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Uncut Concert DVD Update! Davy Ranks #43 on 50 Greatest Teen Idols of All Time!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**Uncut “Live Summer Tour” DVD**
I recently got some interesting updates on the uncut “Live Summer
Tour” situation: A source close to one of the guys has claimed that
The Monkees themselves postponed the Pay-Per-View broadcast that was
set for July 18 due to the fact that they have yet to be paid as of
now. A possible reason for this could be because King Biscuit wasn’t
confident enough in the demand for the uncut concert, meaning they
weren’t quite ready to spend that much money at that time.
Consequently, their suggestion for the new petition came up. Also, I
received an update straight from King Biscuit: I was told that if it
were released, “it would be a limited edition run only” and that the
price may possibly be slightly more than the original DVD (which is
reasonable since we get more than 2 times the amount of footage)
because “packaging and production cost more for small quantities,
especially limited ‘collectors’ editions.”

**On TV**
Sorry for the lack of updates during this slow Monkees news time.
Hopefully things will pick up as we progress through the summer. In
the meantime, here are the latest upcoming TV appearances: Peter
Tork’s mid-90s cameo on “Wings” will air on Nickelodeon on July 10
at 2am EST. Davy Jones will be featured on “25 Greatest Rock Star
Cameos,” on VH1 on July 9 at 2pm EST & July 11 at 1pm EST. The 2002
teen idols special, “Bubblegum Babylon,” which features new
interviews with Davy & Peter will air on July 13 at 1am EST. Davy
Jones will be featured in the new VH1 special, “50 Greatest Teen
Idols of All Time,” where he ranked #43 on June 30 at 12pm EST &
10pm EST, July 1 at 11pm EST, July 11 at 2pm EST, and on July 13 at
12am EST.

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From: “Videoranch Foreman”


New MP3s:
We’ve made another 2 of our most popular Nez songs available for
download. You can now download Magic and Total Control for 99 cents
each, and play them on an MP3 player, your computer, or burn them
onto a CD. Both songs are from Nez’ album The Newer Stuff. You’ll
find a complete list of the MP3s we have available at the Videoranch
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Nez Interviews:
The recent issue of ArtistPro Magazine has been flying off the
shelves! You may want to check out the Nez FAQ, where we’ve made
many of his recent interviews accessible from one place. From the
BBC interview Nez did back in 2000, to the World Cafe interview this
spring. You’ll find a link to 10 Questions asked Nez.
We’ve also added recent reviews of Nez’ work to the FAQ.

Have a great week!
The Staff at Videoranch


From: “Sally Carpenter”

On the VH-1 special, “50 Greatest Teen Idols of All Time,” Davy
Jones ranked at #43 and Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) was #41. It
first aired June 27, but will probably be repeated several times, so
check your TV listings.


From: “Bea Owen”

Just wanted to inform you all that Peter Tork is featured in
the “Where are they now?” section in the July 2003 issue of
Biography Magazine. It doesn’t give any new information or
anything, but it does have a color then and now picture.


From “The Monkeegirl”

Story Title: Monkee business finally pays
Print Date: Friday, June 22, 2003
Author: Sandy MacDonald, The Daily News

It’s hard to fix Davy Jones’s place in the pop-culture pantheon. As
the lead singer and pin-up boy for The Monkees, the pint-sized
Englishman was one of the first TV-driven pop stars.

In just 58 episodes of their weekly NBC series, The Monkees secured
their place in music history. But it was a wacky road that led the
Manchester lad to the top of the American pop charts.

Jones left home to become a jockey (he never topped five-foot-
three), and soon was encouraged to try his hand at acting. His debut
in Peter Pan led to a part on long-running Coronation Street and
finally to a breakout role as the Artful Dodger in a Broadway
production of Oliver. (In February of 1964, Jones and the cast of
Oliver appeared on the Ed Sullivan show =97 the same night The Beatles
made their historic appearance on the same program.)

With moderate musical abilities, Jones was cast over 500 other
hopefuls for a weekly TV comedy about a rock band. The Monkees
debuted in September 1966, just as their single Last Train To
Clarksville was zooming up the charts to No.1. Along with Mike
Nesmith, Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz, Jones acted and sang through
several hits, all written by a crack team of top pop writers.

It was crazy ride, and by the summer of =9168, it was over. Creative
differences between the show’s producers and the band (who wanted to
write and perform their own music) led to its cancellation.

By the mid =9180s, Jones was struggling with little work and no
royalties, even though the show was in constant syndication. (It’s
reported he never made more than $450 a week during the run of the

Then in =9185, Peter Tork approached the other three with the idea of
reconvening for some oldies tours, and the tour was a smash. The
next year, Jones made
$1 million reliving The Monkees, and has been performing on the
oldies circuit ever since.

Thirty-five years after the show disappeared from TV, Jones lives
the life he wants. The 57-year-old singer winters with his
girlfriend (he has been twice married and divorced) along the east
coast of Florida, then heads north to his farm in Pennsylvania,
where he raises and trains thoroughbred race horses.

Jones keeps his life healthy and happy these days, rising early to
workout with his horses and early to bed. He’s also working on some
new songs, and a stage play.

And he still plays about 20 shows a year, pleasing his still-devoted
legion of fans with vintage hits of the era, including Steppin’
Stone, I’m A Believer, A Little Bit Me, and his signature Daydream

Jones and his band perform at Casino Nova Scotia Friday, June 6, and
Saturday, June 7, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $49.98 plus HST.

The Monkeegirl


From: “Randi L. Waddell”

10 Questions: Michael Nesmith
The Monkee and entrepreneur shares his answers.
June 11, 2003 – If you were to just skirt the surface, Michael
Nesmith is known as being one quarter of The Monkees (he’s the one
who’s not Mickey, Davy, or Peter a.k.a. “the one in the green wool

Ah, but delving deeper reveals that Nesmith (“Nez” to his fans) is
more than a mere Monkee he’s an entrepreneur with an enviable solo
career, having produced films (Repo Man, Tapeheads, Time Rider),
pioneered the home video market (Elephant Parts), and yes, it’s true
even created MTV.

I recently had the chance to speak with Nez in what amounted to a
mental jam session, riffing on the power of the Internet and art and
the new economy. (You can read our interview at

Nez also sat down for our groundbreaking 10 Questions.

You can learn more about Nez’s online ventures at his official
website, The complete first season of The Monkees
(including a few audio commentaries from Nez on select episodes) is
currently available on DVD from Rhino Home Video.

1. What is your favorite piece of music?
— Right now it’s “Sahara” by Dracy.

2. What is your favorite film?
— Right now it’s Kiki’s Delivery Service.

3. What is your favorite TV program, past or current?
— Right now it’s Fernwood Tonight.

4. What do you feel has been your most important professional
accomplishment to date?
— They all feel about the same.

5. Which project do you feel didn’t live up to what you envisioned?
— They all feel about the same.

6. What is your favorite book?
— Right now it’s The Alexandria Quartet.

7. If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it
— More drive-ins and better parking.

8. Who or what would you say has had the biggest influence on your
— The guy playing the organ in the music store next to the
Country Club
Pharmacy in the Inwood Shopping Center in Dallas, Texas.

9. What is your next project?
— The America Gene, a novel.

10. What is the one project that you’ve always wanted to do, but
have yet
to be able to?
— Levitate.

— Ken P.


From: “Ronald Cohen”

I ordered Rhino’s release of the Monkees’ Season 1 on DVD. I
patiently watched all 32 episodes and most of the extras. I have
favorable and unfavorable attitudes toward the release.
On the favorable side are the shows themselves as well as
the extras. You don’t realize that in the mid ’60s, the shows were
25 minutes long with only 5 minutes of commercials every half hour.
That gives you an indication of how much is cut by networks today if
you see them aired. It brought back memories seeing what has been
edited for the past 35 years. The commentaries give insight into the
production, or the actors’ remembrances of the shows and what was
happening around them.
On the unfavorable side is the box in which the DVDs were
released. I can see where Rhino wanted to give the box a feeling of
a record player. But inside there is, first, much wasted room, and
second, the jackets for the discs. Instead of placing them into an
insert in which you find all DVDs today, which protects them with
the centerpiece, they were placed into cardboard holders, like the
old 33 rpm vinyl albums. Not only can the DVDs fall out easily, but,
for those who remember the cardboard record holders, they wore out
fairly easily. All of the movements of the records going into the
cardboard made holes in the sides for which you needed scotch tape
to fix. The same will happen here. I can just see myself buying the
plastic DVD holders for these DVDs in the future. When Rhino decides
to release Season 2, I hope they make a better decision. A normal
DVD jacket containing a booklet with plenty of pictures and the DVDs
will be a much better choice. It would also be nice to see some

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