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US Monkees Tour date cancelled

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

From: “Davy Jones.Net Mailing List”

We wanted to let all of you know… Due to the horrible events yesterday,
the Monkees concert at Temple University (scheduled for Saturday, September=

15th) has been cancelled.

Davy would like extend his condolences and prayers to all of the victims
and their families in yesterdays attack.

This update is brought to you by (A David T. Jones
Production) part of the Davy Jones Network. All rights reserved.


From: Videoranch Foreman

Michael is safe and out of harms way. He is in California as well. Thank yo=
for your concern. I hope that all of your friends and loved ones are also
Asst. to Bubba Crutch


From: “Ann Marie Thomen”

Dear Brad,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the info you
send to us Monkee fans. I live on Long Island, The terrorist tragedy has
hit us bad here in New York. We are all supporting each other and trying to=

go about our lives as best we can. I am one of the lucky ones who have
family and friends who have survived this. I hugged and kissed each one in=

a different way this morning as they left the house. You never know when it=

is your last time. When I returned to my e-mail, I saw your Monkee’s Alert=

message but it was such a pleasure to see it this time. It gave me a happy=

moment to know that you are still contiueing your excellent work and it’s
great to know that this has not harmed Peter, Mickey or Davy. I do hope
that they can put their differences aside looking at the tragedy that has
hit our great country. Friendship is the key. Love each other, nothing is
more important. As I just typed in this message I heard in the backround on=

my T.V. that building #5 of the The World Trade Center has just collapsed.=

God help us all.

Ann Thomen

(ed: thanks…)


From: Jade DaRu


PHILADELPHIA =AD The Temple-Connecticut football game, as well as the
post-game “Monkees” performance, scheduled for Saturday, September
15, have been postponed in the wake of yesterday’s tragic events. The
game was scheduled for a 12:05 p.m. kickoff at Franklin Field.

A make-up date is yet to be determined.


From: “Andrea Della Rosa”

Monkeestock 2 CANCELLED!

Brad, many of us were planning to meet up at “Monkeestock 2” in
Philadelphia this Saturday. The game and concert have been postponed. I
will have up-to-date information on the Monkeestock Headquarters
website: Thank you for helping me to spread this
unfortunate news following the national tragedy that we are currently

God Bless America! I hope this message finds everyone from our Monkees fan=

community in good health.

Peace be with you,

Andrea Della Rosa

Proud Owner of


From: “Teresa Gibson”

I just wanted to let everyone know that KLUV is stating that there were ove=
60,000 people at the Monkees concert last Saturday in Texas. During the
concert, DJ’s announced that 35,000 people were present. But Monday
morning, the station said that the 35,000 figure was from tickets torn
before 6:30 p.m. and that people continued to pour into the park. Grand
Prairie police confirmed the 60,000 number. The stage area in the park was
really too small for that number of people–it was barely standing room
only. KLUV said that they would try to find a larger area for their oldies
fest next year.

Teresa Gibson

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