the table
(MUSIC UP: MILKSHAKE) Waitress spills soup, Nicholson starts a
food fight, waitress’s state of (un)dress suggested by various
buttons undone on tight uniform, (actions appropriate to song and
situation) Elvis as the chef, a gorilla picks up a take-out
order, a frozen burger patty hits DAVY in the head etc.


The guys are back in their booth, breathless and tired.

MIKE (wheezing): Man, I’m getting too old for that stuff. I ain’t
gonna do that NO MORE!

MICKY (breathless): Me either!

PETER: Maybe if we worked out a few times a week….?


PETER: On the other hand, it IS kind of dated….

The guy in the next booth is still complaining.


GUY (to waitress): Oh, forget it! I’ll go someplace where they
KNOW how to make a sandwich!!!

He leaves. As he walks past the camera, we see that it is indeed
Jack Nicholson.

The waitress is still flirting, the chef, carrying his knife
comes out of the kitchen and starts an argument with her. The
guys have had enough excitement.

MIKE: Let’s get out of here!!

OTHERS: Right!

They sneak past the fighting couple and then hurry out the door
and down the street.


The guys rush out of the diner, right into the path of an
anti-war demonstration. (possibly a cameo or two here). They
scramble out of the way and watch it pass by completely

MICKY: Man, this is really weird…I wish I knew what was
happeneing here….

The street is suddenly completely empty and silent.

MIKE: And not a soul in sight either…What happened to them….?

Suddenly a girl (Julie Newmar) appears, walking towards them.
There’s something familiar about her, but none of them can quite
put a finger on it until:

DAVY: April!! Hey, fellahs! It’s April!!

She walks by as though they weren’t there.

DAVY (calling after her): April!! April!!! Wait!! It’s me!!

He starts after her. At the corner, she stops, looks at him and
smiles, then disappears around the corner of the building. DAVY
reaches the corner seconds later and stops cold. He is VERY
surprised, and not pleasantly so. The others quickly follow.

PETER (calling to him): Hey! Davy! Wait!

They join DAVY at the corner.

DAVY (stunned): She’s gone…

MIKE: What do you mean “gone”? She couldn’t just vanish for
crying out loud….

DAVY: Oh, really? Then where is she?

MICKY: Probably went into a building or something….

DAVY: WHAT building?

There are no doors or windows. Only blank walls along the street,
which curves away a little further along.

DAVY: Come on. we’ve got to find her….


They go along the street, and as they pass a TV store, they
glance in the window. The news is just ending, and they stand
transfixed. It is “The Huntley-Brinkley Report”. There’s an ad,
then “The Monkees” comes on. They watch, confusion and a little
fear being the order of the day.

VOICEOVER (Rod Serling style): For your consideration….four
men, known collectively as The Monkees, united by a common
experience, take a stroll down on ordinary street and find
themselves in….The Twilight Zone…. (Or the like)

MICKY (looking around searchingly): Hey! Who said that?

PETER: Huh? Said what? Nobody said anything….

DAVY: You’re hearing things….

MICKY: No, really. I heard this voice….It was kinda familiar
too, and….

MIKE: Oh, Micky, cut it out. that’s not funny.

MICKY: No! I’m not joking! I really heard….

DAVY: Sure you did….Come on.


DAVY and PETER drag MICKY along, protesting all the way. Suddenly
they plow right into MIKE in a typical Monkee pile-up.

MIKE (standing completely still, wide-eyed, awestruck): Well
would you look at that….

The others look and they too stand open-mouthed in disbelief.

Directly in front of them, just leaving the hotel and entering a
limo parked at the curb are The Beatles (dressed a la “Sgt.
Pepper”). Each comes out and enters the car. Last of all comes
John. He glances around, sees the guys, smiles and waves, then
gets in. The limo pulls away.

PETER (completely awestruck): That…that COULDN’T have
been….could it???

DAVY: This can’t be happening….

MIKE: I don’t like this….Not one bit….

MICKY: I TOLD you there was something….

MIKE: Come on guys. We’ve got to get out of here…


They hurry up the street, passing a theater showing “Easy Rider”,
a record shop featuring Hendrix recordings, etc. Suddenly:

DAVY: Look!! (Points up the street) there she is!!

Glimpse of April entering a small club. They hurry after her and
go inside. Again, there is no sign of her. As their eyes adjust
to the dimness, they hear the familiar opening chords to a song
they know well. (“Daydream Believer” perhaps). They look towards
the stage and see the THENS performing. they are obviously having
fun—playful, friendly etc. As the NOWS watch. a subtle change
occurs in each one—a softening of attitude, perhaps…maybe a
certain sadness.

PETER (almost to himself): Were we really that happy? WAS it that
much fun? (Pause. Then to MIKE) Michael….what’s happened to us?

MIKE: (Putting his hand on PETER’S shoulder) I don’t know, good
buddy. I just don’t know….

They watch the rest of the number then applaud with the rest of
the audience.

MIKE: Let’s go talk to them. Maybe they can help us figure this
thing out….

They head towards tha bandstand, but the THENS spot them and take
off out the back door. The NOWS chase them. They arrive just in
time to see the THENS take off in the Monkeemobile.


MIKE’S car is parked there (the same car he was driving earlier,
only now, it’s brand new), and after a momentary shock, they pile
in and follow, but lose their quarry in traffic. MIKE pulls

MICKY: So what do we do now?

DAVY: Let’s go back to the club. Maybe someone there can tell us
how to find them. And maybe April will be there….

PETER: Good idea. I mean, we’ve got to start SOMEPLACE….

MIKE: OK, here we go…

They drive back to the club and go inside.


They spot the manager (Dennis Hopper) and approach him.

MIKE: Excuse me, sir, but we’re…

MANAGER: Oh, THERE you are! How dare you leave in the middle of a
show? Who do you think you are? And what’s with the costumes?
(Indicates their clothes etc). I didn’t hire a freak show, I
hired a band!!

MIKE: No, wait. You don’t understand….

MANAGER: No, YOU don’t understand. (The crowd is starting to turn
ugly). Either you get out there RIGHT NOW or I can PROMISE you
(indicating a couple of “bouncer” types) you will NEVER play
anything again…Now do we all understand one another?

Discretion being the better part of valor….

MIKE: Yes sir. We sure do. Let’s go on out there….

(The others indicate agreement, and they head for the stage)

MANAGER (Shouting after them): And get rid of those weird
clothes! It’s not Halloween!

They step out on the stage and somewhat awkwardly pick up the
instruments. After a little consultation and a false start or
two, they begin to play. (Song to be determined, but it should be
something they could pick up again easily). A bit rough at first,
they quickly get into the rhythm of the song and play smoothly.
As they do so, we can see them become happier, less worried
looking, more content. They are starting to “get it”. By the end
of the song, they are changed. The “spark” that had been missing
has been regained. They have started to reclaim that part of
themselves. They enjoy the applause, have fun with it.

PETER: Hey, Mike…

MIKE: Yeah?

PETER: It really WAS that good…

MIKE: Yeah, Pete. It was.

The applause starts to die down, the audience’s attention no
longer on them.

MICKY: Hey, guys. We’d better get out of here.

DAVY: Yeah. This has been great, but we’ve got to find our way

MICKY (clicking his heels together): There’s no place like home,
there’s no place like home….

DAVY: What are you doing? THAT’S not going to help!

PETER (mischieviously): Oh…I don’t know….We’ve already GOT a

DAVY takes a playful swing at PETER, who ducks, laughing.

MIKE (who’s been looking around cautiously): Come on, you guys,
let’s go before he makes us do another set….

They head outside, and at the car, decide to return to the beach.

MIKE: Well, I guess the beach IS the logical place to
look….that’s where it all started….

MICKY: OK, let’s go. It can’t get any weirder…..Can it?

PETER: I certainly hope not!

They get into the car and drive off.


They arrive at the beachhouse and find the Monkeemobile parked in
front. The house is as it was THEN. They go in and look around.
Finding it empty, they go down onto the beach. It too is empty,
but there are indications that someone has passed by. They walk
up the beach, keeping a sharp lookout.

DAVY: Just look at this place….It’s beautiful. Why would anyone
want to destroy it?

PETER (sadly): It’s all a matter of money….You know, I’ll bet
the developer’s never even been down here. They should require
all developers to visit the places they’ll be destroying….I’ll
bet THAT would change some things…..

They have gone a very long way along the shore—much further
than migt be expected. They stop and look around. The beach is
exceptionally beautiful at that moment.


Suddenly MICKY points back down the way they came.

MICKY: Hey!! there they are!!!

They all turn and see the THENS about 100 yards away. The THENS
start to move away.

MICKY: Hey, guys!! Wait!! We just want to talk!!!

This chase mirrors the first one. The THENS turn and run down the
beach with the NOWS in hot pursuit, heading for the house.
(MUSIC: “That Was Then, This Is Now”). The THENS run into the
house and are cornered in the livingroom by the NOWS. As the NOWS
reach out and touch their THEN counterparts, there is a blinding
flash, and when it fades, they are in a dark, confined space.


DAVY: Hey, what IS this? We already DID this bit!

MICKY (to PETER, who has been examining the walls, etc.): OK, Mr.
Science, can you get us out of THIS mess?

PETER: Sure. Easy as pie.

MICKY: Oh, yeah? What do you need THIS time? A rubber band and a

PETER (laughing): NO!!

He reaches down and turns a knob. The door opens. They are in the
livingroom closet. PETER ushers them out with a comic bow.

MICKY: Aren’t we dumb?

DAVY (to PETER): Now don’t tell me THAT came from MacGyver….

PETER (with a completely straight face): Nope. (pause) Bob Vila.

After a moment the joke sinks in, and they all laugh. They go out
onto the deck. The beach is it’s usual busy self. There’s a knock
at the door. It’s DAVY’S film crew.

DAVY (annoyed): Where have you been!

CAMERAMAN: You said eleven. It’s just that now….

They realize that their “adventure” had taken hardly any time.
The crew sets up and begins to film.

DAVY: Yes, this is where it all began for me. I always knew I’d
make it, and I….

He looks over and sees MIKE, MICKY nad PETER watching, shaking
their heads hopelessly.

DAVY: We, that is, my friends and I, started out here together,
and, even though I’ve made it big, I have to thank them for
keeping my head on straight. My ego might have grown huge without
them around…….etc.

PETER (with a little laugh): The more things change…..

MICKY: Well, at least he’s TRYING….

MIKE: Yes. Very.

MICKY and PETER look at him surprised.

PETER: Michael!!!

MIKE: I’m kidding. Really.

There are sounds of a commotion out front, interrupting the

DAVY: NOW what? What’s all the noise about?

MIKE: I don’t know. Come on….

They go out front.



A limo is just pulling slowly through the angry crowd. It stops
and the driver gets out, come around to open the door.

MICKY (to neighbor): Who’s THAT?

NEIGHBOR: The developer…..I can’t believe it….finally….

The SECRETARY stepd from the car, carrying several folders. She
waits. Slowly the developer emerges. It is April—a tough,
no-nonsense April, all business.

DAVY (surprised beyond belief): Look!! It’s…it’s….April!!!

The others stare, just as shocked.

PETER: I can’t believe it!!

DAVY: What’s happened to her? She was NEVER like this….

They watch from the back of the crowd as April begins to speak.
DAVY whispers to cameraman, who starts filming.

APRIL (briskly, hard…all business): All right. You wanted me
here. I’m here. And it doesn’t change a thing. You’ve got exactly
48 hours to clear out or I’ll have the lot of you arrested for

Noises from crowd—angry, upset, frustrated.

NEIGHBOR: But that’s barely enough time to pack….you never….

APRIL (cutting him off): That’s not my problem. You knew that
these buildings had been sold. Now get out.

MIKE starts forward, determined to have a say, but DAVY stops

DAVY: Let me handle this….I think I can talk to her….

He moves through the crowd and stands directly in front of her.

DAVY: April….

APRIL (annoyed): Yes?

DAVY: Don’t you remember me?

APRIL (coldly): Yes. Of course. David. Nice to see you. Now if
you’ll excuse me….

She turns to get into the car.

DAVY: Wait. Please. (She does so, a coldly amused smile
flickering on her face). Look at this place…Don’t you remember
all the good times we had here? How much you loved coming down
here? The time we spent together….? What’s happened to you?

APRIL (still coldly smiling): I grew up. Surely you didn’t think
I’d spend all my life pining after YOU?

(DAVY’S expression indicates that at least a little part of him
DID think just that)

APRIL (with a little laugh): I had better things to do. I built
this empire all by myself, and I didn’t do it by being

(Perhaps a montage showing April’s empire building—from one
laundromat to a multinational corporation would be useful)

APRIL: That was then, this is now, and now is business.

MIKE, MICKY and PETER have joined DAVY.

MIKE: Now look, this isn’t fair. These people have the right of
first refusal. You can’t deny them that chance.

APRIL: I can’t?

MIKE: No, you can’t. And I’ll tell you something else, if you
don’t GIVE them their chance, this is going to be all over the
news by 6:00 tonight. Denying people their legal rights is
serious stuff., and we can tie you up in court for
YEARS….besides giving your company a pretty black eye….

He indicates the camera.

APRIL consults one of the documents her secretary hands her.

APRIL: Very well. You have until 6:00 pm. Monday to raise $1
million dollars. In cash. If you can do that, I’ll sell the
property to you for that amount.

MIKE: Wait! Tomorrow’s Sunday….can’t we have an extra day?

APRIL (amused by this situation): All right. 6:00 pm Tuesday.

They all agree and shake hands.

DAVY: And we’ve got it on film, so if you even TRY to go back on
your word, it’ll be all over the tabloids in a matter of

APRIL: Oh, don’t worry. I keep MY word.

APRIL and the SECRETARY get back into the limo.

SECRETARY: Excuse me, but this property is worth at least 100
times what you’ve agreed to sell it for…I don’t understand….

APRIL: $1 million, or $100 million, it doesn’t matter, because
they won’t even come close. This way they THINK they have a
chance, but they don’t. I’m going to enjoy this….

The limo drives off.

Everyone is very excited, because now there’s a chance that they
can save their homes. Until they realize exactly what it is they
need to do. The guys decide to do a benefit concert. They swing
into action, calling in every favor thay can think of. And in the
process, they learn that, though it seemed that their lives had
become meaningless, they DID have an impact on others. MICKY’S
film company offers to film the concert, and MIKE’S volunteers to
produce and package the film as a video which will be pre-sold at
the concert, and then afterwards. PETER’S students arrive to help
and he organizes them to create and distribute posters and
flyers, which they print up on the school’s equipment. Neighbors
sell tickets, answer phones etc. TV and radio spots are created,
news coverage (little guy vs. huge conglomerate) is gotten.
Musician friends are recruited (lots of musical cameos possible),
equipment and services donated etc.


Perhaps after a Monkees number, a super jam on something really
great—classic R & R maybe.

The money is raised and counted. They are short. MIKE, MICKY and
PETER throw their personal assets into the pot—stocks, savings,
whatever. The neighbors do the same. The kids kick in their
money. Still short. The limo pulls up, and APRIL emerges with her

APRIL (sarcastically): Well? Where is it?

MIKE: We don’t have it…. I guess you win.

PETER: I don’t understand how you can do this….don’t you have a

APRIL: Yes. But this is business. (To the crowd) All right
people. I want you all off my property by noon tomorrow. No more
extensions. Get out.

She turns to go.

DAVY: Wait! I’ve got a proposition for you!

She turns, annoyed by his persistance, but curious.

APRIL: Well, what is it? Make if fast. I don’t have all day, I’m
a very busy woman…

DAVY: Look, we’re just a little short. If I were to throw in some
property I own, that would make up the difference. I know you
said cash, but….

APRIL: That’s right. cash.

DAVY: But, look, it’s already zoned for business, it’s in an area
that’s much easier to build on, good access roads, people who
need jobs….Please. It’s all I’ve got. The Norwegian Blue is
very important to me, but this is more important….

The others join DAVY in a show of support. The cameras are
rolling. APRIL watches them for a few moments, then….

APRIL: All right. It’s a deal.

At first they are stunned, then they all shake hands, and there
is rejoicing all around. The money and assets are counted and it
totals slightly more than $1 million (something like
$1,000,027.13). April is preparing to leave. She starts to get
into the car.

DAVY (to APRIL): Can I ask you something?

APRIL: All right.

DAVY: What made you decide to sell?

PETER: Yeah. Why did you change your mind?

APRIL: I’m not quite sure. All I know is that it’s been a long
time since I’ve seen anybody fight that hard for something. It’s
not a bad thing to keep in mind. Besides, I gave my word….

She smiles, and it’s a real smile this time. She gets into the
car and it starts to pull away. MICKY comes running up.

MICKY (calling after her): Hey, WAIT!!! Where’s our change???

APRIL (leaning out the car window): I’ll mail it to you!

She drives off. The neighbors celebrate.


We see PETER finishing up a class. the bell rings and he hurries
out, gets in his car and takes off.

We see MICKY calling a wrap on a movie set. He goes out, gets in
his car and drives off.

We see MIKE working in an editing booth. He finishes and, like
the others, hurries out to his car and drives away.

We see them all arrive at the beach house. DAVY is there. He
lives upstairs. The downstairs is used as a rehearsal space by
the guys. They are playing together again, but this time it’s
different. This time it’s because they WANT to. And, they
realize, they need to. This part of their lives is important and
can’t be pushed aside. They set up and play.

(A new song could go here, followed by “For Pete’s Sake” which
would continue over the closing credits, which would be in the
style of the series.)



The GEnie Monkee Romp Writing Team:

Eva Frizzi
Keith Stanley
Nadine Sandauer
Dominique King
Kathleen Firestone
Rich Firestone
Jeff Wilkin
Tim Leslie
Stephanie Lively
Steve Marinucci

Note: GEnie is an on-line service similar to Compuserve or AOL.

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