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VCR Alert – Davy on 48 Hours CBS Wednesday Night! (He’s Now a

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From: Ellen Barnhart

I just saw an ad for Wednesday’s 48 Hours, featuring
“Davy Jones: What happens when a star fades?”

*Monkeemaniac, Nezhead, etc.*
Official Secretary of SYMK


From: Deidre

The August 16 concert at the Brewster Sports Dome in NY has been cancelled,
according to Ticketmaster….

Anyone know why?

Some of us thought it might be too close to Ami’s wedding. But here’s what
Anthony posted on his monkeesrule43 fan site list:

Also, the August 16th show in Brewster, NY at the SportDome has been
cancelled. This is their official statement: “We are sorry to announce that
we are being forced to comply with Town Ordinances and will be delaying our
concerts until the fall. Keep watch for some great shows, festivals and
concerts to come. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.
All refunds will be given at the site where your tickets were purchased.
All Dome refunds will be given with returned tickets at the Event Center.
Thank you everyone for your patience in this matter.”


From: “maggie mcmanus”

According to, Davy’s horse Indiantown Jones is scheduled to
run in a race at Colonial Downs on July 12 (the same day Micky and Davy are
playing there—how convenient!).

Indiantown Jones is entered to run on July 12, 2002 at COLONIAL DOWNS
Race: 6 Distance: One Mile Surface: Turf Age: 3 Sex: Colt
Race Type: Maiden Special Weight Purse: $24000
Trainer: Joseph Crawley
UPWARD . Three Year Olds 117 lbs.; Older 122 lbs.



From: Aaron Handy III

David Thomas Jones: MONKEE GRANDPA!!!!!


NEWS FLASH: Davy’s proud to announce the birth of his first grandchild,
Harrison Rand Jones McFadden, born 7/2/02, 6 lbs, 6 ounces, 20 inches long,=

with black hair. Davy assisted in the birth of Harrison, and grandson,
parents and proud grandfather are all doing fine!

Wow…the youngest member of the original Monkee band is the first to
become a grandpa!

(ed: he is not the first Monkees Grandpa)

I read it on this morning!

Gawrsh! Who’d have thunk?!

Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine


From: “janb01_1999”

Tickets for sale to Billy Bob’s Texas on July 20th




From: “Videoranch Foreman”

[VIDEORANCH NEWS] Happy Fourth of July!

Hi Everyone!

Videoranch has a new look! Come and visit and shop at our new store.

SALE: Through the beginning of next week we’re having a huge sale with all=

of your favorite Nez items on sale at fabulous prices! Elephant Parts on
VHS for $8.00. All 3 First National Band CDs for $18.95!You’ll find Square=

Dance on VHS for $5.00 (OK, so maybe Square Dance isn’t one of your
favorite Nez items, but for 5 bucks, it’s at least worth taking a look
at). Come by and cruise around our new store to take advantage of these
great deals. Our sale ends next week.

NEZTRONICA: We’ve got a new Nez song available for download! It’s called
“January” and you can purchase it online from our Download Store.

This song has nothing to do with Nez’ new album ‘Rays’. It sounds nothing
like Rays. We like to call it Neztronica. All electronic sounds with no
lyrics. Very beautiful! Something he was noodling with in his studio that
we thought was cool. He agreed to let us make it available to you. Here’s
the deal.: It’s a 15 minute long song. If you’re on a slow connection, you=

better start downloading before you go to bed. This song is best downloaded=

using a fast internet connection. We hope you enjoy it as much as much as
we do!

Wishing you a wonderful Fourth of July!

Neffie and the Ranch Hands at Videoranch
8 Harris Court, Suite C1
Monterey, CA 93940


From: “Sally Carpenter”

The LA Daily News ran a full page ad for Disney’s California Adventure’s
“Rockin’ the Bay” summer concert series. “The Monkees with Davy Jones &
Micky Dolenz” are scheduled for August 21-23, 3:30 pm and 5:45 pm. If
you’re a resident of southern California, adults get in for the regular
kids price (one day tickets only) and one child gets in free with each
paying adult. Adults must show proof of Southern Californa residence
within ZIP codes 90000 through 93599. For more informaiton, visit


From: James Lee Stanley

i just wanted you to let your group know that i had a new solo cd (the
first since 1999’s freelance human being) in case anyone had become
interested in what i do. so if you can let them all know.

tell them to let me know they heard about this from the Monkees Alert List=

– we’ll do something special for them.


Official Website:
MP3 Page:
Merchandise: –


From: Aaron Handy III

First the bad news:

The Monkees, along with Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, is going to leave the
TV Land KitSchen effective Friday, August 2nd, after a run of just 2 months=

Here is the schedule:

12:00AM Fernwood 2Night (replaces MH2)
12:30AM Perfect Strangers (replaces following MH2 )
1:00AM Welcome Back, Kotter (replaces Fernwood 2Night)
1:30AM Square Pegs (replaces The Monkees)

However, on August 23rd from 9pm =AD12am, TV Land presents a special
three-hour primetime addition of The Kitschen, TV Land’s block of only th=
Kitschiest programming.

9:00p.m. The Monkees
9:30p.m. Shazam
10:00p.m. My Favorite Martian
10:30p.m. The Flying Nun
11:00 pm Gidget
11:30 pm Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Now, the good news is that we, as Monkeefans, don’t have to allow it to be=

permanent! There’s always the August schedule, so if you want to see the TV=

series continue on TV Land (preferably as part of Twice Is Nice), e-mail
’em:, or snail-mail them: Nick at Nite’s TV Land,
1515 Broadway 37th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

It’s a good thing that TV Land did bring The Monkees TV show back, for such=

a thing hasn’t happened in 2 years. And us fans can unite and keep it

Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine


From: Michelle Christy

TVLand seems to be doing a poll for favourite tv
themes. the Monkees happen to be on the 60s list.



From: janice hallett

the monkees are appearing in windsor on july 11th at the windsor
racewaay……. sorry to say tickets are sold out………….. boo hoo!

janice h from michigan


From: “Roy Morrison”


I have some information for Nancy VanElswyk who was looking for
information on the Monkees Windsor Ontario show. Its at the Windsor
Raceway Slots. The show is in a big tent, that holds about 800 people. The=

best part is that the tickets for concerts there are usually between $10
and $15. Its General Admission, so get there early (not too early). You
can order tickets probably through the Canadian Ticketmaster


From: “J. Harrison”

Hi! I just saw The Monkees bobble-head statues in
Lee Ann Womack’s video for “Something Worth Leavin’ Behind”


From: “Anon”

The Twokees Concert – Aurora, IL – June 29, 2002

We went to the Aurora, IL Twokees show on the weekend, and I just wanted to=

give a condensed review. I’m only gonna tell you the ‘new’ or ‘interesting’=

stuff that happened, since the shows are very similar to what we saw last
year, but still just as good of course!

We stayed at Comfort Suites, and when we first got there, Jules suggested
we go swimming since we had some extra time, and I agreed. She pulled on
her new two-piece and I wore my deep blue one-piece. We swam for an hour or=

so, then I got out and took some pictures of Jules to use up the end of my=

film so that I would have a new roll for the concert. I kept glancing out
the window, hoping to see their tour bus, since we weren’t sure whether
they would stay at our hotel or not.

Then I saw a white limo fly past the windows and into the parking lot. A
black limo cruised by after that one. That did it. We got out of the pool
and dried off.

“Let’s go!” Jules said. Looking back, I’m not sure where we thought=
we were
going. We just knew they were here, so we wanted to go get cleaned up
because swimming didn’t matter anymore. We certainly didn’t want to see=

them or talk to them. Our hair was all wet and we were in bloody
*swimsuits*! But I put on my little jean shorts and Jules had to head down=

the hall in just her bathing suit because the shorts she brought were the
ones she was wearing to the concert, and she didn’t want to get them wet.=

(The hotel wouldn’t let us take any towels back.)

We walked down the hall and turned the corner to enter the lobby. Juliana
was first, and she reeled back in horror. She didn’t have to say a word=
could tell by the horrified look on her face that we’d hit the jackpot
without even meaning to!

“They’re right there!” she gasped helplessly. I peered around the cor=
and saw Micky standing there in tan shorts and a red Hawaiian shirt. Jules=

was pretty sure he’d seen her come around the corner and then dart back i=
complete shock. We silently freaked out, and that was the most exciting
feeling in the world. I couldn’t *believe* it! This wasn’t even planned=

We cowered in the hallway, trapped. I couldn’t have been less fixed up th=
I was right then. We didn’t want to walk up to our rooms in our swimsuits=
It was embarrassing enough to bolt through the nice hotel lobby all wet
when the Monkees *weren’t* standing right there!

Eventually our curiosity and longing got the better of us. That and we had=

to get *ready*! Sheepishly, we emerged from behind the corner, and this
time *everybody* saw us. The entire backup band, along with Micky and Davy,=

was standing there with their luggage. I think a few of the hotel people
were helping them. Juliana waved at Davy and he waved back, but I couldn’=
look at anyone; I was so embarrassed. It was just such an awkward position=

to be in! We bolted up the stairs as quickly as possible.

For some reason I felt protected by the railing of the balcony and was able=

to lean over and wave to them from that vantage point. I couldn’t help bu=
wave; they were all staring at us. My eyes landed on Davy first; he was in=

the middle of the crowd wearing his little glasses and dark clothing.

“Hi Davy,” I said, and then I noticed Micky standing off the side, not =
of the crowd. He was smiling actually, for once. “Hi Micky,” I added.
“We’ll see you at the show tonight!” Jules put in. I don’t think th=
ey said
anything, just smiled. I’m not really sure because we promptly headed dow=
the hall after that. We really didn’t want to bug them since they had jus=
gotten in and needed to unpack and get ready themselves.

This told us the thing we had most wanted to know: We knew for sure they
were in our hotel!!!

We went back to our room, grabbed our “Can We Have Backstage Passes?” s=
and our “Monkees: Always and Forever” sign, the bags for Micky and Davy=
our purses, etc. We had seventh row seats on what was supposed to be
Micky’s side, although they switched sides a lot throughout the concert.=

The seats were close to the stage, so even seventh row was really all
right. We could see everything just great, although I doubt whether they
were able to see us as well because of the stage lights.

We bought a Monkees poster, since they were actually selling them for once,=

plus we bought Monkee t-shirts in kids’ sizes, since none of the adult on=
ever fit us well. We both picked up the new live CD as well.

Before the show started, we asked one of the security guards about giving
our gifts to them. I told him that we’d written songs for the guys and
recorded them, plus we had letters. We also had the picture of us with
Micky on the picture window on his bag, and the one of us and Davy on
Davy’s bag. The guard checked, and he told us he could take them back.

We decided to give Davy’s bag to the guy, but I wanted to keep Micky’s
because I preferred to hand it to him directly. It was only after the fact=

that I noticed the barrier between the seats and the stage. A semicircle
barrier that enclosed the orchestra pit. It was really deep; one definitely=

did not want to fall in. But I knew at once it would make it nearly
impossible for *any* of us to touch their hands or get close to the stage.

It was basically the same show as last year, so many of my song comments
will go unheard. One thing they did add was the “All in the Family” ski=
t in
which Sandy plays Archie and Dave plays Edith, which was really cute. Micky=

and Davy sang “You and I”=97not the acoustic version, but nevertheless,=
wonderful version of the song from “Justus”. The rest of the show was
similar, but lacking Peter. The guys even wore the same outfits as last yea=

Davy sang “I’ll Love You Forever”, which made me bawl, and he said he=
gonna be a grandfather tomorrow and dedicated it to Sarah and the baby. He=

had Micky sing the Theme Song in French and Spanish and Italian. “Since I
Fell For You” was again one of my favorite moments.

I got handed a drumstick and Jules got a setlist at the end! 🙂

Jules had the backup band sign her “Always and Forever” poster, all exc=
two of them. We talked briefly to Greg, the one with curly hair and
glasses. I know we talked to Sandy for awhile as well.

Dave Alexander came up to *me* and said, “Do I know you from somewhere?=
and I was surprised and said, “Well=85 *maybe*!” doubtfully. He said I =
familiar and asked if I went to a lot of shows. I explained about the
Michigan concert and told him that was the time they did two shows last
year. I think that jogged his memory, especially when I showed him the
picture that went with. I said he might have been the one that called me
Jodie Sweetin when we went backstage. He wasn’t sure about that at first.

I paused for a moment, then decided to give him Micky’s bag. I told him
we’d written songs for them, and said it would mean a lot if he could get=

it to Micky. He said he definitely could and wouldn’t mind at all.
Interesting because I heard another fan asking the horn section to take an=

item back and have Micky sign it, and they all said they didn’t have the=

power to do that. But Dave took the bag. I’m so bad with trust that I
didn’t just want to leave it with a security guard; I wanted to make sure=

he would really get it.

Jules and I were walking back alone, when all of a sudden a large, tall man=

darts out from a shadowy doorway!!! I’m serious! Aaaaargh! We both jump a=
gasp=97and then I see the guitar on his back. It’s Dave Alexander.

“Don’t *do* that!” I said.

He laughed. “I knew you’d be coming this way,” he explained, “and i=
t *was*
me who called you Jodie Sweetin!” I am confused as to why he didn’t adm=
that earlier, or if his memory was just a little slow on the uptake, but in=

any case, he walks us back to the hotel and talks about Barry Williams and=

the backup band. When the three of us arrived back, we saw a large crowd
right next to the entrance. “It’s either the wedding or the Monkees,”=

“Or both,” Dave said. There had been a wedding crowd at the hotel earli=
that day, so we weren’t sure until we got closer. Sure enough, there was=

Davy in the middle, signing stuff for everyone. The guys had beat *us*
back, which means if they did *any* backstage at all, it only lasted
fifteen minutes tops. Last time we were back there for an hour!

We had Davy sign the “Always and Forever” poster and his Just For the
Record Box Set. He stayed and signed until the last person was done, but I=

felt bad for him because he was honestly *so* tired.

We were in the lobby with a few of the backup band people, but then we went=

up to our room because we didn’t want Davy to think we were waiting to bu=
him again. We went upstairs and as we were walking past the balcony, we saw=

him finally come in=97with our bag!!! He was holding the bag we’d given h=
with the songs in it=97he still had it!

We walked down to our room, then glanced behind us and saw that Davy was
walking to a room on the same floor as us!

We got up at a normal time the next morning and went down to continental
breakfast. As soon as we walked down the stairs, we ran into Micky in the
lobby. He was wearing a navy t-shirt and a khaki vest, almost like a
fishing vest. He was standing there with his luggage, which was only one
tall suitcase on wheels.

“Morning, Micky!” Jules said brightly, and I smiled and said “How ya=

doin’?” Just then the limo pulled up, and Micky smiled and left for the=

airport. The others, we found out later, had left even earlier. Still it
was ironic that we ran into him of all people without meaning to. Not Davy=

or even the backup band. Micky again. And he was only in the lobby for a
few moments before the limo arrived, so the fact that it was timed that
perfectly was odd. No one was around to swarm him, either, just us.

We went to continental breakfast, and then we peeked in the pool just in
case anyone was still hanging out. We spotted Barry Williams in the
exercise room. We combed the second and third floors too, to make sure, but=

sure enough, everyone else had left at 7:00 in the morning.

So then we got our stuff together and drove back home, playing Monkee songs=

all the way. May I suggest staying in their hotel if you ever have to
travel to see a Monkees concert… it sure makes things a lot more
interesting! ;o) It was just really good to see them again, up close and in=

person, since it’s been a full year for us. I’m really grateful that
they’re still touring.

Thanks for letting me share 🙂

Peace Love & Harmony,

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