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Peter Tork: Compuserve On-Line Conference

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From: (Torkaholic )
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 15:30:12 -0700
Subject: Peter on Compuserve

This is a “cleaned up” version of what went on… for those of you who
were there, you will notice that I have deleted the “technical
difficulties” in the middle, cleaned up some typos, reformatted it to
make it clearer when it was Peter talking (as opposed to Stein) and
omitted the “go AHEAD!!” messages and whatnot that didn’t seem to have
much to do with talking to Peter … Enjoy! (and Mel, pay close
attention to the part about a possible Midwest tour in November …)
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Hi folks. Thanks for coming.

% The “Stein Online”-Peter Tork conference is beginning

Your moderator is ELIOT STEIN-HOST (2)

(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Welcome to the Peter Tork conference sponsored by
the American Oldies Diner! (GO OLDIES) First we’ll have an interview
and then your questions! Peter…thanks for coming!
(PETER TORK) Happy to be here!
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) It’s the year 2050 and a college is teaching a
class on American Pop Music… 1960’s…Describe The Monkees in just a
few sentences:
(PETER TORK) The Monkees will be a footnote… we will be listed among
the top sellers..our musical influence was not that outstanding…we
weren’t the Beatles… If the course was on TV…we probably wouldn’t
figure that large… however if the course was on Pop Phenomena…then
we would come up big!
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) The auditions were held when?
(PETER TORK) 30 years ago…in August of 1965.
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) How did you hear about it?
(PETER TORK) Steven Stills told me about the auditions….we were
friends; we were not living together as a rumor exists… we knew each
other from Greenwich Village.
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Did Steven try out as well?
(PETER TORK) He met Bob Rafelson socially…and was told that he was
not videogenic… that his hair and teeth was wrong…did he know
anybody whose hair and teeth were right–and that was me!
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Is it true that Charles Manson tried out for the
(PETER TORK) No, it is not true.
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) How did the producer describe the concept of the
show to you when you were selected?
(PETER TORK) Steven had already told me the concept…it would be “A
Hard Day’s Night.”
(#2,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Do you believe you were selected for musical
ability, acting ability, looks. etc?
(PETER TORK) None of the above… The main 3 reasons I was selected: I
did my scene (screen test scene) perfectly on the first try… the
“Dummy” character I created on the screen…was created by ME… and
they said…we will give you the part if you don’t mind playing the

% Moderator recognizes question #1
Carolyn Hurwitz (31)

(#31,Carolyn Hurwitz) hi Pete. I loved you on Steven Banks. What was it
like touring with Hendrix?
(PETER TORK) My name is not Pete…
(#31,Carolyn Hurwitz) sorry
(PETER TORK) Touring with him was wonderful… he was the greatest
pop/rock musician of his day!!! he was a great guy too!

% Moderator recognizes question #2
alisa (10)

(#10,alisa) are you still close with your pals from the Monkees?
(PETER TORK) YES of course… we had dinner together when we did the
Pizza Hut commercial… we don’t seek each other’s company out but when
we are together we enjoy it very much!!!!
(#10,alisa) that must have been great

% Moderator recognizes question #3
Ria (9)

(#9,Ria) Hello from The Netherlands. Through Internet I’ve learned of
your CD, but I dan’t order it here through the local stores. Is there a
way to order it directly? And any chance of you performing overhere?
(PETER TORK) Yes… some stores carry it…however… we have an 800
number … 1-800-668-7420 Mastercard and Visa or 818–888-3534
Beachwood Records directly…
(#9,Ria) Calling the US?? How about a snailmail address?
(PETER TORK) 4872 Topanga Canyon Blvd… Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(#6,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Hope you can get it one of those ways!!!

% Moderator recognizes question #4
J’aime Davy (1)

(#1,J’aime Davy) Peter….You won’t believe this…but I have you to
thank for my happiness. My husband and I met at your 1986 concert in
(PETER TORK) Congratulations…and best wishes for a long and happy
life together!!!! Maybe you will conceive somebody during the next
Monkees reunion tour!
(#1,J’aime Davy) I have alwaysI have always admired you Peter…
hopefully we’ll meet in person someday
(PETER TORK) No specific plans for the tour… we are all agreed to do
it…including Mike Nesmith…
(#1,J’aime Davy) I hope so. Let me know if you are going to be in
(PETER TORK) He made up his own mind on that… We are involved with
Ward Sylvester on it (he was the Associate Producer on the Monkees TV
(#1,J’aime Davy) You my dear are a nut….but a nice one….

% Moderator recognizes question #6
Scott Montani (25)

(#25,Scott Montani) Hello Peter… Any plans to tour in Canada and if
so how about Hamilton?
(PETER TORK) No we have plans for that as of now…
(#25,Scott Montani) Well if you decide to come to Hamilton, I will let
you run my Locomotive for a possible Video shoot.
(PETER TORK) we are considering a tour into Chicago /Wisconsin with
James Lee Stanley. That certainly is an inducement! Thanks!

% Moderator recognizes question #7
Julie (44)

(#44,Julie) Hiya Peter! I too wish to thank you for many Monkee
memories! I wrote you a poem many years ago and I was wondering where I
could send it… Shades of Grey still melts me….
(PETER TORK) Send to: 524 San Anselmo Ave. San Anselmo, CA 94960.
Appreciate it!!!

% Moderator recognizes question #8
Randi-n-Brad (42)

(#42,Randi-n-Brad) hi peter, thanks elliot! Peter, thanks for coming
on-line! First, I’d like to invite all the attendees to see the Monkees
Official World Wide Web Page at: It has links to Peter’s own
page with album details! Peter, Is it true that there were scenes
filmed for the movie “Head” that would have made it an “R” rating
(PETER TORK) NO!!!… absolutely not…in fact at one point in the
scene in the vacuum cleaner… where Mike picks up an object and says
“Not one of your standard brands…” he wanted to say…”Look a
Marijuana Cigareete”… we held up shooting for an hour because Bob
felt it was too outrageous!!!
(#6,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Was “HEad” ahead of its time?
(PETER TORK) Yes… it was avante garde of filmmaking…didn’t break
any new territory … It was certainly unusual!!!!

% Moderator recognizes question #9
Frank J. Prinzel (47)

(#47,Frank J. Prinzel) Hi Pete, are you still active in Eastern
Philosophy ?
(PETER TORK) I still meditate…I am a Buddhist…. I also believe that
all religions spring from the truth… However badly they may relate on
the surface level! THANKS!!!

% Moderator recognizes question #11
DD (16)

(#16,DD) You recently mentioned that you have mixed feelings about your
“die-hard” fans. Please describe how you *honestly* feel about fans
coming to every show. Would you perfer if we didn’t come?
(PETER TORK) No I prefer you DO COME… My life was made more difficult
by those fans who knew all of my prepared stuff and spoiled my jokes…
of course…the more the merrier..Thank you for coming if you want to

[Several people who apparently didn’t have questions skipped at this

% Moderator recognizes question #13
Zan (7)

(#7,Zan) Hi Peter! I was hoping that your trip home is going much
smoother than the trip out … and is Cookie Monster behaving himself?
(PETER TORK) Zan is a regular fan…she gave James and me a Cookie
Monster!… We have lots of personal stories like that and hope we have
the opportunity to tell them to everybody when they come and hear James
and I!!!

% Moderator recognizes question #14
denise (3)

(#3,denise) Thanks Mr. Stein–Hi Peter… Did you read Mickey’s
authobiography… what did you think about it and will you have one of
your own out soon? Thanks to my sister Robyn for typing this to you.
(PETER TORK) No I didn’t. I might have one–who knows???
(#3,denise) We’ve been fans since your very first days.

% Moderator recognizes question #16
Nick (38)

(#38,Nick) Hi Peter! Do you have any plans to get and possibly
publicize an e-mail address like Nez and Mick3y? There are a lot of us
on that would enjoy dropping you a line now and then.
(PETER TORK) I do have my home page on the World Wide Web. I don’t have
any plans as of now for anything else on the net.

% Moderator recognizes question #17
mark (11)

[NOTE: mark (11) was apparently having problems and could not enter his
question. Stein jumped in with a question instead.]

(#6,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Peter, since you were involved in one of the
greatest “marketing” situations ever involving a band…what are your
feeling regarding the shrinking of the entertainment industry to about
5 companies? How does a new person get a break?
(PETER TORK) Nothing is ever easy. It has skewed things. Only the
extraordinary few have been able to make it commercially and
successfully. Fame is not a pursuable goal. If fame and money are your
goals…there are many ways to go about it other than the arts!

% Moderator recognizes question #18
Eva (40)

(#40,Eva) Hi there “friend”….gald you made it home safely… I do
have a question from a friend of mine actually. He wanted me to as if
you’d ever considered collaborating with Mike on writing a song….
(PETER TORK) I never have considered it…but I will if the opportunity
arose… we have not been able to spend that kind of time together!
(#40,Eva) That would be very interesting

% Moderator recognizes question #19
Wizard Glick (26)

(#26,Wizard Glick) Peter… Head is one of my favourite movies of all
time. I Have heard that there might be a sequal to it. If so, What will
be the plot, and will Mike be in it? Love ya Man!
(PETER TORK) NO WAY!!!!!… There is a faint chance of another Monkees
movie but it will not be a sequel to “HEAD”!!! THANKS!!!
(#26,Wizard Glick) Yay!
(PETER TORK) We are expecting to do a Midwestern tour…James and
I…in November and a tour in February…we’ll see! James is working on
his own stuff… I wish God Speed to everybody who cares!!..Bless You

% Discussion period beginning

(#6,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Let’s thank Peter for coming!

[thanks and goodbyes from just about everybody]

(PETER TORK) I am shooting an episode of “WINGS”… I start shooting it
tomorrow!… I will be playing myself on the show!

[more thank yous and goodbyes]

(#6,ELIOT STEIN-HOST) Peter says THANK YOU!!!!


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