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URGENT – Micky Dolenz on Entertainment Tonight Tonight!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Laura

Micky is on Entertainment Tonight for a short clip,
near the end of the show. It is a short clip about
past TV stars. Micky introduces his fiance, Donna, and
two of his daughters, Ami and Emily. It’s quick, but
it’s cute.
Entertainment Tonight usually re-airs the day’s episode
later in the evening.
Peace and Love,


From: “Lora Keyes”

Hi Everyone
Just wanted to let you know that the Monkees shows at Casino Rama (Orillia,
Ontario)on Jan 11th and 12th will have official merchandise sold
there. Monkees T-shirts, tourbooks and the limited edition cd’s. Please
note to bring cash only with you if you plan on purchasing
anything. Merchandise will be sold 2 hours before the shows as well as after.
Also remember the shows at this venue start exactly on time and the weather
has been quite cold and snowy in that part of Ontario so leave early if
possible. In Friday traffic if may take 2 hours just from Toronto. Enjoy
the show!
Lora Keyes


As you probably know, I run the Monkees.Net web site and the Monkees.Net
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