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Review: The Archies Meet The Monkees Comic Book Crossover

January 10, 2018 by  
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By Fred Velez

Archies Comics new series ‘The Archies’ follows the journey of the Riverdale friends as they begin their career as a Rock band. The newest issue, number 4, finds The Archies meeting The Monkees in a wild adventure to save Davy, Again! The story by Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg with art by Joe Eisma is done in the style of the classic Archie comic book, the original Archies TV cartoon series and the first season of The Monkees TV show with echoes of the tie-in Monkees comic book, with in-jokes references to both series and the comics.

The Archies number 4 is released with three different cover variations that can be ordered through the Archie Comics website and the digital copy on the Archie Comic App with a fourth cover variant exclusive that can be ordered through the website. (See the below order links):

Archie Comics Order Link: The Archies Meet The Monkees #4 Pre-Order Link: The Archies Meet The Monkees Comic Book #4 Variant Cover

The comic is a fun homage to both The Monkees and The Archies, and with the variant covers, makes a nice collectible for fans of both series. If a sequel is ever done I hope the folks at Archie Comics consider the Archies meeting the second season/Head Monkees. Now, that would be a Groovy trip!

Fred Velez, 2018.

Fred Velez is the author of the book ‘A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You: The Monkees From A Fan’s Perspective’

Amazon Order Link: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You Book

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