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Watch “Married By A Monkee” Live Friday

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From: Videoranch

March 3 2011

Videoranch3D performed a software upgrade today and it has been
successfully completed.

We are now back online.

We encourage you to log onto Videoranch3D this evening to
automatically install the new version. That way you’ll be ready for
this weekend’s festivities.

Tomorrow at 4:44PM Central Time, A. Whitney Brown and Carolyn
Wonderland will be married in Austin, with Nez officiating the
ceremony. We will be tweeting live about the ceremony and posting
updates on Facebook.

“Weddings” is our theme in Videoranch3D this weekend. We’ll have great
wedding movies at the Rio, romantic music at the DJ venues and a
special Wedding Doontube on Sunday! We’ll send you more details

Best, Videoranch Foreman


Eric Lefcowitz Sees the Fun, Madness in The Monkees

By TheImproper, March 3rd, 2011

For more than 25 years, Eric Lefcowitz’s career as a self-described
“pop archeologist” has taken him in unpredictable directions. His
latest book, “Monkee Business: The Revolutionary Made-For-TV Band”
(Retrofuture Products), is a case in point.

It’s a follow-up to his bestselling biography “The Monkees Tale,”
which is only one of his eclectic projects. Would you believe he
resurrected the astronaut snack Space Food Sticks? They are now sold
at the Kennedy Space Center and Smithsonian.

He’s also created the U.S. Immigration History Timeline which is sold
at Ellis Island, and he’s currently at work on a new protein drink
called “Splashdown” which he hopes will revolutionize the beverage


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