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Monkees Trivia Quiz

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Monkees Trivia FAQ
version 1.0 last updated 1/21/95
compiles by Hooloovoo Distribution of this
FAQ without permission of me is forbidden. Just ask me what you want to
do with it and I’ll probably say yes 🙂

All trivia questions – except the last forthcoming section – were taken
from _The Monkees Scrapbook_ by Ed Finn and T. Bone. and is for use only
by for recreational and fun purposes and not for any
commercial purposes

well now that I’ve broken most copyright laws – enjoy. 🙂

Music Trivia Questions:
1. What three songs did Boyce and Hart write for the pilot?
2. Who played guitar on “Mary, Mary”?
3. What was the first single that did not reach the top ten?
4. What famous guitarist played on “You and I”?
5. Who produced “The Birds, the Bees and The Monkees” LP?
6. What was the original B-side to “A Little Bit Me…”?
7. What was the first album without Peter Tork?
8. What was the first single without Tork and Nesmith?
9. What was the first single to have a Monkees written A-side?
10. What was “Randy Scouse Git” released as in England?
11. What was “The Monkees Theme” called in Italian?
12. Which Monkee signed Jimi Hendrix to tour?
13. What album knocked “Headquarters” out of the #1 slot?
14. What song was written and produced by all four Monkees?
15. What song did the Monkees finish their live concerts with?
16. What was the original title of “Tapioca Tundra”?
17. What unreleased Monkees song appeared in “Easy Rider”?
18. Which unreleased song appeared in “The Monkees On Tour”?
19. Who was the album coordinator of the “Head” soundtrack?
20. Who co-wrote “For Pete’s Sake” with Peter Tork?
21. What song did Nesmith co-write with old pal John London?
22. Which Beatle was mentioned in “No Time”?
23. Which Monkee hit did Nesmith re-record after the Monkees?
24. What song knocked “Daydream Believer” out of #1?
25. What song did “Last Train to Clarksville” knock from #1?
26. What Micky Dolenz song went to #2 in England?
27. What was the first Dolenz song to appear on a US single?
28. What hit song appeared on the show two years before release?
29. What song does Peter sing at the end of “33 1/3”?
30. What was the first album not to be released in mono?
31. Name all the flip sides which did not appear on an album?
32. What song features Peter Tork’s first vocal?
33. Although Hank Cicalo is credited who really wrote “No Time”?
34. Who was originally going to sing “I’m A Believer”?
35. What was Chip Douglas’ real name?
36. What song did Micky play the Moog on?
37. Which two Monkees recorded for Colpix before the TV show?
38. What Bill Martin song was refused by Don Kirshner?
39. How many Neil Sedaka songs did the Monkees record?
40. What was Bobby Hart’s back-up band called?
41. What song appeared in two different versions on an episode?
42. Which three Neil Diamond songs did the Monkees release?
43. Who produced the Monkees last album “Changes”?
44.What song appears differently on the soundtrack “Head” than in the movie?
45. What was the first single to feature a Davy Jones lead?
46 Who did Davy co-write most of his songs with?
47. What instrument did Tork play on “Pleasant Valley Sunday”?
48. What was the only Leiber/Stoller-written Monkees A-side?
49. How many Goffin/King songs did the Monkees release?
50. What were the two Boyce/Hart B-sides to be released?

Video Trivia Questions

Royal Flush
1. What kind of watch does Peter wear during the army briefing?
2. What kind of bird is sitting on top of the Monkee tripod?
3. How many different signs did Peter have on his hole digging project
and what were they?
Monkee See, Monkee Die
4. How did the Monkees hear the will?
5. What did they inherit and what did they have to do to get it?
6. Name at least three of the books that Harris Kingsley wrote.
Monkee vs. Machine
7. What was the name of the toy company computer?
8. What was Mike’s name for the boomerang toy?
9. What was Mike’s three word warning to Peter?
Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers
10. In the contest, what song keeps interrupting the Monkees?
11. Who eventually wins the contest?
12. Who future “Alice” star plays a gangster?
The Spy Who Came In From The Cool
13. How much are the red maracas sold for?
14. What singing duo do the enemy agents pretend to be?

Who’s riding in the bed in the opening credit sequence?

The Success Story
15. What was the fruit made of at Davy and his grandfather’s dinner?
16. What well-known comedian played the popsicle man?
17. Who’s the only one at the Monkees pad who has a job?
Monkees In A Ghost Town
18. What two things does Lon Chaney pill out of his coat?
19. Who plays Bessie Kowalski and TV show is she famous for?
20. How did Bessie knock off Mr. Big?
Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth
21. What animal does Micky imitate when Mr. Babbit comes over?
22. What is Dumphy?
23. What pet animal is Davy supposed to take care of at the episode’s end?
The Chaperone
24. What is hanging from both sides of the General’s chest?
25. How often does the cleaning lady clean?
26. Who is washing the window?
The Monkees (Pilot) (also titled: Here Come the Monkees)
27. What string does Davy pluck off for Mike?
28. What are the numbers and dates of the two screen tests?
29. What are Mike’s opening lines in his screen test?
Monkees A La Carte
30. What was int he guitar case?
31. Give the names and jobs of the mob who introduce themselves?
32. What does Peter’s gun say?
I’ve Got A Little Song Here
33. What is the name of the song that Mike is trying to sell?
34. How much money is he short to pay the publisher?
35. Whose parking space did the Monkees park in?
One Man Shy
36. How many girls does Peter actually get kissed by in this episode?
37. What were Micky, Mike and Davy disguised as in the first half of
the episode?
38. What were they disguised as in the second half?
Dance, Monkees, Dance
(none given for this episode in the book – send me some)
Too Many Girls
39. What doesn’t leave Peter’s hands?
40. Under what name does Mike sing “Different Drum”?
41. What commercial product had aluminum instead of iron in it?
Son Of A Gypsy
42. What was the name of the statue?
43. What role does Vic Tayback play?
44. Which Monkees director plays a guest at the party?
Case Of The Missing Monkee
45. What are the two signs on the swinging doors on the hospital?
46. What brand of peanut butter does Davy hand Mike?
47. What is the name of the restaurant on Mike’s menu?
I Was A Teenage Monster
48. What was the only thing the monster could sing before he got the
Monkees brain transfer?
49. What was the monster called after he got the brain transfer?
50. At the beginning of the “Auntie Grizelda” video, what does Micky
use as a phonograph needle to start the record?
Find The Monkees
51. Which guitar string did Mike give to the four Martians?
52. What kind of dime did Davy take off Peter’s boot?
53. What cartoon hero got stuck in the phone booth after Davy?
Monkees In The Ring
54. What boxing weight class is Davy put in?
55. What was the closest thing to Vernon’s heart?
56. Who knocked Davy out?
The Prince And The Pauper
57. What famous DJ plays Davy’s double?
58. What does the Prince offer the jailor to get out?
59. How many times does the butler break his cane
Monkees At The Circus
60. What 50s TV show does Micky sing the theme song to?
61. What name do the Monkees decide to call their act?
62. Name each Monkees’ name as part of this act.
Captain Crocodile
63. What was Mike’s name as the weather forecaster?
64. Name all of the action words that appeared during the fight.
65. What was the name of the Captain’s kid gang?
Monkees A La Mode
66. What cereal company name is blacked out on the cereal box?
67. What kind of cereal is it?
68. What’s the name of the chi-chi magazine?
Alias Micky Dolenz
69. What is the license plate on the Monkeemobile?
70. What did Micky’s mother call him when he was a baby?
71. What is Micky’s reply when Tony says “Baby Face, you’re a has been”?
Monkee Chow Mein
72. What future MASH star plays an American agent?
73. How many eyes does the doomsday bug have?
74. Who do the bad guys kidnap to get the formula back?
Monkee Mother
75. Who plays the Monkee mother and what other episode is she in?
76. What song changed Millie’s idea that all modern music wasn’t music?
77. What did the domino represent by falling down?
Monkees On The Line
78. What is the room number of the Urgent Answering Service?
79. What was the phone number on the giant green phone?
80. What does Jay Rawley play?
Monkees Get Out More Dirt
81. According to the sign on the wall at April’s laundromat, what are
clothes lines for?
82. What kind of man does each Monkee become to try and win April’s heart?
83. Which semi-famous television series did Julie Newmart (April
Conquest) star in?
Monkees Manhattan Style
84. What was the name of the bus line the Monkees took to NYC?
85. How much was the hotel bill?
86. Who saved the show from ruin?
Monkees At The Movies
87. Name the four contestants in the Miss Surfside beauty contest?
88. What was the name of the movie being shot?
89. Tony Davenport made so many B grade pictures he was getting mail
from ________________?
Monkees On Tour
90. What animal chased Davy?
91. What 8-track was playing int he Monkeemobile?
92. Which groups did Mike thank at the end of the episodes?

**SUPERTRIVIA #2: What was the label, song, and artist of the 45 rpm record
that the Monkees played at the station?

It’s A Nice Place to Visit
93. What is El Diablo’s nickname?
94. What comedian played the parking lot attendant and how much did he
95. What was the name of the town?
The Picture Frame
96. What was the name of the bank that the Monkees robbed?
97. What did the sign on the Monkees table in court say?
98. Who did the Monkees send the girl int he box to?
Everywhere A Sheik Sheik
99. What body parts do Davy and Colette love about each other?
100. How was the food that the food taste tester tasted for Peter?
101. What classical music piece played while Micky gave his Napoleon
Monkee Mayor
102. Where does the Complaints Door lead?
103. Why is Mike the right one to run for mayor?
104. Where does Micky get the key to open the file cabinet?
Art, For Monkees Sake
105. Who makes a smashing cameo appearance and…?
106. What color is his sledgehammer?

**SUPERTRIVIA #3: What was the title and artist of the painting Peter
I Was A 99 Pound Weakling
107. What kind of ball did Davy roll to Bulk?
108. Who is pictured on Micky’s gray sweat shirt?
109. What were the only words Mr. Schneider said?
Hillbilly Honeymoon (also titled: Double Barrel Shot Gun Wedding)
110. Name the two feudin’ families
111. Name Davy’s fiance.
112. Which hillbilly relatives do Mike and Micky pretend to be?
Monkees Marooned
113. What city did Peter turn down from buying when it was cheap?
114. What insect does Micky spray?
115. Thursday made every day a Sunday, but what day did Major Shaw hire
him on?
Card Carrying Red Shoes
116. What is the ballet company’s name?
117. Where is the microfilm hidden?
118. What is the nickname Natasha gives to Peter?
Wild Monkees
119. What does the sign say with the red arrow?
120. What was the lodge name?
121. What were the Monkees’ four club names?
A Coffin Too Frequent
122. What “Laugh In” star played Mrs. Weatherspoon?
123. What was the assistant monster’s name?
124. What does each Monkee play in concert?
Hitting The High Seas
125. What is the inflatable toy Peter carries around?
126. How many lashes did the guys get for insubordination?
127. Where was Mike for the whole episode?
Monkees In Texas
128. What was the vintage of Peter’s champagne
129. What TV theme plays as Micky and Peter enter the town?
130. Who were Micky and Peter later disguised as?
Monkees On The Wheel
131. What does Peter use to calculate the way to win in roulette?
132. What are the numbers that Peter predicts will win?
133. How many takes does it take Mike and Micky to get it right?
Monkees Christmas Show
134. Who plays Melvin and who did he play in another series?
135. Who plays Santa Claus?
136. Are personal checks accepted at the Monkees pad?
Fairy Tale
137. What were the Monkees’ occupations?
138. What color hair did the princess have?
139. What has two ears, two eyes, and a very short life?
Monkees Watch Their Feet
140. Who played the Secretary of the Department of UFO information?
141. What was putting Micky on?
142. What is the telephone, the guitar and refrigerator to alien Micky?
The Monstrous Monkee Mash
143. What monster does each Monkee turn into?
144. Who sings “Hey, Hey, I’m a Monkee”?
145. What do the wolfmen use for entertainment?
The Monkees Paw
146. How much did Micky buy the magical Monkees paw for?
147. Name three things drawn on the blackboard.
148. What famous comedy team do the Monkees audition as?
The Devil And Peter Tork
149. What is the name of the store where Peter gets his harp?
150. What songs does Peter play on the harp?
151. At what time is Peter’s soul due?
Monkees Race Again
152. What key is the yellow hot rod tuned to?
153. What is the number of the yellow car?
154. Who is the world’s oldest flower child?
Monkees In Paris
155. Who do the Monkees walk away from to go to Paris?
156. In what country were the Paris scenes filmed in?

**SUPERTRIVIA #4: What classical piece was played in the middle of “Goin’
The Monkees Mind Their Manor
157. Who does Jack Williams the custom man imitate singing?
158. What subtitles number do you call in the sticks?
159. What traditional ballad does Davy sing to win?
Some Like It Lukewarm
160. At what speed do the West Minstrel Abbies sing “Last Train to
161. Dean Martin’s daughter Deana played which girl?
162. What kind of wheel does Micky take in payment?
Monkees Blow Their Minds
163. Who is Mike Nesmith’s special guest?
164. Who makes a cameo appearance as “The Penguin”?
165. Which two fingers of Oracullos have long nails
166. What band and wake song are the wake up alarm?
167. How do you kill a two-headed Org?
168. Where did Micky get his mystic chant?
169. What is the Frodis’ eye made of?
179. What is the last Monkees song of the series?

There you have it – the entire section of Monkees trivia from The Monkees
Scrapbook by Finn and Bone.

Following this there will be a section devoted to all kinds of trivia
questions that you guys have. they can be anything – just try not to
make them too obvious and send them in!


–> answers you wanted answers? well maybe I’ll post those too. ;^)

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“And I was so pleased to be informed of this, that I ran twenty red
lights in his honor.” (mj “Far Away Eyes”)
“It was one of those large spinning things that moves through the air
at high velocities and shoots explosive fireballs from each tip.” (ms)
“The only difference between me and Peter, is I’m stoned legal” (mn)
“Save the Texas Prairie Chicken”

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