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News from the Jones Estate

October 31, 2013 by  
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th_davyjones_web_zps42f40848Lately there’s been a lot of discussion about the recent listing of one of the Beavertown PA properties owned by David Jones as well as some speculation. Earlier today, the Estate of David Jones issued the following official statement:

In response to the many inquiries we’ve had regarding Davy’s properties in Beavertown, PA we wanted to bring you up to date on the current status of 223 Center Street and the Church:

223 Center Street: Davy’s rental property is a charming, renovated Cape Cod-style 3-bedroom house and is currently for sale. For more information, photos and other details, go to and enter 223 Center Street.


Museum: Plans are in development to open the Museum to the public. When the work begins on the former Church building we will keep you posted. Family, friends and fans are looking forward to walking through the doors and making Davy’s dream become reality.

This should clear up any speculation and verify exactly what is happening with various properties. This statement also seems to indicate that the church purchased by Jones in the late 90s will play a role in the future of the Estate since “plans are in development to open the museum to the public.”

News from the Jones Estate.


2 Responses to “News from the Jones Estate”
  1. joeyc09 says:

    hey ,i have a pretty cool 45 that id like to donate to the museum (if you want it and if you dont already have it) white label 45rpm single entitled “my favorite monkee davy jones sings” a side is a little bit me a little bit you and the b side is she hangs out………..this is the single that got don kirshner fired and ,believe it or not i bout it from a woman who moved into kirshners boyhood home in west orange nj back in 1985 …she found a box of them in the attic………..joey

  2. hadlockjudith says:

    This is great news, that the museum has plans for going forward!!! Yes!!! This is what Davy would have wanted!!!

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