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Misheard Monkee Lyrics

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Misheard Monkees Lyrics


So you think you know all the words to your favorite Monkees songs, huh? Well……… Good for you. Seems I can’t quite get a handle on them yet. Although, in my defense, some of these DO sound like what I thought I heard! If you want to add to this list, email me with what you thought you heard, and what the actual lyrics are. Oh, and if you want to add a little “the moment I realized I was way off..” feel free to do so!


“Circle Sky”
Heard: Have no doubt, smiling down
Actual: Hamilton, smiling down

“Cuddly Toy”
Heard: You’re not the only charity light
Actual: You’re not the only cherry delight

“Shorty Blackwell”
Heard: Wishing with all of your might that you’d read the newspaper that you forgot to write today.
Actual: Wishing with all of your might that you’d read the newspaper that you forgot to buy today.

“Goin’ Down”
Heard: And we’ll get drowned
Actual: And word gets ’round

“Goin’ Down”
Heard: And naturally got me stoned
Actual: And now it’s really got me stumped

“Goin’ Down”
Heard: It’s pretty brown
Actual: It’s dirty brown

“Goin’ Down”
Heard: Forget you three, I’ve been down mine
Actual: I’ll give you three, I’ve been down nine

“Someday Man”
Heard: They keep on searching for pleasures and looking so hard, they can’t see
Actual: They keep on searching for pleasures and looking for what they can’t see

“Star Collector”
Heard: Think I’ll let her keep on going
Actual: Take a letter, keep on going

“Star Collector”
Heard: She moves out of her doorway
Actual: She moves to some other doorway

“Shorty Blackwell”
Heard: He’s speaking very crude
Actual: He’s speaking very rude

“Shorty Blackwell”
Heard: I am I
Actual: I am my

“If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again”
Heard: Who gave her all… and made me hurt…
Actual: Who gave her love… and made me hers…

“Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)”
Heard: How I wish I could bawl on someone else’s shoes
Actual: How I wish I could borrow someone else’s shoes

“Auntie’s Municipal Court”
Heard: Solid grass statuary guards the door
Actual: Solid brass statuary guards the door

“Auntie’s Municipal Court”
Heard: Somebody stole their minds
Actual: Somebody stole they mind

“PO Box 9847”
Heard: Socialize with Presidents in Queens
Actual: Socialize with Presidents and Queens

“PO Box 9847”
Heard: Quiet, sinister, gentleman
Actual: Quiet, sincere, gentleman

“PO Box 9847”
Heard: Only sensai ladies need reply
Actual: Only sincere ladies need reply

“Carlisle Wheeling”
Heard: When Oliver was green
Actual: When all the world was green

“Daydream Believer”
Heard: But six rings, and I rise
Actual: But it rings, and I rise

“Daddy’s Song”
Heard: That he bought out all his signs
Actual: That he brought out all his toys

“What Am I Doin’ Hangin’ Round?”
Heard: Just a little flakey, I went down to mexico
Actual: Just a loudmouth Yankee, I went down to mexico

“I Wanna Be Free”
Heard: Tall ways having fun
Actual: Always having fun

“I Wanna Be Free”
Heard: Come hide in me
Actual: Confide in me

“A Man Without A Dream”
Heard: I got distracted with mean, friendless gays
Actual: I got distracted with mean, endless games



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