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Win A “Daydream Believers” Postcard, Council On Ideas weekend

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Monkees Special Contest

A new contest for a special collectors item! Yes, the first 130 Monkees
fans who go to the web page listed below and fill out a simple form will
receive a collectable oversized full color postcard promoting the VH1 Movie
“Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story.” It has a full color photo of the
“faux-Monkees”, with some information about the movie. It will be sent to
you completely free, no matter where in the world you are located.

Please see this web page for more details and to enter the contest!

Sorry there are only enough for 6% of the members of this list, but that is
all we were offered. So be quick! And thanks for keeping up with The
Monkees on the Monkees-Alert List!

While at the web page, check our section of fan pages on the “faux-Monkees”
from the movie, they are becoming teen idols as well! Plus, you can show
your Monkees fandom with every e-mail you send with a free monkees e-mail
account! Also you can setup an Internet radio station with your favorite
music using a free 3 gigabyte music locker. All at !



Every 2 years, Michael Nesmith hosts an event called “The Council On
Ideas”, where he brings in guests to his ranch to discuss important issues
of the day, resulting in a press conference and media event afterwards. It
happens this weekend, so be on the lookout for reports on this event in
your local media. The web page for the event is:

To purchase Monkees CD’s, Videos, T-Shirts and Collectable rare items,

The Monkees Alert list is moderated, meaning you cannot post directly to
the list yourself. To submit an item for the list, send to:

For info on posting to, subscribing, or removing yourself from this list,
send an e-mail to: for an automatic response. Thanks!

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