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Reunion Tour 05/23/11 Plymouth United Kingdom

April 7, 2010 by  
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Peter Tork Davey Jones an 007 Monkees 2011 Reunion Tour Dates Full List

Date : Thu 05/12/11
City : Plymouth United Kingdom
Venue : Plymouth Pavilions

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One Response to “Reunion Tour 05/23/11 Plymouth United Kingdom”
  1. milk says:

    We went to the Plymouth tour and were not pleased at all due to the distortion and sound mix. It was such a shame as we really love their sound usually. It seemed to be that the man controlling the sound was a bit deaf, as mix just wasn’t right at all. I was very tempted to walk out as my evening was being ruined. If their uk tour is like this at every venue, then it’s just not good enough. I contacted Plymouth Pavilions which wasn’t a great deal of help although the manager did say that she would pass on my comments.She also said that the sound mix was being done by the Monkees own people. I feel that others must have felt the same way as I spoke to some and heard some comments from others. I would like my money back please .

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