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Monkees Trivia Quiz – Answers

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Monkees Trivia FAQ – Answers
all the restrictions that apply to the trivia questions also apply here

Music Trivia:
1. “I Wanna Be Free,” “The Monkees Theme,” “let’s Dance On
2. Glen Campbell
3. “D.W. Washburn”
4. Neil Young
5. The Monkees
6. “She Hangs Out” by Jeff Barry
7. “Instant Replay”
8. “Oh My My”
9. “Listen to the Band” by Michael Nesmith
10. “Alternate Title”
11. “Tema Dei Monkees”
12. Micky Dolenz
13. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
14. “Goin’ Down” (co-written with Lee Hilderbrand)
15. “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”
16. “Sound of the Sunset of The Sea”
17. “Wasn’t Born To Follow” performed by the Byrds
18. “Steam Engine” by Chip Douglas
19. Jack Nicholson
20. Joey Richards
21. “Don’t Call On Me”
22. Ringo
23. “Listen To The Band”
24. “Hello, Goodbye” by t he Beatles
25. “96 Tears” by ? and the Mysterians
26. “Randy Scouse Git”
27. “Mommy and Daddy”
28. “Valleri”
29. “California Here I come”
30. “Head” (although it was released in other countries in mono)
31. “The Girl I Knew Somewhere,” “Goin’ Down,” “It’s Nice To Be With
You,” “Someday Man”
32. “Your Auntie Grizelda”
33. The Monkees
34. Nesmith
35. Douglas Farthing Hatlelid
36. “Star Collector”
37. Nesmith and Jones
38. “I’m Just One Of Your Toys”
39. Two: “When Love Comes Knockin” / “The Girl I Left Behind Me”
40. The Candy Store Prophets
41. “I Wanna Be Free” on the pilot episode
42. “I’m A Believer,” “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow),” “A Little Bit Me,
A Little Bit You”
43. Jeff Barry
44. “Circle Sky”
45. “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You”
46. Steve Pitts
47. Keyboards
48. “D.W.Washburn”
49. “Take A Giant Step,” “Sometime In the Morning,” “Pleasant Valley
Sunday,” “Star Collector,” “Porpoise Song,” “I Won’t Be The Same
Without Her,” “A Man Without A Dream”
50. “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”

Video Trivia Answers: (section titles removed)
1. An hourglass watch
2. A crow
3. Three: “Danger Hole Started,” “Watch Out Half A Hole,” and “Caution
Whole Hole”
4. On a phonograph record
5. The library organ; play one song on it
6. _Twelve Walking Tours Through the Sahara_, _Beverly Hills on Five
Shillings A Day_, _Who’s Whom on Ellis Island_, _Akron: The City Behind
the Myth_, _City On The Moon_, _Philadelphia, Where to Find It_, _A
Teenager’s Guide to Tijuana_ and _South Dakota: Fact or Fiction”
7. DJ-61
8. Monkee Ring
9. “Don’t Argue”
10. Beethoven’s Fifth
11. Lester Crabtree and the Three Crabs
12. Vic Tayback
13. Fifty Cents
14. Honey and The Bear
**#1. Davy
15. Plastic, not rubber
16. Charlie Callas
17. Mr Schneider
18. A red ball with a while mouse
19. Rose Marie; “The Dick Van Dyke Show”
20 She sang him to death
21. A werewolf
22. A Wonder Dog
23. A camel
24. Hand grenades
25. The second Tuesday of every month with an `R’ in it
26. Mr. Clean
27. G-string
28. Davy #0052 on 10-19-65. Mike #0002 on 10-7-65
29. “Good evening, Ed”
30. A guitar
31. Red O’Leary (bank robbery and protection), Big Flora (fraud and
extortion), Eddie the Fix (drugs and diamond smuggling), and
Benny the Book (bookmaking and numbers
32. His gun says “I Go”
33. “Gonna Buy Me A Dog”
34. Five Cents
35. Dean Martin’s Spot
36. Five girls
37. Micky, a toy salesman; Mike, a park man; and Davy, a waiter
38. Micky, a stockbroker; Mike, a yacht captain and Davy, a tailor
39. His fingers
40. Billy Ray Hodstetter
42. A Maltese Vulture
43. A gypsy
44. Jim Frawley
45. Maternity, A thru F
46. Skippy
47. Vincent Van Gogh Gogh
48. Doo-rah, doo-rah
49. The Swinging Android
50. A drafting compass
51. A B string
52. A Mercury dime
53. Superman
54. Featherweight
55. His lungs
56. Davy knocked himself out
57. Rodney Bingenheimer
58. A letter of credit
59. Four times
60. “Circus Boy”
61. The Mozzarella Brothers
62. Micky: Amazing, Peter: Fantastic, Davy: Incredible, Mike: Colossus
63. Tex Nesmith
64. Rumble! Plink! Plunk! Miss! Foo! Bing! Bong! Bang! Splat! Kretch!
65. Crocodile Corps.
66. Kelloggs
67. Corn Flakes
68. Style Magazine
69. NPH 623
70. Goo goo eyes
71. No, Tony, I was a has been, now I’m an am is”
72. Mike Farrell
73. 200
74. Mr. Schneider
75 Rose Marie, “Monkees In A Ghost Town”
76. “Sometime In The Morning”
77. The fall of Southeast Asia
78. Room 202
79. 555-7231
80. A mean guitar, but nothing in any Monkees episodes
81. For the birds
82. Davy; an artist, Peter; a chamber musician on a bicycle piano, Micky;
a ballet dancer, Mike; a motorcyclist
83. “My Living Doll”
84. The Blimline
85. $180
86. The butler
87. Miss Zuma Beach, Miss Hermosa Beach, Miss Malibu, Topanga, and Sunset
88. “I Married A Creature From Out of Town”
89. Hornets
90. A swan
91. “The Monkees”
92. The Rolling Stones, The Mamas and the Papas, The Lovin’ Spoonful, and
The Beatles
**#2: The label – Crescendo, the song – “Mr. Farmer”, the group – the Seeds
93. The bandit without a heart
94. Nipsey Russell, fifty cents
95. “El Monotono Mexico”
96. The Night National Bank
97. Vote Innocent
98. The Beatles
99. Hair, eyes, nose, mouth, neck and you
100. Poisonous, and a little rare
101. The War of 1812 Overture
102. Outside, into an alleyway
103. Mike is the only one with a hat to throw in the ring
104. From the skeleton in the closet
105. Liberace
106. Gold
**#3 “The Laughing Cavalier” by Franz Hals 1624 (if you know the answer
to this one why are you reading this FAQ?)
107. Lead
108. Beethoven
109. “Does hunger justify murder?”
110. The Whiskets and the Chubbers
111. Ella Mae Whisket
112. Roland and Clem
113. San Diego
114. Pterodactyl
115. Tuesday
116. The Druvian National Ballet
117. In the toe of the red ballet slipper
118. “Face”
119. The sign says “Henry Cabot Lodge Lodge and Cemetary. If Your Dying
to Have a Good Time… See Us.”
120. Henry Cabot Lodge
121. The Fearful Four, the Cowards, the Yellowbellies, and the Chickens
122. Ruth Buzzi
123. Elmer
124. Peter; the judge, Mike; the witness, Micky; the prosecutor, Davy;
the defendant
125. A saw-toothed shark
126. Ten
127. In the gallows because he was seasick
128. 1966
129. The theme from “Gunsmoke”
130. Pronto and the Lone Stranger
131. A sliderule
132. 24-red, 212-green, 87-plaid
133. Six
134. Butch Patrick, who played Eddie in “The Munsters.” 135. Micky
135. Micky
136. No
137. Mike; a cobbler, Davy; a tailor, Micky; an innkeeper, Peter; out of work
138. Blonde with dark brown sideburns
139. I don’t know
140. Pat Paulson
141. His clothes
142. A cat, a harmonic destructor, and a girl
143. Davy; Dracula, Micky; Wolfman, Mike; a mummy, Peter; almost monster
144. Micky
145. A red fire hydrant
146. A quarter
147. Apple, Kat, Hare Krishna, legalized Wisdom, Frodis, Save the Texas
Prairie Chicken, Phoetus
148. The Marx brothers
149. Mr. Zero’s Pawn Shop
150. “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and “I Wanna Be Free”
151. Twelve midnight
152. B flat
153. Car 54
154. Bob Rafelson
155. Jim Frawley
156. France (Just seeing if you’re paying attention)
**#4 Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J.S. Bach
157. Dean Martin
158. Hayseed 7-4000
159. Greensleeves
160. 78 RPM
161. Daphne
162. A salt wheel
163. Frank Zappa
164. Burgess Meredith
165. Right hand, the forefinger and pinky
166. The Beatles’ “Good Morning”
167. Jump up and down three times, roll a cabbage, and giggle
168. A boxtop
169. A football
170. “Zor and Zam” also the last song on the last album released by all
four Monkees

**disclaimer: If you got every single one of these right you either:
a) own the book
b) are either Mike, Micky, Davy or Peter (although I
doubt even they could get all these right)
c) cheated and looked them all up

hope you all had fun

Hooloovoo – A superintelligent shade of the color of blue (dna) Andrea M. Chempinski
“Today must be Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays” (ad)
“And I was so pleased to be informed of this, that I ran twenty red
lights in his honor.” (mj “Far Away Eyes”)
“It was one of those large spinning things that moves through the air
at high velocities and shoots explosive fireballs from each tip.” (ms)
“Work hard, play hard and get plenty of ruffage in your diet” (mn)
“Save the Texas Prairie Chicken”

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