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Reunion Tour 06/24/11 Columbus OH

March 6, 2011 by  
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Peter Tork Davey Jones an 007 Monkees 2011 Reunion Tour Dates Full List

Date : Fri 06/24/11
City : Columbus OH
Venue : Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

To purchase tickets click here

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4 Responses to “Reunion Tour 06/24/11 Columbus OH”
  1. Monkeeland Erin says:

    I’ll be there!

  2. Coop says:

    I will be there also. I can’t wait! Should we set up a meeting before hand for dinner like the concerts in the 90s?

  3. Judy Heminger says:

    We are all coming to the concert in Columbus 06/24/11….Would love to get a chance to meet you!

    My cousins and I would all pretend we were the Monkees Band. And put on shows for our grandparents, aunt’s & uncles. We would lip sinc and our instruments were homemade. But we all look back at this and laugh….now in our 50’s were are still loving you’re sound. You are all awesome!! See you in Columbus!!!


  4. Judy Heminger says:

    The Monkees Reunion Tour in Columbus, Ohio June 24, 2011…The concert was fantastic! the weather was nice and cool, and the Monkees came out and sang, one great song after another. You all looked great and still can sound so good!!

    Have a safe tour, and we will keep watching for you’re return.

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